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immoral or illegal ways you guys have gotten money

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I whored my anus out for a good 6 months

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>living with your parents over the age of 30.

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used to take it from a mentally retarded homeless persons change cup

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when I was in highschool this older kid like 27 would invite us over and get us drunk and pressure us into doing cam shows for gays
I left when I found out what was up but several of my friends did gay shit for for donations

that kid who organized this shit died of a heroin (fent) overdose like a year and a half ago lol

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Selling high ruining a lot of poor souls that bought my bags in December/January .

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Print bitcoin paper wallets with a QR code under your control, and sell on Ebay for $0.99. Yes, people buy them. Yes, people send bitcoins to it.

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pretending to be a girl

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selling my underage sister nudes in SYSCOIN market

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Forward selled personal darknet methylphenidate to people I know.

Normal people can't source anything, and small town Europe's deprived of drugs that aren't just normal trash drugs or cannabis.

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Posting fake ETH adresses during ICO craze.

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opening cc in my grandma's name totaling 30k and keeping 15k on balance for emergency

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That’s unforgivable. Change as well. Wow.

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Can you elaborate on this?

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Sold LINK Plushies to biz; actually wanted to go trough with it; realise i lose money even when charging 50$ because shipping cost; kinda just abandon the whole thing

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I once got Paypal send me $500 by accident. I freaked out and held on to it for 2 months but then read accidental transactions are considered a gift so I spent it. I actually contacted them and wanted to return it but they couldn't take it for some reason.

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I'm the anon from a couple weeks ago. I have siphoned around five big ones from a Chinese subset company of a bigger Chinese parent company. No one has noticed yet and I think I will be able to steal another five. We'll see lol.

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I sold meth to a pregnant woman (seriously)

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welfare scams mostly

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>Forward selled
what you mean?
like drop shipping? but a little different

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No, that's the jar, for the crippled children. The cup is the pennies for everybody.

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I stole children's lunch money

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scamming /biz/

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stole 40 dollars from church

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based and redpilled

explain further more

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Oh I just had a thread where I was asking what to do if you had a rootkit installed on a Chinese company who had no idea you were watching their network. It's evolved from downloading all their game assets and repositories (game studio), finding bank credentials in the low six figures (have not touched this yet), and crypto details to some bitcoin and eth (plus shitcoins) from a nano. Nano was plugged in so I drained it, really thinking about trying to bank transfer some funds but I feel as though I'll git fukt if I do.

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You no take money from China. China number one. China fuck you thieves.

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one of the kids who did gay shit actually started dating a trap
the other became an alcoholic for like 5 years and is still unemployed
I'm sure several kids got involved in this scheme that I didn't know personally

he would get you drunk and be like hey you owe me for all this alcohol you drank it was really creepy, and it was done in his parents basement
when they found him dead from heroin they were probably more relieved than anything

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enjoy being arrested for fraud

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That's fraud anon. This shit will come back to haunt you if not larping

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stealing from wasted students passed out on street in nightclub district

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steal from grandmas wallet too buy magic the gahtering cards

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When I was a teenager I was the head of my school's Christian youth group. They were passing out these packets for starving kids in africa/s.america that you could send money to and write letters and shit. They were saying don't take one unlsss you KNOW you can pay the monthly cost (like $30 or so), because only one packet was made for each kid.
I took one for our youth group to support, they were pretty psyched about it, raised over $100 from the group on like a week.
Because I was basically autistic I was too intimidated to call the program and actually set up the monthly payments. The packet sat in my closet for about a month. Then one day I turned into an atheist, threw the packet away, and abandoned the youth group. Spent the money on salvia and pot. No one ever asked me about the south American kid.

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Christ man, what an evil person.

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bumpkey into peoples apartments and mailboxes.

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>ID is u Weak

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Used to sell pounds of cannabis from the darknet. Not immoral but certainly illegal

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>really thinking about trying to bank transfer some funds but I feel as though I'll git fukt if I do
set up a ghost/shell company to send the funds to. If you can see how they pay contractors you can make it look more legit in their accounting system so they will never really know.

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when i was a teenager i went to the chink buffet with some guys from work. I told them I'd wait in line and pay. It was the lunch rush so the line at the register was kind of long. The guys went to the car. I got tired of waiting in line so I pocketed the money and walked out.

