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Bittyboy is going sideways , with dumps in between. Biz is starting to get excited, several bag holders that quit the game are starting to come back and keep an eye on things.

All this means is eternally BTFO chumps are assembling to unload bags at any signs of recovery / uptrend.
We need greater fools, a new community or generation of them. 'Institutional' investors is nonsense , they have already joined long ago and are not keen on buying more when they see no buyer support or normies.

This will be a long ride of continual JUST, get comfy. Enjoy this roastie

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>Enjoy this roastie

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anon :(
Sh-she was my perfect collector piece

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I'm sorry I had to point that out. I have this idiot complex you see. Have this image in return. Have a nice rest-of-the-day.

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