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any good quality pics of their women?

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Sell them fiat

Pro tip, you cant.

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Fuck, their feet are so developed. This is both beautiful and sad - also utterly terrifying.

These people would eat you.

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you are like little babies. watch this

grug have rock

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Look at birdie uh
Shoot it with the sticky uh

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me... want rock

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grug lend you rock.. but every day you no give grug rock you owe grug more rock

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>these tribalistic niggers get away with murdering a Christian

Why is this ok?

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why bitrock go down?

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Oh honey I think you should take the rock. We could use a rock. You never buy me nice things.

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send them all to the afterlife.

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ok... me take rock. me get good deal on rock.

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They know the risk. Not everyone wants to cuck themselves to christianity.

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these colored beads represent bitcock
give land now

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The one on the left looks like golem or something. Ugly as fuck. How retarded must they be from inbreeding?

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Those are their women

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Why are their feet so huge

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send in the groypers https://youtube.com/watch?v=HGu-g2PF65Y

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incest does weird shit

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Holy fuck I didn't notice. Those are some abnormally large feet, wtf

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what happens if I put common cold in a bottle and take it there by drone and then just crash the drone in a fucking hut

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The common cold won't survive long outside a host. You are better off dropping off infected chickens/flightless birds they would use as food. Still a fucked up thought though.

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is the second one from the left playing with his baby dick lmfao

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The 2 on the left look retarded as fuck

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How big are their communities?

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That's totally Rob Schneider

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God, I laughed so hard
Feck off mate

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I reckon so

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Rob Schneider is..... A SAVAGE!

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Literally feral humans.

More animal than man. Spooky!

I wonder if they can be convinced to go all in on Bitracoon...

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Send 1 coconut 20 days walk in 10mins using metal wire or recieve a coconut in 10 mins which would usually take a lunar cycle.
You sold yet Juan?

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When link moons I am going to buy a yaught, sail there with a boatload of women, and then have sex with them all because of the implication.

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Fucking hell anon

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Get me the Clinton's, I want a pedo island sanctioned immediately.

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Because Jesus Christ is a spook.

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