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Its 2.5 billion

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Jewish press detected

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This guy is not only a scammer, he is literally the god of cringe:


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>there are people reading this sentence right now that unironically believe that craig wright created btc

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Kek at the yacht. I can’t believe people ever took him seriously much less that this whole larp is still going on

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Maybe a couple really do, but really it's just paid shills

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imagine being a 48 year old boomer with the mentality of some edgy 13 year old kid

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If you were Jihan and Roger and truly believed, with proof, that your competitor was Satoshi, would enter a war?

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Also his university stated he has two master degrees and no PhD (which he claimes).

from his wiki
>Wright has claimed to have a PhD in computer science from Charles Sturt University on his LinkedIn profile. But the university told Forbes that it only awarded him two master's degrees and not a doctorate

what a fucking clown

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ppfft, kek!

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No, he did get a PhD recently, in 2017: https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/877li9/craig_s_wright_fake_satoshi_is_a_scammer_and_the/dwazd97/

The problem is that he was claiming he had a PhD for many years now.

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So last year he got a PhD in philosophy/classical studies while claiming he had a PhD in computer science for years. This does not do him any favour in terms of credibility lol. I also bet he paid some pajeets to write his PhD thesis while taking credibility for it (like with btc)

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So much misinfo and hate. Lucky I didnt listen to this FUD. 1000$ eoy

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>So much misinfo and hate
when you are digging for the truth and meet this must resistance, you know you are on to something

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Wow he sounds like a certain someone else.

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Tulip trust...stiff

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Yeah like all those billionaire rothschilds who manage to keep themselves hidden from any of the top 100 rich lists

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He goin' jail

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thats 2.5 billion million

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His LinkedIn is fucking crazy. This guys credentials is pretty insane. How many fucking degrees and certifications does he have? List seems endless.

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