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doing gods work anon. the chinks would do the same to you if they could, fuck them

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I was thinking of somehow doing something like a payroll but from what I've looked in their transfers it doesn't seem to be wage related in these accounts. I'm honestly a shit coder and even worse with financials, I just have crypto and only took the nano crypto because I know they don't have the law on their side. Even if I say stuff on here it will have to be taken as part, and I'm sure a Chinese AA or BBB studio can't do shit, nor their parent company.

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Thanks lol.

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I guess team up with some one smaht. I would either the parent or the subsidiary account on the transfers to a straws account. Most likely the sub since they are less likely to have any controls, but will detect money loss soon after. find a straw that is some homeless guy or druggy that will let you use their id.

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I'll take that into account I suppose. Thanks for the advice, FBI.

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ordered a phone from amazon. said the package came with no phone. got a new phone sent to me and sold the original

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lmao this actually works?

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busting someone for bank fraud would look good in my jacket. Plus having crypto involved will make me look like a genius to senior agents.

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isnt that insanely loud?

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Gay sex not larping

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And I thought I was a degenerate

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this is the way of the sinner. what a disgrace

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I grow/trim a lot of black market weed. It's like 1.5 a pound, and trimming is 20 an hour for work no one wants to do. With any luck it'll be illegal again some day, but it'll never go back.

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think he means bought off silk road and flipped it irl

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Used to slang molly

10/10 wood recommend

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Dress in business casual and a pair of fake glasses and find a relatively busy train station AT NIGHT (preferably in a college town) and take a ride on one, then start timing the amount of seconds in between the arrival at a stop and the moment the door shuts. In my city it was around 12 seconds.

After you have the timing down (don't always follow the bell, in my city it's a bullshit indicator) you're ready. Stay by the door of the train. Find a person on their phone, tablet or wearing an expensive pair of bluetooth headphones etc. (iPhones have the best resale value so I target those) doesn't matter so long as they're close to the door.

Once you found someone wait for a stop and start timing when the doors open. Keep the number of seconds in your head and if a path is clear outside the train when you're at the last second and a half snatch the item and leave. The doors will shut behind you immediately and you can jog away at a brisk pace, anyone watching outside the train will assume you almost missed your stop and we're running late.

Here it is in action, earned $3,000 in one month doing this in NYC when the iPhone X came out. https://youtu.be/eCOFqbes1XY

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Nice try revenue Agency man

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This is stupid and shitty. You must live in some shithole third world country to think doing shit like this to people is ok.

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Posting about link on here.

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Welcome to the immoral thread

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Petty crime is low IQ

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a ledger nano? Lol nice larp kid, you can't touch it if you don't have physical access to it

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I sell banned tortoises. Not immoral but illegal

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If you move out only once you can't go back to this.
The comfyness of living on your own is just too great and once you experienced it you won't want to give it away anymore.

Living with your parents fucking SUCKS, trust me.

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Lol didn't ask for a sermon my guy, OP asked for "immoral" ways to make money and I gave him what worked for me. This is actually more "ethical" than what I get paid for LEGALLY, so you can shove your virtue signaling especially when there are people here who commented about exploiting their own flesh and blood. My morals are reserved for me and mine only. Take care.

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Got some kid on here excited about deepbrainchain and he went all in with several thousand and I witnessed him lose it as he was posting kek

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There's an article on krebsonsecurity.com which talks about crooks taking gift cards from store shelves opening the package, writing down the numbers or copying the stripe and seal it all back up and put it back on the shelf at the same store. The crooks now have the number and phone number to check the balance. They probably call the number couple times a day to see if its been activated by a customer. Im sure as soon as they hear a balance they empty that shit before the customer has a chance to even use it. Seems lucrative but also very scummy cause its supposed to be a gift.

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Good lord...

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Fuuuuck yes I love threads like these

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Nigger tier.

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Basically I scammed away 8 eth by creating smart contract pyramid and dumping on holders with my premine

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I scammed a few people on Runescape back in 2005.

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armour gilding?

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Buying the tears of wojaks at all time lows and selling those same fat bags of tears on the same wojaks when the markets reach ATH

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Based and redpilled

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My favourite scam was:
>Put on ghostly robes
>Go to F2P world
>Sell shade robes for high prices

I barely even made any money from scams, I just did it to see what I could get away with. Same thing with the multiple 99s I got from homemade AHK bots when I played OSRS a couple of years ago.

