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The chainlink network
It sounds nice doesn’t it?

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ctrl+f chainlink...0 results

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ctrl + f oracle

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>Examples of Prohibited Activities
chainlink BTFO

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Regulators are understanding and providing their views. Very good news. Do you retards know how good nes this is?

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Meanwhile in UK

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>Prohibited Activities
>Be traded on or processed by a facility that is not appropriately registered.


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We are gonna make it.

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I'm tired of reading shit.. when is LINK
hitting $10 or $50?

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>nice decentralized network!
>if you dont register your node with the CFTC we're sending the police after you
God I hate (((boomers)))

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Not affecting chainlink. Link use cases are more than only derivatives...

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Doesn't matter if it's more than only derivatives, it INCLUDES derivatives.

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This. What the fuck guys I unironically have no money left to buy, let's start

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No news can take you out of the bear market.

Stop being fucking delusional

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>0 results

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ctrl+f nothing burger
1 result found

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It is only referring to the Blockchain the smart contracts are on not the oracle used.

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Nothing to do with nodes. Only the people executing derivatives contracts.

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ctrl + f oracle

>Smart Contracts: Technical Risk
>Oracle failure, disruption, or other issues with the external sources used to obtain reference prices, events, or other information.
>Smart Contracts: Cybersecurity Risk
>An attacker may compromise the oracle (i.e., mutually agreed upon, network-authenticated reference data provider) causing the Smart Contract to improperly transfer assets
>Oracles may accept or distribute unexpected information, resulting in outcomes that do not reflect the intent of one or more of the contracting parties when entering into the contract.
>Oracles may be subject to manipulation or themselves fraudulent, resulting in unexpected, fraudulent outcomes

Uhhh guys aren't all of the problems they outline about oracles actually SOLVED by Chainlink?

Are they describing the Chainlink network here?

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read between the lines
>if you don't use chainlink, you can't use smart contracts
so yes, they are explicitly describing the issues link prevents.

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fucking hell anon, I always feel like I am reading between the lines and seeing chainlink there in the subtext.
But this is more than just wishful thinking. This is pretty specific shit. It sounds like Sergey may have outlined these risks to them himself. Am I losing my mind?

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nope, you are peeking into the future and getting filthy rich doing it.


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It's what we've all been experiencing for months

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Let's think about this step by step.

>Oracle failure, disruption, or other issues with the external sources
Use multiple nodes with multiple data source

>An attacker may compromise the oracle
Again, decentralization solves this

>Oracles may accept or distribute unexpected information
Again decentralized oracles solve this

>Oracles may be subject to manipulation or themselves fraudulent, resulting in unexpected, fraudulent outcomes
This is where the penalty/reward system comes in

this HAS to be LINK.

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Is 15k enough to make it?

It's not fair that I've been going through this shit for around a year now. I'm constantly worrying my stack isn't big enough to make it. I also feel like I'm living in a parallel universe and have no real life people to talk to this about.

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10k to at least make it, 1k as suicide insurance

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You make it with one fucking link, do you get it?

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You are one of the fortunate ones Anon. Future is bright. Congrats.

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Dude... if chainlink does what we all hope and think it will do 5k will be enough to make it.

You have to understand that you feel like you don't have enough Link because you are comparing yourself to others here with moderately bigger stacks than you on avg. but we are such a fucking niche of a nice group. It's not like 2 out of every 100 Americans are investing in this. You could go talk to a million people and literally nobody out of that million will have heard of chainlink or decentralied oracle.

You have to look at it from this perspective.

If link only tops out around 30$ for example then basically none of us make it make it buying lambos and shut but this is such a revolutionary project that if what takes hold what we think will take hold 15k will be a fuck ton

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>we still have time to accumulate


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Its all unwrapping infront of our eyes...2019 is GOING TO BE FUCKING CRAZY

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did a gang of psychedelics and started screaming how rich we gonna b fren

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Based and redpilled

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I mean I know a guy who's in crypto pretty big. I play poker with him. Big into NEO and made like 120k off ICX. I've shilled him multiple times on Link and he doesn't really listen but then he finally understood what I was saying about Link and he said he might put 1-2k into it. So a crypto guy who has me shilling him and finally gets it has maybe like 3-6k link coins.

