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If you were German, would you be willing to work in Luxembourg?

Keep in mind, that the average in western Germany (which has 80% of the German population) is about 8% higher than the German average, so it would be 2450 Euro vs. 3150 Euro net

Pros concerning Luxembourg:
>700 Euro more per month after taxes on average
>10% lower tax rate
>less cucked politics (mind becomes more free)
>less cucked people (interacting with people becomes more fun)
>being a foreigner (makes everyday life feel more special and interesting, using English covers social awkwardness)

>Rent is much more expensive, in the range of 500-700 Euro more per month
>being a foreigner means dealing with paperwork related to being a foreigner
>most people speak only French (or English) but not German
>you have to make a trip to Germany once a week for cheap groceries, otherwise you lose another 50 Euro per week/200 Euro per month

At the moment I am living right across the border.
By my calculation it seems after all that moving to Luxemburg wouldn't make me any richer, but people from Luxembourg still come here and buy massively overprized shit (2000 Euro coat, 180 Euro hat etc.). I also see many people driving Italian sportscars with LU plates..
What am I missing?

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were full, fuck off

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yeah go live in a country that was once the powerhouse of europe and now slowly heading for financial decimation because of its faggot neighbours and their pro immigration bs

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You are making the mistake of basing your calculation on averages.

I don't know anything about Luxenbourg though

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Biggest con:
German pension you idiot. The one and only reason every of these sand people wants to come to Germany.

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How is the LU pension any better?
And there's no need to talk about refugees every single time a German appears, it's as superfluous as telling someone from Honduras that his country is violent

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>be germancuck
>slave away all your life while state robs half your income (70-80% if you add all indirect taxes)
>get a pension of 1300 euro, barely enough to surive
>still have to pay taxes on pension
>be shitskin refugee
>never pay a dime into the system
>get free gibs for life beause muh (((human rights)))

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ur a true cuck if you havent gone full retard on crypto yet

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Luxembourg is absolutely boring, even more than Switzerland. If you are totally autistic and only care about having internet and tendies it's ok, if you want a bit more than that you better move to Bayern.

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I've been there, Luxembourg is very modern and pristine at the same time, I like it

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Then go there if you like it, but there's not much things to do except working.

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I'm wondering if dealing with the paperwork is worth it financially
the higher rent is basically nullifying the increased net income

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You can always live in Germany, France or Belgium and commute there everyday.

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Fuck off, we're full.

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That would be impractical because it takes 1 hour by car or train from Germany to Luxembourg city.
If you count the commute as additional time worked, it turns out to be a bad idea. This is especially so because if you live in Germany but earn in Luxembourg, you pay the unreasonable German taxes which are 10% higher

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As if that shit isn't going to collapse in the next decade.

That is the literal definiton of a ponzi scam.

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Better if you can do it, have no place of residence. You can use German banks without an address it's guaranteed by law. Move into a van or switch places of residency frequently, for example. Then you won't be required to pay taxes either in Germany or in Luxemburg.