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Never been so comfy holding anything during bull or bear markets

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Honestly im so comfy that im too comfortable. I need to find a job but my motivation level is zero because i own link.

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enjoy your aids, faggot.

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LINK is a godsend, indeed. HOWEVER - holding this asset will yield you NO profit in the coming months. Understand that all digital assets are headed in the same direction and you will be better suited for a financially secure future.

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I think I've gone numb to the point it has wrapped back around into comfyness. Just snug in my blanket right now watching everything blow up.

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Wow no profits for months. Wonder what that's like.

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Is it bad that I'm kind of glad the BTC is shitting the bed? I know it means every alt is going down with it (at least for a while) but decoupling had to happen eventually and it's better to get over with sooner than later teebeeaych

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>Understand that all digital assets are headed in the same direction
Wrong, Link has been in an uptrend since July.

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Your mum has been in an uptrend since July. Check these digits.

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check and kekked.

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Well, shit

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Oh daaayum

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Up up up

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brb, going long on his mom

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I share your experiences. Taking material from frens and being creative with it irl is where its at. You guys unironically inspire me to make my own LINK art.