Yeah some other faggot Jews on this board will have more than you but you'll still have more than enough to have countless sex slaves and plenty of black slaves too.

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2 out of 100? Waaaay over estimated...theres only around +-20k wallets or something like that

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>If link only tops out around 30$ for example then basically none of us make it make it buying lambos and shut but this is such a revolutionary project that if what takes hold what we think will take hold 15k will be a fuck ton

if link hits even $30 itll be a life changing amount of money for me lmao, and i have a small to average stack. thatd be for me roughly $240,000 before taxes, so depending on how jewish the government is by the time i cash out my linkies itd be maybe $150,000-200,000 after taxes. and i plan to buy more when i can.

if link hit 20, 30, $50 id be the happiest fucker on earth... id invest in running a link node if that happened and it became an industry standard in smart contract usage... let alone if it got into the triple digit values... or beyond..

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thx fren. i love 4acodmt. you should try i've done between 30mg-120+mg

b safe u r loved

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You've been saying this for a year now. Just fuck off already, it's not taking off. You fell for clever marketing.

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just like the whitepaper products meme this doesn't mean anything. no one is going to buy more chainlink because of this and that's the only way the price is going up.

t. 20k linker who's tired of these ctrl+f chainlink 0 results threads

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You misunderstood what I said i said this isn't an investment where 2 out of every 100 Americans knows about it meaning some people have heard about it...

I mean I guess an example would be.... learning about bitcoin when it's at 5$. I don't understand anything tech related but I keep an ear out and has heard of bitcoin starting in 2011. A handful of people were starting to hear about it all over the world.

Us being in chainlink with our 5-100k stacks is like being all in on. bitcoin like 3 weeks after the whitepaper came out. That's how under the radar we are.

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Not sure you're understanding.

The EU for instance just FORCED banks to open up their internal APIs to third parties.
The powers that be actively want decentralized services.

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maybe they're not shilling link similarly to how people researching the internet before microsoft became huge wouldn't be like "Yeah, the majority of computers on the planet will be using microsoft products. $1000 EOY boys get your lambos ready." this white paper isn't about shilling companies, its talking outlining the technical aspects of smart contracts.

but whats bullish about this is that this white paper talks about the points of failure for oracles... and chainlink is the industry leader in making smart contracts useful and as far as anyone can tell, has first mover advantage when it comes to solving the potential failure points of smart contracts.

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>Link is is being adopted by regulatory compliant companies wanting to use it to make derivatives trading better and more efficient. Bullish as fuck and LINK will be huge in derivatives

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The SMART CONTRACTS cannot be traded on an unregistered exchange. Last I checked ChainLink is an oracle token providing data TO the smart contract.

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Good attempt

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Your missing my point. My point is that 15k will be waaaaaaaaay more than enough if we expect Link to do what all these autists figured out.

Honestly with everything we know and the scope of this project..... if we topped out at 30$ I'd have 1.5 million dollars.... which is obviously a nice chunk of change and I'd be happy.... but I'd unironically be kind of pissed.

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at $10 my link stack is already worth more than my entire house, and I have a big fucking house in a very good location
I have a feeling the future is looking good

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wrong. here's a chart based on math, not your moronic god-complex curve. created a long time ago, and the most accurate of any memelines.

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Im not being a cunt

What problem does LINK solve and what USP does it have?

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I need your help to make an epic meme.

One meme I'm trying to make now in paint 3d is with a guy pumping his dick with a vacuum pump. I want to "dress" the dick with chainlink cubes like in the op pic, and the balls with the new logo. The face of the guy will be switch with sergey. I have tried to use the magic select tool and sticker tool, but no luck so far.

