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Initial- 5k
ATH- 50k

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Initial 3K
ATH in crypto 15K
Cashed out 9K
currently holding 4K
could be way worse

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Initial- 0k
ATH- 0k
Current- More than you right now

Why the fuck did you think bitcoin was a good investment? It doesn't produce anything, it doesn't offer anyone a service they don't already have, and it won't contribute to society in any way. You may as well have invested in fucking your waifu.

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Initial- $400
ATH- $25000
Current- $5000

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Investment over many months 7-8k
ATH 2.8k
Current 1,6k


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Initial: 30k
ATH: 45k
Current: 30k

Invested in Cannabis stocks, not crypto.

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initial 4k
ATH 20k
current $500

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I have lost more gambling at the casino than I ever invested into crypto. I'm not worried and still not selling.

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Initial-1.4k usd
ATH- 9.6k usd
Current- 250$ + 600$ in CONmetro, not gonna see that money, probably.

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Initial £5,000
ATH £28,000
Went down to £15,000
I bought the dip with £10,000, so now portfolio is £25,000
Market continues shitting
Now down to £15,000 again
I buy dip again with £10,000, portfolio back to £25,000
Market shits out again
I buy dip with final £10,000 in savings. This is 2 weeks ago when BTC is $6,250. Portfolio back to £25,000
The last week happens
I'm back to £15,000 but my total spend is now £35,000.

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First time on /biz/,what does ATH stand for???

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>First time on /biz/,what does ATH stand for???
Aiming To Hit. Like, what price point you'd be comfortable achieving and selling out for.

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Initial - 2k
ATH - 250k
Current - 10k

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All time high you fucking illiterate faggot

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Started exactly 1 year ago

Initial: 800
ATH: 46k
Current: too scared to look, probably sub 4k

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ive put in about 15k, sitting at 3.9k

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Initial - 8k
ATH - 380kish maybe
Current - a large pizza

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No it’s all time high

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Unironically, but I don't give a fuck. I was a fucking newfag during the last bullrun and whenever the next one happens I'll do way better.

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Initial $300
Topped up 3k over year
Now 7k
Tempted to cash out now, I think it will dump a lot further before bottom

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12k, probably 10k now

im heavily JUST'd. had enough for a house deposit too

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Whenever, right anon? Just right around the corner, h-heh desu.

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Invested about $800. It's not at $400. Not too bad tbqh.

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12 k


how did it happen? portfolio consists of the biggest shitcoins ever. dropped like a rock.

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>how did it happen?
>portfolio consists of shitcoins

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Go load suck_a_dick() you fucking npcs

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If I had sold my 44K linkies at 0.6$ a few weeks ago and bought now I'd have 100K, why am I a retard frens?

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Cashed out 50k all gone

Fucking just

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PULL UUUUUP !!!!!!!!!

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Initial: $10,000
ATH: $380,000
Cashed out: $15,000
Current: $14,000

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Don't forget the stress and time all these fuckers wasted

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> initial 80 bucks
> ATH 35k
> now 300 bucks
> tfw hodl meme got to me, didn't sell when I could
> tfw still in the green

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33 year old boomer
Initial 25k
ATH 90k
Holding 40k links to zero

Current portfolio value 13k

Glad this was money I could afford to lose.

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I lost more than I'm going to make in my lifetime working

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Started whit 20 bucks i got from selling steam trading cards at 2.5k price
ATH was 40 bucks whit half of my intial btc
Currently have 37 in tether whit even less in btc hahaha

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Is this a brag thread?

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>Initial: $500.
>ATH: $280K
>current: $19K.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. I got greedy and blew my chance at life by taking for granted ETH was always going to be above mid-2017 prices.

$500 to $19K might seem good but I never cashed out a single CENT and used credit cards for everything for the past two years.

So yeah, this crypto stunt has actually left me in NEGATIVE net worth with ridiculous CC debt despite being an early hodler.

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Initial- $2,300
Current-Cashed out at $3,500

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What is with everyone making money?

>Initial 16k
>ATH 18k
>Current 6k

Not even a January buyer. I waited for BTC to crash 66% before buying and I still got Justed by over 60% more.

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Did none of you cash out incrementally. Wtf

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>initial 400
>top 10k
>now 2k

Could have been worse. I played with shitcoins anyway and cashed out too early

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Initial 23k slowly within past year
ATH Probably like 16k
Current 7k

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initial 30k
ath 1.8mil
current 200k
feels bad man. I didn't sell any.

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initial - Hashing Power.
ATH - Hashing Power.
Current - Profit

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Lol you probably tell
Yourself that in the casino too

“I have lost way more money in a night, I’m not leaving this blackjck table”

You’re literally gambling with retarded odds in the favor of you going broke by not selling

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Initial- $70
ATH - $100
Current - $15

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ATH - $3,360,000
Currently - $25,000

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This is great, everyone is mad.

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Initial DCAd in: 10k
ATH 27k
Now: too afraid to look but prolly like 5k.

Oh and I'm poor, parentless and that 10k was my life savings. I tied my fate to my first ever investment and I don't want encouragement. I just wanted to believe that 10k is a drop in the bucket some and I can make it back easy, even though it took me 3 years of saving. I need help.

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Initial: 10
ATH: 1.2K$
Current: 37$

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Initial $4,000
ATH $25,000
Spent $18,000 buying dips
Current $6,000

Fuck crypto, fuck this board and fuck you OP!

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