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ok, who is she

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Hi anon thats me, ama

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u virg?

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Whats she listening to?

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asking the real questions

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Stop what anon?

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The average white women.

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You may certainly have my number m'lord, it is two8one three30 8zerozero4

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>young nagging thot
>posted on /B/ months ago
>a few faggots on /BIZ/ still obsessed

this is what happens when BTC loses 50% in less than a month.

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Hozier - From Eden

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Looks somewhat similar to Amalie Snolos

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is this a brisbane bus?

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Please go back

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Please stop breathing.

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some 50% white 50% nigger abomination
who fucking cares lol

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Its a stockholm train u faggot

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Is that a redpilled and based band? Or are they cringepilled and blue?

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if you think OP's girl looks white, you are beyond saving. her only white features are the hair and iris colors - bone structure = 100% field nigger

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yes the white women are gorgeous master race and not ugly, fat whores that have no decency or sense of loyalty

asian women will be with you forever, and be the good loving wife she was created as

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This is a troll but shes clearly Irish and all Europeans are Aryan. He skin is milky white, youre probably a kike or a nigger, or a pajeet.

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Asian women produce happas, no one wants a disgusting happa kid. You want Elliot Rogers as your son?
Asian women are also disgusting.


Watch the video.

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Why do I get the feeling 95 percent of people that post this autistic purity shit are American mutts or Chinese?

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probably because you're heavily indoctrinated, senpai

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Whatever you say incel

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Its TRS, they sockpuppet a strawman exaggerated version of people who dont like based niggers or push #NotAllKikes. Theres a strong chance they do this because they themselves are mixed and know they will never be white.

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keep projecting dude, won't make her facial bone structure look any less negroid

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Its what Celtic people look like, but you know this because youre a troll.

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>mixing with ant people
Dont racemix.

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And your obsession with muh racial purity won't make you any less ugly

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>and all Europeans are Aryan.

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keep projecting

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If this site wasnt shit Id have linked 5 images with it. All of them except Albanians apparently.

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European people have Aryan admixture. Pure Aryans dont exist. Some Albanian guy is dead set on proving they never had anything outside Europe mixed into them and were the first Europeans, so Ill let him have that. Albanians arent white.

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Yeah because I'm the one claiming a women is ugly and African because she has full lips lmfao bro you are a fucking virgin 100 percent. Anyone that obsesses over shit like that does not fuck

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I would ask that girl to marry me and add but does anyone see the resemblance to that one kid who plays the bully in like ever movie, face wise?

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more projecting. keep it up

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Heather Brooke

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Hes not obsessed with racial purity, hes trolling to try and push the opposite narrative that its fine if someone is 40% black or even 100% black if they are "pro-white"

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Durr last word durrr
I guess I win the argument peace out enjoy your life you mutt

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No shit. He's your typical Pajeet shitposter. Sees a fair skinned lady and feels nothing but contempt and sour grapes

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how about you let "him" actually speak for himself instead of inserting random messages/statements? thx fag

>> No.11932743

wait are Sergey and Adelyn dating?

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Pretty much sums it up.

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How about you gas yourself shill. KYS kike.

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jesus, that child looks like some creepy fucking doll that will murder you in your sleep
are all white children like that?

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File: 182 KB, 750x823, 14 words defend your community.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>Sees a fair skinned lady and feels nothing but contempt and sour grapes
do you have even the slightest idea how many *random* thoughts you have inserted here?
emotion? what emotion? i am arguing on her fucking bone-structure, which is not european at all. if it wasn't for her dark eyebrows, she would be virtually indistinguishable from a fucking nigger albino. and there is no emotion in that statement, that is objective reality.
i don't hate her for it, just as i don't hate a grape for not being a hammer.

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this is a kike board anon

>> No.11932773

Theres only a small number of loud kikes. This is a white board, its for business and Aryans are the industrious ones. Niggers want gibs, not a job.

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File: 1.16 MB, 1593x2100, David-Vintiner_will-poulter_0480[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


but btw I found it.

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she is tracer

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The funny thing is you don't believe any of the shit you're writing. Leftist counter signaling retard.

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not an argument.

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KYS kike

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You trying to tell me that girl is black based on a picture isnt an argument either. The girl is a fucking Swede, Pajeet. But keep LARPing as a huwhite warrior Schlomo. It's really convincing.

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so this is the latest shilling technique? being retarded on purpose to tire out your opponents?
this just goes to show how much ground you faggots have lost already.

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File: 1.06 MB, 947x761, Irish-Ubermensch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You sure? I could be wrong but the space between her upper lip and the bottom of her nose along with her lips and generally her face looks pretty celtic/Irish. They can be easily confused one for another, Im just going off the pic alone here. Shes pure white, the guy is just trolling.

