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tfw mild Aspergers

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tfw actually a super power

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I am buying a little at a time. I only own a few hundred coins

T. Poor fag.

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I am autistic but even I am intelligent enough to see that link is a scam. Please don't buy link. It only pumps as a hedge against Bitcoin whenever Bitcoin dips, because everyone knows that link holders never sell. Then it dips into oblivion when Bitcoin moons. This is honestly a scam like vechain with all the partnerships.

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mfw assburgers

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it's a blessing and a curse

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>Wait, what does this have to do with...
>Is that...?
>Oh, i see...

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Reminder that reasonable don't get rich. To get rich you have to do the unreasonable. And that's to go all in on link. 1000eoy

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No, it's just a curse. What does it matter if you unlock the secrets of the universe when it's impossible to convince yourself of the lies that make life comfy for normies?

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is that nutella on pizza

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What are the secrets of the universe?

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not interested in norman comforts tbqh, exploring the secrets of the universe is much comfier to me desu. it's both, there are aspects of myself that i hate so much, the workings of my mind not being one of them.

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Go get some vaccinations and find out

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alright there kanye

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>alright there kanye

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your also probably a socially awkward fuck and cant come to understand life as the average person lives

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how the fuck is it a super power. i cant even go outside the house anymore because i dread having to talk to people. havent had a haircut in 6 months. all food is ordered from deliveroo. thank god crypto let me make it or i would live in literal hell having to go to work and deal with co workers every day

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I've been vaccinated and in the past 12 months I've slowly dissolved from who I once was, a blissfully ignorant normie, to a now seemingly arrogant shutin, but in reality I just feel like no stimulation can please me.

I tried acid a month ago and there has been a splinter in my mind since, watching the matrix films, specifically 1 and the ending of 3, I feel like the wachowskis had this knowledge it feels as if there is nothing but despair after we die, pure consciousness but no matrix to stimulate it.

I beg of you, what do you think happens beyond death? Are we bots used as entertainment like the truman show?

Is it that (((they))) have been going from planet to planet, disrupting the once peaceful and loving entities, then planting the seed of humanity only to begin the cycle again in order to get as much food and water as possible?

I just want the truth

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Has anyone tried chelation

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Try 20 mins daily meditation and nofap
It mostly cured my social anxiety negative autistic traits

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Being a sperg is the exact reason you made it.

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Stinkie linky

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unironically this

congrats op

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Tfw 150 iq intj 30yo gymcel virgin all in link

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What is going on here

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It's whatever your heart desires.

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Are you me?

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Is this for feeding ducks?

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Autistic brains process visual stuff way better, but there's only so much brain to go about so sacrifices are made.

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Me minus 20 IQ points

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i have high functioning autism and i rather like it

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Ill be honest, I just have a collection of odd food related photos with no context.

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Ill be honest, I just have a collection of odd food related photos with no context that I have saved over the years but rarely get to share.