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This passage is important as fuck to understand what's going on in normie mainstream land right now.

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What retard wrote this? Trump?

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Richard Feynman

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Literally this guy is not understanding how geography plays a role and the power to make the stuff is dependent on access to fresh water which is why every shit tier country with no technology is also suffering from resource problems. His friends are smarter than him because they’re not even bothering to try to connect the dots and still getting to a more accurate conclusion than he ever will with his half assed dot connecting.

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>Jewish man
dropped /pol/ poop

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yes you're right water is just dirtier in nonwhite countries and white people always had access to pristine water right from the tap of jesus's urethra
really made me think

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is IQ a meme then? only water matter?

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> Geography overrides science and technology
> unironically wakanda tier argument
> communism now!
the absolute state of biz

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you do know feyman was ethnically jewish right?

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figures. feyman was an overhyped fraud.

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quick rundown?

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>how geography plays a role and the power to make the stuff is dependent on access to fresh water
That must be why a useless fucking island with no natural resources like Japan is so much more well off than resource rich countries like Columbia and India. We can even see here in this chart just how close fresh water reserves correlates with a country's living standards. It makes so much sense, thanks for gracing us all with your higher intellect anon. Richard Feynman is truly a brainlet.

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>shows a list where the most powerful countries in the world are the ones with the most access to water
>argues water doesn’t make a difference in how a country turns out
holy shit, this HAS to be bait.

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feyman like capitalism and not socialism. economist no mainstream media likes to mention.

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This is indeed definitely why landlocked Switzerland is a source of immigrants for the beautiful coastal paradise of Liberia.

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Africa is a much better place to build civilization than any other place. It's 3x larger than Europe.
There are no winters, so there's no need to spend energy on heating and resources on insulated buildings.
It's all due to IQ.

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Look at the guy who was assigned Guns, Germs, and Steel in his freshman class.
>Diamond's an idiot and so are you for believing his shit

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Thanks pajeet just bought 100k, go see your shift supervisor and get a blowie at the local.

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There's no apparent correlation whatsoever. According to your retarded theory Columbia, China, Congo, Venezuela and India should all have better living standards than Japan, Britain, France and Germany.

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> Africa is a much better place to build civilization than any other place
But what about all the niggers?

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Lol at thinking that he was the one who first said this. Scientists have been saying this for ages. Capetown literally got BTFO, a number of other major cities are due within the next 20 years. But that all has nothing to do with the historical, irrefutable fact that civilization and technology developed around fresh water.

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It kills me when I look at of these beautiful ranches lush ranches in South Africa and how communists want to destroy it. Africa could have been the next North America if cultivated properly.

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>But that all has nothing to do with the historical, irrefutable fact that civilization and technology developed around fresh water.
Ah yes, Egypt, Babylon and Persia were all known for their vast quantities of fresh water.

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Yes, real technological hubs doing just swell today amirite. Especially that Babylon. Holy shit, I can’t even be in this thread anymore. Instead of bothering to read and research you guys get spoon fed by other brainlets then come parrot inane shit. Enjoy your circle jerk. When you’re adults you might wake up to the world.

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Babylon was the cradle of human civilization. That's where the wheel was invented. The fact that they aren't still prosperous today has nothing to do with the availability of water or lack thereof. You're going to have to face the fact that your dumbass theory is not supported by the evidence. Just look at Japan or South Korea today, and compare them to Congo, India and Venezuela.

I'll give you a little hint: It's climate. People in colder climates evolved larger brains, which was necessary to survive harsh winters where food and shelter were extremely hard to come by, in contrast to sitting around eating bananas all day in Africa.

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Hey look, the commie is fucking off. Gee commie, don't do that.

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Here’s the answer to this. It’s all correct goy.

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>Technology is the catalyst for prosperity

who would've thought

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Egypt as well
All of you fucktards are literally proving my point even more. All of these civilizations flourished until their population outgrew their access to water. Japan eventually overcame this with desalinization and is now able to flourish again, being one of the countries with the most access to fresh water in the entire world today thanks to their dedication to building desalinization tech and being surrounded by the ocean.
You guys need to dig deeper than your surface level retarded arguments. Get over yourselves. Bunch of fucking 20 year olds with their opinions. Disgusting.

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There are rivers in every country in Africa.

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Reread what I wrote and try to use your brain to understand. If you want, you can let me know when you think you’ve got it and I’ll tell you if you’re correct or not. Done giving you idiots the answers.

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Leave it to a liberal to have such a simplistic and demonstrably wrong understanding of history and human development. Yeah availability of fresh water is important, but it is not even the most important factor, much less the sole one.

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argentina whiter than US

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What you're saying is not supported by any evidence. You're trying to fit history to your libtard political views and demonstrating how ignorant you are in the process.

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You're probably an engineer or some stupid shit like that, maybe even an English major who watched too many le I fucking love science videos

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>this is your mind on bluepill overload
africa is literally the continent with the most natural resources
one valid criticism of the left is that western countries are indeed pillaging africa
(but no, before your bluepill mind thinks this is a gotcha, "resources" are not a binary light switch you steal all at once. africa is still shock-full of natural wealth and will remain so for the next century)

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Nope. Incorrect. Try again.

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seriously? the-o-lo-gy

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nigga u are retarded

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It’s not about the resources, it’s the human capital (or lack of). Good luck beating the SqRt law Mouthbreather, by inefficiently distributing resources to retards

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That's exactly why Africans have lower IQ than Euros and Asians

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>blah blah Jewish something
stopped reading there.

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diamonds a fuckin idiot and we all knew what this guy was on about as soon as he opened his mouth. everybodys impressed at the big boy reading the Jewish fiction. good job you towering intellect, you master of reasoning, you champion defender of the liberal worldview. Well I guess an ugly fuckin Jew with SURPRISE a propensity to lie wrote a whole fucking book of cope let's all pack up and go home it's probably not the case that literal teenagers can debunk this from home

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You are not the first one to think of this, it will be eventually.

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This guy gets it. Harder to live = natural selection weeds out the idiots = evolve larger brains.

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Yup. Winters forces a selection pressure for people to plan ahead for half a year of no growing seasons. Contrast with Africa where there's no need to plan ahead for anything since food is plentiful and its warm.

Linguists have tried to translate various African languages and the common theme throughout these languages is no concept of time other than a vague notion of before and after.

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this is why we will make the map app

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Ah yes, all of those natural resources in Hong Kong and Singapore

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Correlation not causation you retard.
Bigger countries, countries with a greater surface area, will tend to have more water in them, and bigger countries also tend to be more powerful because they have a greater population and economic clout.

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>Capetown literally got BTFO
yes because niggers waste water because they have no concept of the future.

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>Bragging about holding the means of production

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