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Nah, but u afta go back

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Hey guys this is Austin

>> No.11932895

at least they´re happy

>> No.11932896

Imagine being this gay about any given subject
Pol is the shittiest board on the net
Stay poor and kissless, nigger lover

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Wrong. No Muslims.

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/pol/ is only cancer because of people like you. It was fine several years back until you got tired of never having any arguments and brute forced cancer onto it. Now people like me wont even use it, I guess that backfired on you huh?

>> No.11932934

My argument is that none of it matters
But you will never achieve enlightenment because youre a fucking retarded nigger. Have fun wasting time on pol, poor nigger lover

>> No.11932980

21 savage

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Fuck this thread is retarded incels cant get over a 7/10 Swede teen, utterly pathetic can you all just fucking castrate yourself and buy Link.

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I wish I would murder every leftist retard in this thread. You are the reason why niggers and muslims fucking your moms and daughters. Murica and Eurotrash, they are both retarded allowing animals to fuck up their countries. Look at the fucking average IQ in Africa, looks at the anount of crimes coming from niggers and muslims. And you leftist retards shilling these animals. Enjoy watching your race dying, thats the last century before white muricans and white eurotrash disappeared.
t. slav

>> No.11933031

Youre a nut.
Really look into how conquest formed what we know as european nations today.
European races are just the result of tribes fucking other tribes, meds moving westward to fuck, and arabs fucking.
Europeans are mutts by blood. Just the blood of antiquity.

>> No.11933048

Take this nigger shit back to /blacked/
We dont need your kind round these parts, nigger

>> No.11933057

Haha you creep thats a Stockholm metro btw and she looks like shes 15

>> No.11933059

Slav-level basedness

>> No.11933104

>tfw pic related is 99% of black male white female relationships

Not even a retarded incel stormfag, that’s just the truth

>> No.11933114

dude she is built like an anime character
she's even blushing like one

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Friendly reminder to race mix with Asians

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Why the fuck is biz invaded with brisfags. There are more brisfags on here than actually in Brisbane.

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wins argument on an image board full of autists

>> No.11933348

Nah they are idiots shes like a 10/10 IRL which is what matters, 8 PSL tho

>> No.11933358


who do you think took the picture

>> No.11933413

gonna lick those fat thighs :P

>> No.11933583

There’s not that many of these anymore. Why? Democrats fault?

>> No.11933793

I'll never know who she is :(

>> No.11933851

She looks tasty af

>> No.11933927

It's honestly a sign of the times and the browning of the western world. If you live in a western nation you've gotten used to seeing the average citizen turn into a mutt. Some gross mix of hispanic, nigger, arab or some other nasty shitskin. There's so few pure whites left that we do get rather aroused when we see one. It's sad that it's come to this. Girl in OP's pic isn't that attractive in the face, but the fact that she's pure white makes her exotic, and let's face it, white is beautiful, the most beautiful.

>> No.11933933

>racemixing with bugpeople, literal insects

>> No.11933954


Girl on OP pic hair are colored. She probably isn't even naturally blond.

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Nah, it's just white people in general.

>> No.11933974

what does that look she's giving say?

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Too bad white boi, white girls love BBC and feminism has freed them to pursue it.

>> No.11934140


But brown women are based af. And as a blond dude, it's my duty to seed the best women of alien tribes.

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cope like the pope most people are ugly ,now and always in history ,be white,black,asian,etc

>> No.11934203

>crypto shilling and speculation
It's really fucking weird seeing /pol/ revert to WN 1.0 facebook tier posting. It smells of desperation.

>> No.11934230

Funny thing is she's probably russian and the dumb nazis invaded it.
keep it up stormfag, come under papa stalin's boot again you 2x world war L O S E R

>> No.11934246

nigger detected

>> No.11934289

What I hate about stormfags is that they feel superior because they are white(aryan) but they are subhuman like most people.
Im white and a little racist so yes I do think whites are the least subhuman race of them all but they ignore the fact that most people(whites included obv) are SUBHUMAN and have always been .
Im tired of all these subhumans atleast im trying to ascend unlike most of subhumans.

>> No.11934312

who cares?

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File: 1.53 MB, 960x960, interracial blon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Another poo thread I see

>> No.11934384

no one uses that term anymore you beta nigger. we're just called white people that want to preserve our race. i'm sorry if you have a problem with the fact that your disgusting dark skin and the stench it puts off makes you inferior, but your people have a place in the world with whites, working for us and doing what we tell you to do. That's the only way this world has ever flourished, when darkies knew their place.

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