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I collect coral/reef fish from the ocean and sell it without a license. Illegal but not immoral as I stay within bag limits.

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I inherited a large sum of money despite having done nothing to earn or deserve it.

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About $600 in giftcards from guys on kik

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sold an 1/8 of weed for $100 when i was 14

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In college days worked part time in a store, various scams inclusing free cigs food and drink, alcohol runs for my buddys and also switching the cameras to back of store scratching off lottery scratchcards until find winners, cash them in and then pay off dud scratchcards, also we would do what we called a TC say we were short of change and ask the customers to pay cash exact anount cameras not on tills pocket the cash cancel the transaction and it goes off as stock missing

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I established trust posting in different online forums and facebook groups regarding replica watches. After a few months I set up 3 replica shops and sold shit tier replicas for a horrendous price, pretending they are god tier replicas from Switzerland. I sold 64 with a net profit of $330 per unit.

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Told an old man I'd pay him $700 for something he sold me. I counted 6 hundreds in front of him and said 1234567 really fast, and gave it to him. He put it in his wallet happily and never saw him again. Still feel a bit bad.

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Hope your eBay acct is not linked to you! If you do it with more than one person, suspicion will arise.

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I got $40 in change once from snacks at 7-11. And I deadpanned the cashier and walked out.

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I didn't make money of this, but when i break computer parts, mostly on accident, i buy the exact same part and return the broken one, saying it's fault or "damaged during shipping"
Sometimes Amazon will refuse my return or the shitty seller will so i go to the nearest electronics store and do the same thing.
Do it with clothes too, had a shirt that gut fucked up in the first wash and just swapped it out on the dressing room.

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You usually have a code that you need to scratch off too.

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i also sometimes get free panda express when it's a really busy lunch rush.
When there's a large group ordering i try to order right after them and get my plate lumped up with theirs. After i order and the cashier is ringing up people i go sit down and wait until the entire group has paid and pick up my plate with them. Doesn't always happened, but it's a good day when it happens, especially for a minimum wage slave like myself. That shit is almost an hours work.

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>older kid like 27

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If you’re not larping i can help you out

Send me a message: [email protected]

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Worked for a multinational corporation

>> No.11837905

They are replacing those with scratch off stickers you order online

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>team up with some one smaht.
>find a straw that is some homeless guy

Anyone smart will turn you in and the homeless guy alone won't be smart. Just don't do it. If you've ever watched American Greed, people have run much better orchestrated scams and still have gotten caught, unless you want to flee and live under the radar the rest of your life.

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I'm a 26 yo kid

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>from a nano. Nano was plugged in so I drained it
this is the part you fucked up.

Stop lying, nice larp.

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can confirm

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>26 yo kid
Jesus fuck...the state of these zoomers.

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can you cunts stop saying "larp" every 3 posts.

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Worked for a missile company, fixed a design flaw that allowed the missile to pass all certifications.

Blood money is best money.

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I dumped on you guys in late December.
Kinda felt like stealing from the dumb.

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Whore delivery service. Dunno how illegal it was, more of a grey area where i live. It is extremely lucrative but i have it up because i was getting dangerous

>> No.11838099

loled irl

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yep nice larp.

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I'm looking for a good strain, I like it sour and Lemony, any ideas?

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nice try, FBI

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I stole little babies from gypsies and sold them to John Podesta

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Is that Jabba in the back ground?

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I wagecucked.

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Stealing old ladies' retirement money is OK but this is too much, fuck you.

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Fuck off

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Yeah when your a teenager you don't realize they can hear you fapping.

>> No.11839237

It does but if you keep doing it they'll wisen up

I did it once

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is options trading moral

>> No.11839281

Might do this

>> No.11839282

people like you will one day run into the right person, and get the shit beat out of you :D

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i took around $5 worth of quarters from my brother when i was 10 so i could play more video games at the arcade

>> No.11839361

Sold MMORPG hacked account's gold for over $100,000 via duping + SEing the admins to unban my accounts (created a fake skype, added some admins, changed the skype name and username to something similar to their boss's skype, asked for an unban on my accounts and the retards did it with inventories worth $100,000)

>> No.11839400

Holy fuck anon, it's spelled out pretty clearly. You should buy one of his $0.99 QR codes and see how it works. Then kys

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I scammed three pajeets during thekey ICO. Made 5k back in the days.

