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ETH is about to explode. Don't be a poor fag, buy now!!

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> managed blockchain in Amazon datacenters

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What the fuck? Is this why ETH has been crashing to heel lately?

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i'm all-in shorting ether from $102 with a $135 liq price, was gonna buy in @ $80 am i gonna get rekt what do i do help me guys god no

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nice :)

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Probably insiders pushing it down so they can accumulate. This is going to push ETH to a new ATH.

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no these motherfucking pieces of shit announced it just 20 minutes ago i'm gonna kms they have to do it the week i first try to short

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Well, You kinda deserve it.

I would close my short and wait.

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>Hyperledger Fabric available today. Ethereum coming soon.

How did you find this OP?

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From the livestream today:


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Have a little over 80 eth

Later fgtz

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Lol at all these desperate attempts to make crypto a fad

It's not going to happen idiots

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crypto will be around longer than your corpse anon

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I increased my eth position

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>A challenger appears

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This is bait, but imagine thinking the company owned by the wealthiest man on earth is "desperate" to do anything.

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>tfw 95 eth from this dip
>tfw i'm gonna make it

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when was this added?

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$20,000 USD / ETH by eoy 2019
Screencap this, or don't

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HOLY SHIT whered you find this?

>tfw KMD bags might finally get lighter

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If you want to feel better I just switched all my ETH savings to BTC and LINK. Like, last night

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about 30 mins ago

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>mfw /biz/ is just barely catching wiff of the deals AWS has made with blockchain related assets
plebs. There's already a couple of coins that have partnered up with AWS way before Ethereum. This is not news.

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There's very little news about this circulating on Twitter, so if you believe in "buy the rumor", this is the time.

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It's on KMD's new website with their rebrand

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eeryone partners with amazon- how is this big news

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why is eth mooning against fiat but dumping against btc

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> shorting something after a +90% retracement

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Long the top, short the bottom - the /biz/ way

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what coin is hyperledger? the next x100 moon!

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If ETH goes to 20k I will. I will... oh lawdy

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ill zuck ya dick

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non-zero chance this happens /biz/

staking might cause the most explosive-fomo bubble yet

if you dont have 32 eth, you might miss out next 100x

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Just googled "amazon managed blockchain"
Although I've heard something vague about Amazon+ETH before, this here is certainly breaking news.

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Good news for Chainlink.

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forgot the pic related

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so is this ganna cause the golden bullrun or are we still ganna chill at 3500-4500 for another months?

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Holy fukk

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potentially either

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This might be the singularity run up for LINK.

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>*Hyperledger Fabric available today. Ethereum coming soon.

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This. Who would want to use it when the consensus method is privately controlled.

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Those services are all about PRIVATE ETHEREUM NETWORKS
not mainnet. This doesn't affect the price of Ether.
Chainlink on the other hand might get a boost.

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This is bearish for crypto coins
The service is actually a competitor to public chains

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when can i pay for things on amazon with crypto

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It is adoption. Plain and simple. Lends a whole new level of credit to ETH. That alone will cause it to increase.

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also this https://aws.amazon.com/qldb/
AWS hosted blockchains are super bearish IMO

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It says it's gonna use their open source code, but they are going to do their own thing with it and offer it as a service. Kinda like Ripple ? Why do you thing this will affect ETH much - because Amazon and ETH in the same sentence ?

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Are they going to make their own shitcoin like EOS?

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so basically adoption of the technology but not ETH.

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Is this bearish for kaleido?

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its going to be even more centralised than EOS lel. At least in EOS you can vote for block producers. In amazons shitchain, all the nodes are preselected by amazon themselves

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KMD is going to fly when we're bull again. I've been in KMD since August 2017 (newfag), I cant believe how little recognition it gets for how good it is. Every time I learn something new in their discord, makes me wonder why the hell the price is so low. I think when a notary node's strategy is sell whatever you make it artificially depresses the price- imagine if all notary nodes hodl. Maybe pump post node election Q2 2019

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Chainlink $1000 EOY! Let's go bois!

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it says Ethereum coming soon
so it could be another gateway for Amazon's clients to read/write on the Ethereum blockchain, without having to buy crypto, set up wallets, etc

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This is bad news for Chainlink

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This is actually BULLISH for chainlink.

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All these dumb fucking moongoys are missing this exact point.

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You have no idea what you're talking about. Those permissioned blockchains are like mini-EOSes.

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>bad news
>everything goes through chainlink


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it says "managed blockchain"
public chains are in no way managed

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I actually have no idea what I am even talking about

Can you already use Chainlink nodes on AWS before chainlink mainnet is even released?

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>buy in @ $80
than you could as well wait for it to drop to $12

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>tfw nobody realizes these will be shards of the eth network

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Azure have had this for a year

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Holy fucking shit CHAINLINK mentioned 39:35


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fun fact for everyone ITT: ether has no influence on ethereum

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*Hyperledger Fabric available today. Ethereum coming soon.


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The flippening.

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it's to experiment with private chains. it means ethereum tech is being adopted en mass, unlike other coins where dev teams just piss on each other.

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imagine the screenshots in 2019 when people say double digit shitcoin kek

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muh dick

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nothing is happening to the price. muh amazon

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This is actually huge.

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you mean governance?

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why isn't the price moving

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Extremely bullish for crypto. All you permabear fud faggots get necked. I will be laughing at you from the moon.

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Normies are creating their coinbase accounts, wait a minute.

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Breaking news, will take a few days to get to the normies

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>think it's just shitposting
It's actually true. Fuck. I love you /biz/. We are all going to make it.