The idea is to post the pic when link is pumping along with a post saying "IT'S PUMPING GUYS! Sergey has initiated the pump!"

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What would you put the over/under at for the combinded number of chicks all of those guys in the pic have fucked?

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>he's still here
>asks what problem it solves

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Sirgay alone has slayed >100.

>> No.11923089

How deluded can you be.

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>Yeah some other faggot Jews on this board will have more than you

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Honestly Link has to break at least 300$ to have made this last year worth it.

I mean 30-40$ is what ark and nano did.

The excruciating pain of having to deal with all you faggots for this long has taken a toll on my brain chemistry. Anything less than 300$ is a dissapointment.

It's like playing in the NFL for 8 years and being in the bottom 33% of the league and only making 600k on average. Good money but not worth the toll on your body unless you making at least 2-3 mil a year

>> No.11923150

Probably 20 or so if it weren't for Sir Gay and a couple chadlets

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We gonna make it big time.

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I mean even if link hits 1k I might actually kill one of you fuckers at the yacht party. Like we are happy and drinking and one of you nerdy looking smug faggots gives me the wrong look. I would probably snap and flush all the money I have just made down the toilet by running over to you and breaking your neck

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>Ark and Nano got to $30, LINK getting to $30 would be nothing!
There is 10x more LINK than Ark or Nano. LINK getting to $3 would be like Ark and Nano getting to $30.

>> No.11923179

What do you see the bottom as?
When will Chainlink begin to make some serious moves?
My estimate for phase 2 was summer 2020, do you think that's accurate?

>> No.11923181

Enjoy your 0.25$ shitcoin though

>> No.11923200

I bet you have more than 300 confirmed kills, what a badass.

>> No.11923247

chainlink is fucking shit doesn't even have working product

>> No.11923413

That is a beautiful rainbow chart

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If you haven't learned to be detached from the retard aura, you're never going to make it.

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>Having that feeling I'm listening to a tween investor LINKlet with under a 10k stack.

Of course this shit has to moon to ungodly proportions so you small stacks can make it. Now I get it. The top for LINK will be $30-$40 max. It will be just enough for most LINK holders to make $300k, but they won't sell because they think they will "make it" by holding. Same exact thing happened this last bullrun with anyone that had 20 BTC or like 200 ETH.

>> No.11923541

Sergey obv got to the third figure , while the chyad on the right night have had his fun too. all the other guys don’t look like they could even get to 20

>> No.11923548

Tell you what norman, I'll sell 10k at $30 just for you.

>> No.11923715

Except there isn’t any marketing faggot

>> No.11923831

this is why i got 11k stack on lock. and buying extra to sell when i feel it neccessary.

>> No.11923862

Try a pool cleaner vacuum

>> No.11923890

>Breaks Smug Rich Neets’s neck out of rage
>Has a SmartContract that pays 10 Link (1000eoy) to anyone who throws you into a Smug Frog themed Meat grinder
>Can’t have the last KEK
Such is the life of Autism

>> No.11923916

I don’t understand why either. Witnet mainnet is Q4 2019 so I have to believe chainlink is a substantial way ahead of them.

>> No.11923930

Imagine if Witnet gets first mover advantage.

>> No.11924010

Mainnet Q9 2024

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Oracles are in the stealth phase. What’s crazy is I feel it’s been stealth for way to long now. Are we entering awareness phase?

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Fucking kek'd m8

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>chainlink trends
it shows something different than you think

>> No.11924354

yes 2019 is the year of smart contracts and oracles
max hype 2021

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>> No.11924506

Smart Contracts and CFTC Markets
• Many discussions of smart contracts use derivatives as examples because they may be readily
digitized and coded.

Strap in...its just a matter of time

>> No.11924567

I will dominate you if you even look at one of my Linkpeers the wrong way. I can't wait for the yacht party to reveal that I'm a 6ft4 Chad boomer with zero mental health issues, a 10/10 wife and intelligent arian looking kids. No larp. No racism, just best way to describe. I love the link community and am oldfag /biz/. We will all make it frens.