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sold drugs in highschool, nothing major just weed and coke to friends

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Designed a MLM scheme and deployed it in the Philippines. Basically pretended to be a big important western businessman to trick flips into giving me money.

I had my own personal harem of flip sluts who traded sex for better positions in my fake company.

The ultimate evil act was getting one of them to begin tracking her ovulation schedule and then barebacking her on the days she was most likely to get pregnant. I told her that if she had my baby I would hire her as my personal assistant.

She had my baby. She didn't become my personal assistant kek.

Had to get smuggled out of the country to Malaysia around the crypto crash in March since I was dumping 90% of my scammed funds into shitcoins and lost it all.

Protip: women dumb enough to let you creampie them for favorable management posting are not smart enough to be actually decent managers.

Tldr; scammed some of the poorest people in the world and made a bunch of single mothers while stealing from them

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The fever dream of a tantric jerk off session. Plaudits for avoiding porn and using your imagination.

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Back before they were banned and CPM was solid, YouTube networks were the shit.

Basically YouTube networks were thinly-veiled MLMs that allowed youtubers to partner with "experts" to help grow their channel, provide legal support, get brand deals and more targeted ads, etc. You'd get all of that in exchange for a percentage of the channel's revenue.

Basically, my scam worked like this:
>be me
>apply for network license under MCN
>the didnt give a fuck if you were 16 as long as you were bringing them more revenue
>start adding tens of thousands of 13 year old minecraft kids on skype
>talk to each and every one, sell them on the idea that if they joined they'd be the next pewdiepie
>start talking up their channel a fuckton and make them feel really special
>get them to sign up
>proceed to lock them into a 60/40 revenue share and a two-year contract
>do absolutely fucking nothing unless explicitly asked
>collect revenue
At the height of this we had 3500 channels partnered making an average monthly revenue of about $30. Between me and the co-owner, we were making about $10-12 per partner per month.
Aaaaaaaand boom. Paid for my college and still have more than enough left over to live on and scale my other business.

>> No.11839929

I made about 20 coins all copy pasted with cryptonotestarter and shilled it here. Kek sometimes I see anons still shilling it. Easiest 100eth ever made.

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kill yourself subhuman nigger trash

>> No.11840059

>Buy real Rolex for 8k
>Buy fake very high quality Rolex of the same model for 1k
>Put fake Rolex in the real Rolex' box and sell it as the real one along with the real documents so it all looks legit and clean
>Sell for 6-7k
>Go to nearby watch dealer that is partnered with Rolex
>Sell Rolex to him for 7k
>Make 4k+ profit everytime

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you mean BandE?

>> No.11840165

Good people do not smoke marihuana.

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Learn to spell, Cletus.

>> No.11840451

>was selling fake pills
>used to work on some construction where I would dig up rocks from basement and then carry them all out when I was 15

>> No.11840468

XD XD ebin, fug this shit

>> No.11840494

dumping my shitcoin bags on neets

>> No.11840553

Where/how did you buy and sell the fakes?

>> No.11840630


la creatura

>> No.11840763

Buy on trustytime . biz or some other high quality site, sell on craigslist/ebay or whatever

>> No.11841008


So, is this something you've done in the past or are you still doing this nowadays?

>> No.11841020

How'd you get your shitcoins into ETH?

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I run the build systems for products that analyze who to bother for credit cards. It's my fault. It's all my fault.

>> No.11841099

Did it a few times when I want to have some extra spending money

>> No.11841115 [DELETED] 

golden lemons. lemon tree. oregon lemons.

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>> No.11841293

>This is actually more "ethical" than what I get paid for LEGALLY
so you're both a nigger and a jew
I'm impressed

>> No.11841320

People can press the stop button on the train. Cameras will see you. The message might even get out before you make it out the station and they'll block you in. Just feel there are so many ways this can go wrong

>> No.11841335


How long does it usually take for the guy that got the fake to realize he's been ripped off and initiate a chargeback?

>> No.11841356

>no results

>> No.11841367

how old r u. Honest...

