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So the feds froze our guys funds which means he can't pay his $750,000 bond. Is that something Bitcoin could have helped him avoid?

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He was denied bail. It wouldn’t matter how much money he had

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why are you such niggerlovers on this board?
t. /pol/ regular

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hes white tho

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Hes Mexican. That’s not white

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>Is that something Bitcoin could have helped him avoid?
Only if he held it in a core wallet, Jewnance and Jewbase would have both froze his account upon request without any investigation. Id say Monero would have helped, because if it was buttcoin the exchanges would have STILL frozen his account.

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According to fbi crime stats, he is white.

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is that a clown? not larping. what is that outfit.

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Hes a nigger but it fits the point that people need to have their money on core wallets or they dont actually control their money.

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Reminder when the FBI removed non-white hispanics from the white crime data it demonstrated blacks were 27x more likely to violently attack a white person than the other way around and youre a bad person if you let your kids be in proximity to people like that.

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damn that style is on point. #scumgang

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they're normalfags that fomo'd in around christmas, now we're stuck with them.