>> No.11924586

Yacht party for real most people will be showing up with armed security if 1k actually happens

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>That feeling when you find out you can’t attend :(

>> No.11924660

sounds pretty ghetto Tbh

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Thank you fren ! I believe you can protect us !

>> No.11924713

>yacht party
all of you are going to be held hostage by some pajeet lmfao

>> No.11924807

Decentralised meet up in the middle of the ocean. We all bring our own yatches. We can set up smart contracts to release the coordinates to pre singularity Marines only. Another use case.

>> No.11924862

Its wonderful that Oraclize is partnered with the US gov, very exciting indeed.

>> No.11924870


>> No.11924967

>smart contract to release coordinates to pre singlularity Marines only

>> No.11925059


>> No.11925305

So all someone needs to do is follow one of your yachts to the meetup?
And now you've got a false sense of security
>multiple yachts
So you're saying that a group of pirates would make even more money by taking you all hostage and stealing your boats?

>> No.11925364

Are you implying that there are actual pirates on this board ?

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Strapped in.

>> No.11925937

stop daydreaming you dumb faggot. BTW, you already ivnested in running a link node

>> No.11925962

but piracy is at an ath.

>> No.11926034

What would the link community do if blacks and gays show up to the yaght party as the biggest bag holders. Not likely. But wouldn’t that be some shit

>> No.11926045

>Implying my yacht won't be armed to the teeth with cannons and cruise missiles

>> No.11926137


Hang out and party.

>> No.11926175

there are 1 BILLION link tokens at the moment.
1 fucking BILLION.

even at 10 dollar that would imply the market cap of chainlink would be higher than the current one of Cardano, Monero, XLM, IOTA, Neo and EOS combined.

you are fucking delusional you linkies.

>> No.11926200

1 billion link tokens will not be circulating because of PoS

>> No.11926233

350 million

>> No.11926359

>blacks smart and hype enough to invest in link
Leave twice. I lived near P-Town for three years and any high schooler going anywhere near gay parties got roofied, male or female.

>> No.11926376

Cardano was worth over 30 billion during the last bull run for nothing but a whitepaper.

>> No.11926422


>> No.11926459

>90x current price
>I'd be pissed

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>market cap

>> No.11926533

checked and kekd

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you hurt my feelings

>> No.11926577

Aside from XMR those are all literally worthless. LITERALLY. They have zero value to anyone. Their fair value is zero, their combined mcap should be zero.

>> No.11926605

As a centralised Database NEO is worth a couple of million at most. The rest are worthless
41k Link here btw

>> No.11926613

Truth checks

>> No.11926649

100th reply get. checkem.
LINK $28 Q2 2019 cap me in my own cap

>> No.11926691

Fml...3k Link poorfag here.

>> No.11926701

Oh no, not a higher marketcap than a bunch of vapor ware lmao

>> No.11926727


i get the refrence

>> No.11926767

where to store chainlink?
i just got 25k on binance cuz you idiots told me to.

should i use myetherwallet with ledger?

>> No.11926782

I’m trying to get to 20k so I can have a 10k stack for selling and another for staking, when will I make it biz?

>> No.11926790

sigh another dipshit who thinks market cap in crypto is a meaningful number

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Funds are S A F U

>> No.11926810

yes use mew

>> No.11926823

What is the ledger for? Just use mew, you don't need anything else. It's just a money grab, you don't need an overpriced flash drive for storing your private key.

>> No.11926835

just reinvest the 450k once link hits $150

>> No.11926851

if watching too much anime porn gets my computer infected it protecc against intruders seeing private key

>> No.11926873

>To the extent a smart contract violates the law, it would not be binding or
To the extent an automatically executing piece of code violates the law, it would not be binding and enforceable.
How could it not be enforceable? It would already have happened.