>> No.11841379

a fake can trick chumlee on pawnstars once or twice but not an actual high end watch seller

>> No.11841380

Meet bored underage girls through apps and trick them into prostituting for me. Despite what the media would have you believe, most enjoy the lifestyle

>> No.11841384

>t. FBI

>> No.11841388

I was fucking rich MILFs.

>> No.11841439

I might have beat one off to you annon.

>> No.11841445

it's actually a win for them since they got a half white child

>> No.11841457

Wait how do you resell iPhones? Thought they can just be bricked no?

i have a friend who’s gay but doesn’t want other people to know. He pays me 50€ to see me Jack off over skype. Easy money for a wank, also sold drugs in clubs, find the stupid tourists and ask 15€ for a pill while you paid 2€ for it

>> No.11841491

>accidental transactions are considered a gift

Nope. You spend the money, they decide to ask for it at some point, you better have it there for them to take. Doubt you have any documentation of "trying to return" the money, so enjoy staring at $500 you can't touch for a couple of years before maybe you can risk not getting a warrant put out for you and spend ten times that in non-refundable bail money and another 10 to 20 times that on an attorney while you try to explain.

>> No.11841541

ultimately a loss for the white race though

>> No.11841545


>> No.11841578


This is theft, not a debt

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O no no no no AHAHAHAHAHA

>> No.11841793

Can confirm
Been away several times....mostly for long term rehabs
>t. 28 yr old boomer living at home

>> No.11841827

Favelanon is seething about that 100 bucks

>> No.11841836

>Things that happened

Pick one and only one

>> No.11841866

I used to bartend. The way our POS system was set up made it really easy to skim cash off of orders.
>Customer orders dinner and 3 rounds of drinks
>$90, $60 is drinks
>Take $50 of the $60 and the final ticket only charges them for two beers
>They tip on top of it

Good times, only worked when people paid with cash which was not often

>> No.11841912

How did you convince them ? Did you know them in real life ?

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>> No.11841995

weird larp

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>> No.11842996

Since there are so many trading bots and shady activities out there.. If I catch a bot acting in obvious patterns on an exchange and find an exploit so I can profit off of this, is this illegal?

>> No.11843533


>> No.11843539

Can't see why it should be illegal, thats the risk you take when you're using a bot tbqh

>> No.11843786

I used to go to a chipotle which a new had a slow credit card scanner it would print out a recept before the card was accepted or declined. I would go to my bank app switch of my card use it and it wouldn't show up as declined till after I walked out the door

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Jesus this whole thread.

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>> No.11844143

then your face is on CTTV committing this crime

pretty shit risk to reward ratio

>> No.11844239

>Living with your parents fucking SUCKS, trust me.

Eh, it really depends.

>> No.11844343

Hey, if you're still here, we could discuss this further.

My Telegram is @tkryan.

>> No.11844450

OP is an FBI spook

>> No.11844504

ROI at the end?

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tofl rekt

>> No.11844526

sell fake watches as used genuine ones

>> No.11844551

make fake assets with real names on Waves platform, sell em on actual value :D

>> No.11844700

I don't see this as immoral but I did sell alcohol to minors a few times although I did not really get much profit from it. Any significant profit was from a winning scratch-off lottery ticket that got me $20 from a $2 ticket which I got on my way back from a delivery.

Oh and it was not like these were pre-teens or high school students. They were 18 and 19 year olds who I briefly knew from playing rugby.

Agreed completely especially since my mom is some dumbass foreigner that my dad married because he was too beta to get a decent American woman and my dad is a typical dumbass virtue signaling, hypocritical baby boomer.

Sadly, the closest I came to living on my own was college especially freshman year in a "supplemental" dorm room which resulted in me getting my own room at that apartment-like place which made for excellent privacy and was quite comfy when playing vidya and watching anime during winter. Then there was when I got to live in the on-campus apartments and sometimes I would get the room to myself.

Party life was mediocre since it was a small campus but the ones I went to were pretty cool for the time being. It would have been better had I had my driver's license at the time and my own car but whatever.

>> No.11844754

Man if you can I'd recommend Dharma diesel. It's by far my favorite strain. I've only had it once but I've been searching ever since

>> No.11844786
File: 247 KB, 1210x733, 2018-11-21 15_58_00-simbatechgroup on eBay.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Found you.

