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Is it a bad idea to become close friends with coworkers? Anyone got any stories of doing so?

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This is the business and finance board

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who is girl

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tfw you will never EVER have teenage love

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>start working in a consulting
>after a month or so start going out with a girl from the office
>goes to shit and things are awkward between us
>at lunch with the manager bring it up in conversation
>he freaks out
>"Anon, you do understand that she is more valuable to us than you are, right? If it doesn't get fixed we're gonna have to let YOU go and not her"
>as a good wage cuck swallow my pride
>purposely make things good with her and avoid getting fired

Lesson learnt, don't date people from work (even though it's easy) and don't thinks the boss is your friend (he's not)

In short: not worth it, anon.

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i'll grab a beer on occasion with some coworkers, but I wouldn't spend weekend time with them

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Just look for another job. If you let them say shit like that you will forever be their bitch.

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Fucked heaps of co-workers. Had a few problems, never lost a job over it. Did have one glass me with a champagne flute at a Melbourne Cup party - which didn't endear me to the rest of the team. I'm in sales which is pretty fast and loose; could be different elsewhere. I've also fucked heaps of customers and any advertising molls that I could get my cock near. So go for it - you know you want to

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why isn't there a pepe version of this yet

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I did, after a while. Got out of consulting, now in technology.

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Damn sloots wearing these retard pants everywhere these days. It looks extra retarded when they are out of shape too.

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guess what? shes not asian

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I know you're trying to get a reaction by saying this girl is out of shape.

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That's not what I'm saying.

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What about dating the boss

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this, and you know what happens when I write 'this', kek

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Fucked a boss for a while to keep my job. Shit product, tough year, got engaged (had a mortgage) but still made her buy her own ring - and got caught fucking a receptionist. It is a lot more common than you think

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You should organize with your coworkers for better wages, hours and benefits anon. Doing so is a great way to meet with and connect with new people!

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in this post:
a retard can't anticipate the retarded consequences of his retardation, kek

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advertising molls are fiends. i am aussie expat and all the female ad directors here are absolute semen demons

they get so much sexual tension from being in the wage cage with incels that harrass and perve on them so when bruce takes them out for dinner and is the only person they've met in this vapid shithole whose watched mad men its christmas

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The question is business related

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this girl is perfect. i bet she has really stinky breath too mmmmmmm

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I've seen that girl before in real life. I'm pretty sure this is Dutchland

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I hope she talks with a really cockney accent. That would be so hot.

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People at work can only be side friends at best. Never main friends.

You don't want your personal life and your job mixing. There's a reason a million sayings back up my point here.

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I don't get the obsession with that girl to be honest, she's just an average swedish teenager

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White girls are truly God’s gift to earth

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You know she’s a 10/10 when she’s a fully clothed normally dressed girl who looks better than all the tryhard sluts everywhere else

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Its because her face looks like a 6 year old's and everyone on here is a dirty pedophile

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Those pants are pretty slutty

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Not for long

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this. that girl looks like the world's biggest spoiled brat future roastie whore. she needs to be slapped in the face really hard and put in the kitchen to cook.

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/biz/ obsessing over an average Swede teen fucking tragic

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There are no whites left here so it's pretty exotic Tbh.

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You still have time anon, 2 DGBs in India will buy you a couple of 12 year olds.

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They’re just bell bottoms that flare out, not like skin right yoga pants

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Work with my current gf and want to break up with her.
It's going to be a fucking pain.

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>Started hanging out with a dude I work with
>Become good friends
>He introduces me to his friends
>Knows tons of people in the bar/restaurant/music scene around my city
>Gets treated like a king everywhere he goes, tables get out up specifically for him, gets to go back stage at concerts, never waits in line at bars, etc
>Invites me to his wedding
>10/10 bro for life
I dunno, I guess it could come back to bite you, but it worked out pretty well for me

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it doesn't matter, OP knows you're trying to get a reaction by saying this girl is out of shape

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From my degree related job? No.
I made several close friends in food service including my gf of 5 years

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no different than yoga pants, high waisted thongs, pink/phat sweatpants, athletic tights, booty shorts.

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>her face looks like a 6 year old's
to you maybe

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the question is /r9k/ related and that's not 4channel

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How were you when you both met??

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I don't know what you mean, but I was in a pretty good place in my life I guess

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I meant how old. Missed a word.

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Realistically, what are the chances for an average 7/10 guy to pull a goddess like this?

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You need money that's for sure.

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