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I'm literally crying tears of joy right now
4k bitcoin was the best black friday sale ever

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>Literally stealing

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unironically this. this is a gift from the elite themselves as a means of helping us normans make it in the next decade. ty papa soros.

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I know, these idiots are selling million dollar houses for $4k. I never thought I’d see it!

>> No.11845459

Thanks (((them))). Never tought I would say this. Shalom.

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>4k bitcoin was the best black friday sale ever

>> No.11845505

Wait until you see the cyber monday sale.

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2K is the bottom

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The 1k christmas gift will be even better.

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>implying 4k is the bottom
We will see three digits btc within eoy of 2019

>> No.11845524

so much cope ITT
we're still going down

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$4k titanium support sorry but it is unbreakable

>> No.11845595

Even kek disagrees with you. Just give up

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There is literally no reason for bitcoin to be over or under $1,000
It just wasn't designed for it to be worth anything but that

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Show me anywhere this was considered in the whitepaper or forever be an anonymous internet faggot.

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Well I am gay irl so guess I guess I'll continue to be a faggot and get aids and die

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Wtf my id changed

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>my id changed

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Shitposting and driving is immoral anon

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Because 100 million satoshi per bitcoin means it was designed f\or a max price of $1000.

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Lol what the fuc r u talkin bout

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Fucking nugget bonce over here.
Are you actually retarded?

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nah, 100 million dollars per bitcoin you mean

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