>> No.11844793

I’d guess around 0.02 cents

>> No.11844795

Create websites and manage marketing for whores

>> No.11844859

tell more. whores from escort sites?

>> No.11844908 [DELETED] 
File: 325 KB, 530x495, 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Back in 1994 I kidnapped a school bus full of Asian students while the bus driver and the chaperons were loading their baggage onto the bus and I've made them work in a sweatshop in my basement to make counterfeit NFL memorabilia. We haven't had an escape attempt in 13 years and we've only lost 8 to malnutrition. I need to come up with a breeding program or something though because most of them are only putting out 34 jerseys a day now. A suboptimal performance on my part not to motivate them appropriately.

>> No.11844927

that was quick

>> No.11844960
File: 325 KB, 530x495, 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I manipulated a carpenter into committing no less than 14 OSHA violations to construct my seafood restaurant, engaged in illegal aquaculture poaching, and I didn't even pay the bastard.

>> No.11845064

What programming languages were your bots written in?

>> No.11845090

He can put a lien on your restaurant.

>> No.11845099


>> No.11845110

>banned tortoises
What did he mean by this?

>> No.11845164

He means he sails out to galapagos islands and starts snatching up tortoises and their eggs.

>> No.11845223

extremely immoral anon. individual species are precious. please do your part as a personal favor to me.

>> No.11845263

Don't try to fool me u cuck

>> No.11845270

Favelanon here with some time..

So, when I was young I knew black hat and was always curious, so before I even knew I had a lot of shady friends with money greed. At 14 years old I used to run several Tibia gold farms, used TibiaBotNg in several different places and at rarest boss spawns and usually made 10kk month in the time each kk would be atleast $30, as I was underage I had to make them send to a bank drop where the person paid me 40% of what was deposited, I did that until they start running mass deletion when they retired all GMs (Gamemasters), there was some events I exploited so hard that were changed after (Lightbasin events that gave you stone of wisdom, I created several free accounts, bot them to lv 20 and just created an macro that walked with the accounts to the bosses places, made more than 50kk and had a great Xmas that year).

I have also helped some guys with adsense, we had some legit blogs with good content and legit viewers, the key is that we used free proxys and vpn's to click our adsense ads to make our CPM higher, we had found a way that is now useless but in that time we made a cool amount of cash.
Actually I know almost anything, cardzing, bankzing.. all that things yet I dont do them because they fuck people in general, I also already teached some guys how to use all the tools to do some "shadow" things.

Currently I prefer to dont mess with anything as I had lost people that I loved because of scammers/extortion.

>> No.11845277


>> No.11845319

why cant you just get die in the crossfire of a gangshooting already you fucking subhuman

>> No.11845347

Who would piss you out if I died?

>> No.11845370
File: 607 KB, 721x741, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not without first going to the authorities, which he won't because assaulted me when he realized I wouldn't be paying him, and now he's on the run from the state.

>> No.11845408

you remind me of my friend who died thanks anon

>> No.11845484

U liked him?
I lost many frens too

>> No.11845496

Cold email people to sell knockoff products that were marked up. Scrape the web for emails and we'd have huge lists, 10,000+ people in a city/region and target them with something that is popular there. Purses, shoes, all that crap you can find on AliExpress.

We'd warm up clean domains and IPs sending legitimate emails for several months at a time and have 20 or so ready to go, the moment a domain ended up on a spam blacklist we'd switch out with another one and continue sending emails. These would go straight to your inbox, not spam because we wouldn't word it with stupid shit like "buy now $29.99!!". It'd initially sound like it was just someone contacting you.

We made a lot of money, but you can't do this anymore. Machine learning algorithms that the big email providers (gmail, yahoo, outlook, etc) starting implementing around 2013-14 can pickup on these type of cold emails now despite it coming from a clean domain and go straight to spam.

To be fair, the products were actually shipped and we weren't stealing credit cards or personal data. We just crowded people's inboxes without their permission and had 100%+ markups on them. Only somewhat immoral.

>> No.11845508
File: 50 KB, 1024x576, u_dropped.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The seafood merchant strikes again.

>> No.11845529

was this CFCA or Unbound?

>> No.11845601

so what sort of percentage of mails would actually lead to a sale?

