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Woah, this has finally convinced me. SV will be the new Bitcoin.

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I'm probably going to move 1k onto Polo later and buy some more SV, just worried about the IOU shit. The goal is 21 SV of course, by the time the hash war is over. If it tanks again, the goal is 42.

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When Bitcoin Cash SV Cash (BCHSVC)

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Wrong. It's the old Bitcoin, the original Bitcoin, that Saotshi created. BTC Coin and BAB Coin are "new" """Bitcoin""" (in other words they ren't Bitcoin at all, per definition)

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Hello, Anonymous (ID: zBEmXAix) 11/22/18(Thu)22:33:08 No.11856486

I too think that BCH SV is the real Bitcoin. The mainstream adoption is close.

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>billions of people will be subject to my undivided rule because the patent I hold over the money they use
yeah, nah

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>billions of people


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To: Anonymous (ID: BKqKpOhR) 11/22/18(Thu)22:37:11 No.11856525

Only blind core shills cannot see that Satoshi Vision is what define Bitcoin as per whitepaper.

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he and his alteregos

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what happened on oct 10

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>proof that it came from the largest pool of cpu power
so btc is the real bitcoin by the whitepaper by the very words of satoshi nakamoto (not gaylord faketoshi)

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BCH SV is the real Bitcoin, cucks.

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like i give a shit. you can shove "muh peer to peer" and all that garbage up your ass. BTC will be controlled by (((them))) and they always win. have fun hodl BSV shitcoin while BTC moons to 1 million and becomes the new world currency

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>becomes the new world currency
that's one thing i can guarantee with 100% certainty won't happen. i don't know where btc goes if it will be $1 or $1 trillion, but it will never be world currency nor reserve currency.

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Source or GTFO

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except it will because it is the dream of every government. remove nameless addresses and put in names of people and no one can move any money without the government knowing where they are spending it.
they are already achievement their dream survailance system with mobile phones and IoT, bitcoin will be their currency of choice to fully control the sheeple.

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So Bitcoin is not the real Bitcoin?

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Craig "crash the market with no survivors" Wright is a mentally unstable old man who believes that he is a Japanese software engineer. He is known scammer. Please do not give him any money, or attention, as it will be detrimental to the psychological treatment of this unfortunate individual.

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Better start actually building something people can use then.

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>except it will because it is the dream of every government
no nigga btc is everything the governments and central banks think as stupid. it has no attractive qualities whatsoever for the men in charge.

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>tfw bitcoin becomes a fractional reserve currency with >21m btc loaned.

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wtf is foin?

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Sold. Buying all the SV I can, since it obviously solves the Oracle problem & allows for useful smart contract creation too.

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right now you can use paper money to participate in illegal activities privately. you wont be able to with blockchain. the future currency is going to be digital and people of the future are gonna wish they had paper money

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i don't know what the future brings crypto may or may not be adopted by banks and central banks, but it will not be bitcoin. bitcoin is the antithesis of the central banks. they will coexist occupying separate space.

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we have progressed beyond the original BTC white paper. we have better faster, and more scaleable tech now than was available then. Do not understand people devoting time into this trash. BTC sv has zero utility and will ultimately go to zero. Go take your mining dinosaur somewhere else.

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nice tripcode, how long did it take to find that?

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About ten minutes, but I have a nice setup

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bitcoin cash is not some committee, socialist invention by central planners

it is only peer to peer electronic cash

cucks will be bent over and buggered and soon understand the truth

pure capitalism,


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You hate money if your not buying BCH SV

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Yes that's correct.

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Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Vision is the future. It will be used for everything, everywhere. Maybe aliens will know about it one day.

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Gtfo Pajeets

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congratz youve managed to be cringy even when u have triple 7

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truth hurts
i know

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I know this faggot isn't Satoshi because he says shit like this. Satoshi designed BTC with decentralization as a core feature.

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So it stands for Saotshi's Vishion?

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you must be NPC to believe this. poor Satoshi did not deserve to be exploited like that.

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refer to >>11856576
btc is the real bitcoin as per the whitepaper
cashies conveniently tend to forget this small detail then they try to shitpost

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Thanks just sold 17

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Not to mention the most obvious sign.
If he wanted to fuck the market he would just start using Satoshi's wallet openly. But he doesn't because he isn't the creator. He's a parasite and a fraud.

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>core feature
>ctrl + f decentral
>0 of 0 found
>core feature

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>This adds an incentive for nodes to support the network, and providesa way to initially distribute coins into circulation, since there is no central authority to issue them

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satoshi is a woman

where are my crypto girls at?

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Wtf is this post? Lurk more.

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Nodes are miners in this sense you fucking retard lmao corecuckies are so stupid.

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The absolute state of /biz/.

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Kek wtf

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Mfw Craig is Q anon

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I'll just hold the 32 I have from the fork and check the price in 5 years.

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who the flippin flip is actually selling their LINK tho?

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>bitcash is eventually spammed with yottabyte blocks
>bch network crashes
>patrician 2mb block btc reigns

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So which one is it? CSW is Satoshi or Satoshi doesn't want to be public?

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