>> No.11926932

Its a miniature computer that uses EEPROM not flash memory. The same type of memory in my PS1 memory card and I still have some savegames from the 90s on that. if you have nore than 5 figures there is no reason not to have one as they are the most secure hot wallets. Before anyone accuses me of shilling note that I didn't endorse any specific brand

>> No.11926966

download MEW source code
disconnect computer from internet
generate wallet
write private key on piece of paper with pen
format hard drive (or just smash it into a million pieces)

just as secure

>> No.11926981

Until the first time you sign a transaction.

>> No.11927000

And so convenient

>> No.11927043

it will just be called... the chainlink

>> No.11927078

>network-authenticated reference
this doesn't sound permissionless

>> No.11927106


>> No.11927168

no wives at the yacht party... only high class whores, you can show us a pic of your wife though, i'll believe you.

>> No.11927197
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checked and redpilled

>> No.11927227

this is the same level of security as a hardware wallet except less convenient

>> No.11927296

wut is executive security services?

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>market cap

>> No.11927691

I have 100k and $20 is absolute insanity. I’m looking for $4

>> No.11927888

actually it's not if that computer is ever online again.

get a permanently offline computer or a hardware wallet. it's not hard. don't be an idiot.

>> No.11927908

he said the hard drive gets formatted
a properly formatted, IE with every bit zeroed, hard drive is as clean as a factory new one

>> No.11928036

post body

>> No.11928046

redpilled af

>> No.11928230


>> No.11928537


in chat a guy asked if we had issues with him of his girl was black. Nobody cared. With all the trap pics ppl post there are probably gays here too.

The unifier is that we all get it.

>> No.11928543

everyone cared you fucking faggot. that filth is unacceptable. you're not welcome.

>> No.11928596

I dont give a fuck about yachts or lambos I just want to have a small apartment in the city

I slept on the fucking street Im the most deranged linkie on this board

you dont know where Ive been

>> No.11928654
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we dont care you fucking faggot

but u r still loved n our fren

>> No.11928704


>mfw linkies don't realize this is a undergrad internship doing a report so shekelstein doesn't fires him up for being so incompetent

>> No.11929113


How many Linkies do you have?

>> No.11929250

I was a literal troll living under a bridge for six months. Shit was fucked. Buy for all the shit I said about normies I had to take a lot back, normie old ladies and people in general won't let you go hungry if you ask nicely. Eventually you realize you need to go forward and return to a semi regular life. Anyone can end up on the street but only people with real mental issues stay on the streets. Most are the good kind of crazy though.

>> No.11929298

did you actually, literally sleep under the bridge? does your city not have a homeless shelter?

>> No.11929353

Homeless shelters require you to identify yourself and I didn't want that.
Also a lot of people try to steal your stuff while you are bathing and there's a lot of fleas. I was better off under the bridge

>> No.11929370


How much LINK you got ? Good luck fren

>> No.11929426

I got 50k linkies. Like the other anon said. Without hunger and cold, with a roof over my head and my freedom I'm already rich. I already made it by my terms. If Keks wills it Link will be the means for me to provide for other anons.
I know I'm not alone on this.

>> No.11929837
File: 227 KB, 450x450, 1543010274189.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Link is nowhere near finished anon you better get comfy under that bridge. New epics will keep getting added to the pivotal to make it look like they're making progress but it's just to stall for time because the service agreement cannot be finished.

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how much longer to accumulate?

I need all of 2019 please.

>> No.11930926

50k links is not enough to make it, but you probably can buy a small car with it. So at least you will have a roof my friend. You will make it

>> No.11931021


>> No.11931174

I’ll be there. I bench 160, deadlift 180 and will literally crush your windpipe in a vicegrip if you make a move on my linkros

>> No.11931329

I'm a tall white zoomer and have hit the gym for years now. I look like I lift. I've also been into krav maga for some years. Don't even joke about something like this.

Fellow linkies - be safe. Keep quiet about your wealth and remember that there are fucked up people out there who only want what's best for themselves.

>> No.11931367

I’ll happily watch but you’ll regret trying me my nigga

>> No.11931408

Just encrypt the key and have the file in multiple offline locations