>> No.11845612

Same anon. Mostly privates although I helped a few shops as well. The full service would consist of a photo shoot, logo/website design (They handwrite their working name and vectorise it), copy writing, social setup and ITTT setup to repost new content from the site to their social feeds, "members" area setup which required sign up using email. Simply more photos here. Somewhat surprisingly this is very effective at capturing visitors email - I do it in my day job and for whore website it is 500x more effective.. maybe more.

If they opt for the members area - and many do, I think it appeals to their egos - then I book future photoshoots and these are used to create more members only content which is pushed via email to everyone signed up.

Finally setting them up on the non-big profile sites that are worthwhile. For my country there are 7-10 paid sites whores can list on but only a 2-3 of them are worthwhile, or appear worthwhile. Early on I ran tests using multiple phone numbers as well as referral traffic on all sites created. It is fairly obvious which have traffic and which do not.

The hardest part is finding legitimate girls who are not using fake photos, or if they are using fake ones are still decent looking to take sets of. I am not interested in making sites for "fakes". I find girls from listing sites, create a list of numbers and then send them a short text. The main pitch is that a website will cut down significantly on guys asking if their pictures are real or not. So obviously this isn't going to work too well if they are fake. Visiting them is often required to gain trust.

You have to use reverse image search, look up phone numbers and ad copy to work out if girls are legitimately private or working for an agency out of a residential address. It heavily depends on how interested the girl is. If they don't want to take photos and only have bad phone photos you could do something but it isn't going to look very nice.

>> No.11845753

some of y'all are on another level. I try to think of scams and some of this blows my mind. Wish I had the balls to pull one off. There is one scam I know of where a guy made almost a mil but got caught. News reports didn't explicitly say what was going on but it was obvious. I've been wanting to do it so bad but worried I'll get caught

>> No.11845779

I found 20 bucks at my job a few years back on my birthday.

I didn't return it.

>> No.11845926

reminds me I found $20 at the cafeteria in HS lunch, some kids came by asking if anyone had found it too

we all said no, and I later spent the money on weed

>> No.11846009

>but you can't do this anymore
Not true I still get obvious scam mails in my inbox all the time.

>> No.11846215

that's not immoral. make the boomers pay for what they did to housing prices

>> No.11846507

>lived on my own for 4 years
>back at parents thanks to /biz/.com
>it's fucking great again

(You) know shit or your daddy fucked (You) in the ass

>> No.11846891

this is the most degenerate thread i have ever seen on /biz/

>post moar

>> No.11847095

Not really. My parents are chill

>> No.11847112
File: 208 KB, 1200x658, descripcion-de-la-tortuga-mora.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


one of this anon?

>> No.11847442


>> No.11847455


Dude wtf????

>> No.11847551


It was something like 0.5 to 0.7% close rate once we got the wording hammered down for a product and region. So much A/B/C/D/E/F/G testing went on, you have no idea.

I honestly miss the internet back then, there was like this golden era of internet marketing from 2009 to early 2013 where you could literally sell anything using cold email or blackhat SEO.

>> No.11848515

>car starts acting weird
>engine temp gauge is pegged HOT
>take it to mechanic
>"sir you need an engine rebuild"
>fuck that, list on craigslist
>beaner wants a test drive
>another beaner test drives
>no bueno
>friendly white family buying car for their college student daughter
>entire family piles in with me for test drive
>daughter at the wheel
>takes the lemon car on the highway and FLOORS it up the highway
>can see the engine temp from the back seat pegged in the erect position
>sweating bullets
>car survives the test drive, daughter doesnt notice
>say nothing
>"we'll take it but if it passes smog!"
>meet them a couple days later
>passes smog somehow
>trade title for cash a mile from where i live
>sign it off and the father asks, need a lift home?
>take off sprinting
>they call later, hey this things a lemon
>buy a working car with the cash
ive scammed but also been scammed, mostly by the govt

>> No.11849298
File: 50 KB, 640x780, approach-life-with-the-same-confidence-that-random-indian-men-approach-women-online-3ltzJ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mass produced some cheap ass stuff in china for 1 USD/piece and Sold it to roasties for 60 USD/Piece

>> No.11849673

hello frens
>police here

>> No.11849696

hello faithful muslim

>> No.11849732

Sold blow and molly + other stuff out of my dorm, then out of my frat chapter. Used girls to build a fleet of sugar babies and findom/cam girls (predatorally targeting married men and black mailing them)

>> No.11849799 [DELETED] 

I literally work for the a shark in sports betting. He moves the lines by the time he's done betting. And yes, we are both in deep into ChainLink

>> No.11849830

I literally work for a sports betting shark. He moves the lines. And yes, we are both deep into ChainLink

>> No.11850016

If that's true (it's not) then what's wrong with selling drugs to bad people, dipshit?