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We've capitulated to the point /biz/ went back to the times where news go through here first and then the normies.

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gee wizz

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Wait, are they actually using the ethereum blockchain or are they just copy pasting the code for themselves(like retards)?

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Buy the rumor time?

Nah, I will wait for ethereum to plummet to sub $100

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option for both anon

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Wait for bakkt and co

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Private chain is pointless if it can't communicate with public chain you mongoloids....

This is literally bigger than "meh ETF"and BTC casino this is adoption.....

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>coming soon

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"Ethereum is well suited for highly distributed blockchain networks where transparency of data for all members is important, for example, a customer loyalty blockchain network that allows any retailer in the network to independently verify a user's activity across all members to redeem benefits. Alternatively, Ethereum can also be used for joining a public Ethereum blockchain network"


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Do I sell ETH for linkies or sell linkies for ETH /biz/?

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>scalable blockchain networks

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Link will outperform ETH because it still has a much smaller marketcap.

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also LINK will be used by AWS hyperledger also, most likely

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Hold 32ETH for staking and buy 32+ETH worth of LINK for nodes. Reminder that you can always pool for nodes and staking if you're a poorfag

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priced in

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Everything with many transactions will have a shard? Or me brainlet?

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This is not new they've been talking about this in the past and it's already priced into ETH also it states ETH is not available just yet only hyperledger is live. Don't dump your life savings into it just yet average in if you really can't resist buying.

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He's desperate to avoid paying a shit load in taxes.

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My thoughts too. Unless they build directly on top of Ethereum, but that would surely clog and destroy the network

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Weak fud. Even if what you are saying is true, it gives crypto legitimacy in the eyes of the public.

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How many ether to make it?

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10k 2021 eoy
do the math

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Does anybody of you want to be an Amazon "Partner"? Just register here

>> No.11938970

Amazon has a baked in ability to spin up an Eth blockchain. This is far different than being a partner.

The true value here is free advertising for Eth. I stacked up some eth bags because of this news.

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Is Ether going to keep falling or not? I have like 12 ether that I bought in late 2016, and I want to buy more.

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Having people learn how to make these intranets will just result in them moving the familiar internet once there is enough incentive.

So bullish for ETH

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it gives the tech legitimacy but crypto coins
99% of crypto coins are money grabbing scams

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Now buy 20 more

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say i'm a business that needs to run an important smart contract with reliable response times. i'd probably invest in running a few nodes rented out on amazon's servers. maybe a few hundred nodes on aws, a few hundred on google cloud, maybe a few hundred overseas.
i'd much rather see the initial group of miners be distributed among tech businesses than random internet people trying to make a buck. also there will be business who would want to white-list miners, and even cap the mining/staking power from the same region to increase decentralization.

ethereum and all these open source projects are just public chains.
there will be all sorts of chains and networks, just like how the internet is made of many networks all at different scales.
really this is just huge for the /biz/ meme coin. i dont even need to say it anymore, it's so obvious you can smell it.

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What is Hyperledger Fabric and why is it available now but ETH has to wait?

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What's a smart contract

>> No.11939467

decentralized wallet capable of automatic payment and communication with other software.
i'm sure more is possible later but this is the use case businesses want now. have you been to the big cities in japan where everything is like a vending machine?

>> No.11939478

it's ibm's thing

>> No.11939482

a contract thats smart

>> No.11939483

But but but but but but but but but but
Muh double digit shitcoin

>> No.11939513

Thanks for replying. Is this the crypto equivalent of an automatic payment set up by a bank?

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Holy mother fucking fuck. I made fun of all you linkies, how do I become a marine? Please don't leave me on earth I've seen the truth.

>> No.11939646

yeah pretty much. but instead of running on a bank's server, it's spread out on a decentralized network of servers. and it's more general purpose. you can define an arbitrary set of input and output triggers.

>> No.11939679

Thanks anon.

>> No.11939701

yeah no problem. it's great to have discussion about the tech, and i encourage you to read more about it

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Amazon collapse imminent, all in on SYS and BAY

>> No.11940079

Checked you beautiful madman.

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well that was a HUUUUGE BULLRUN from 0.028 to 0.0287 lmao

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The fuck is a "managed blockchain"? A centralized one?

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companies will want to run their internals on a blockchain platform. there will be centralized and decentralized blockchains, many around the world at different scales. just like the topology of the internet itself.

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AWS would never use eth by itself, it's useless now except for scam ICO's, they're using it for Chainlink faggets.

>> No.11940528

yes on testnet

>> No.11940675

isn't this for creating your own separate ethereum chain, with its own coins, etc. Just re-using the software from a different genesis block?

>> No.11940733

it's for starting applications running on either the hyperledger or the ethereum chain.

>> No.11940801

I encourage you to stop being such a faggot.

>> No.11940846

Remember when we didn't spoon-feed the retards? I member

>> No.11940860

sorry bro i'm a new 4channel intern here to brighten up the place

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Some of kaleido's customers


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ACTUAL kaleido token prices

just lmfao, nice "lambos" faggets

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same thing happened in africa. our nigger population boom is a directly result of humanitarian aids. every spoonful results in more niggers. we /gibz/ now.

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Good thing the price of retrieving decentralized data from a chainlink node doesn't have anything to do with the price of kaleido

>> No.11941062

It's nothing new, shut the fu k up

I'm so tired of shills and trolls, go back to posting ass pics or whatever

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What’s the big deal? Kaliedo is old news?

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