>> No.11850259


>> No.11850413

I was a Chemistry grad student. My best friend got a new room mate who was a huge stoner and a dealer. I met him and he was pretty chill and after getting to know eachother he asked me to process his weed for him. So I started brining it to my lab at my university at night to extract oil from and he'd pay me. Eventually this escalated to me making more serious drugs at night or secretly during the day. No one really pays attention to what you're doing so it's really easy.

He'd supply the harder to get materials, and I'd use bulk stuff that no one tracked (acids, solvents, common reagents). I made a lot of MDMA, DMT and Meth. I'd basically just set up extra reactions while I did my research and hand him the product and he'd pay me and that was that. It was nice that I had the ability to purify and analyze with an NMR and whatnot as I felt obligated to at least provide pure drugs if I'm actually going to make them

>> No.11850452

get a load of the balls on this guy

>> No.11850653

sounds p chill

>> No.11850662

I sharked people for unusual hats in tf2 just jumping from game to game and using a backpack scanner like 5 or 6 years ago, made a few thousand and blew it on stupid shit

>> No.11850931

livin the dream

>> No.11851025

I bought a 1070 off amazon and it never showed up (It was 270 dollars new, I should have known) so I requested a refund because even with 270 bucks is cheep for a 1070, its still a bunch of money. I got the refund but now I never get packages delivered in two days (I paid for a year of prime), they never ring my door bell any more, and they send me a picture of it at my door.

All this and I never actually got the 1070.

>> No.11851241

thats interesting

>> No.11851289

I agree, even though my remaining parent is a person that I love and deeply care for. You can't really appreciate your parentsand have a relationship of mutual respect until you live on your own.

Two months on my own, making plans to make it permanent.

>> No.11851313

what stuff other than research chemicals yields in 60:1 ratio ffs

>> No.11851334

bought a crypto, then told everyone on biz to buy, then sold

>> No.11851343

I hope you fucking burn down along with that restaurant, knew too many guys like you that took advantage of an honest worker

>> No.11851349
File: 27 KB, 287x430, biz edgelord.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When I was underage (16-17yo) I stole bikes several times and sold them via internet or to people I knew for like 1/3rd of their actual worth or less. (I am white bTw)

I think that's rather tame, I don't really have many skeletons in my closet. I had a friend that would steal confiscated motorbikes from a municipal deposit and sell their parts on the internet. If you go to any Craigslist-type of website you will find lots of underground and illegal shit things. Some will buy stuff from aliexpress and resell it there at 5x the price. It works well with some consumer electronics products.

>> No.11851404

shit that you can make value out of nothing with
like clothes

>> No.11851437

Thank you for your IPs.

>> No.11852400

thats fucked bro

>> No.11852604

> Digital marketer for a big company that do postal delivery in Italy
> Sent home on a short notice because they will transfer my office down in mafialand
> Stole their DB

>> No.11852671

How is this board 4channel tier? There are only hookers, pushers, pimps, crooks and such. Top kek

>> No.11853866

might give it a go at some point, I get irrationally scared about doing this kind of of thing though. Half expect them to send photo evidence of it being posted or something

>> No.11853924

that's not making money that's just being a fucking loser wallowing in someone else's stupidity

>> No.11853955

severely underrated post

>> No.11853970

Walter white?

>> No.11854553 [DELETED] 

>dirty muslim neighbor
>leaves shit everywhere
>start listing it for free on craigslist
>wood piles gone
>dog kennels gone
>building supplies gone
>cops are out filing theft report
>go out there and talk to them
>bullshit about creepers hanging around
>muzzy hair goes grey later that year

>> No.11854609

Made a fake csgo gambling website and scammed a few knifes from some kids.

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