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>Crypto Down.
>Stocks Down
>Gold Down
>Oil Down


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Just bee yourself

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trump voters are the same kind of retards that fell for trump university and bitconnect

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Seriously, where is the safety

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USD is up

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Runescape gold has only been rising in value my friend.

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and tether's down to make it worse lmao killme

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Only losing a steady 3% to year really is nothing to sneeze at.

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>Everything is low
>People panic sell instead of buying more

People with low IQ facinate me

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We were 20 trillion in debt and had 0% criminally suppressed interest rates before trump even considering announcing a run for the presidency.

You faggots need to understand that trump put an Andrew Jackson portrait in the Oval Office for a reason.

He's going after the cabal just like Jackson went after the Jew banking canal.

Gold standard is coming

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Gold and silver is the safety you stupid nigger.

The dollar price of gold means nothing! It is gold that gave value to the dollar. The dollar price going down is irrelevant. You should be worried about the dollar imploding and then you'll "make it" with even just a few hundred ounces of silver and few ounces of gold.

You'll have slaves

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trips of truth

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Ah, I remember 2016 too.

Heh, remember his talk about actually walling off Mexico?

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Us bond chads win again!

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imagine being THIS dumb and gullible

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You can buy us debt direct from the government online, the coupon is only around 3% but it is guaranteed.

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Trump is like that kid who runs for class president and promises everyone more recess and free pizza every day
Clinton was like that kid who promised to get newer textbooks because the ones you had smelled like toilet water (probably because they were thrown in the toilet at one point).

Dumfucks picked the obvious liar instead of the candidate that would actually get shit done. They picked the whiner/complained/professional victim. EVEN when they had control of ALL 3 BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT, they continued to bitch.
A vote for a Republican is a vote for cancer. Any fucking Republican.

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Dollar cash

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Forex retard, literally raking it in right now.

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trump is more like the guy who has been in the pizza business for quite a while and realizing china is fucking ripping us off in pizza trade, and that americans can make their own fucking cheese for pizza which will fuck over china for selling us shitty cheap cheese and putting tariffs on big american sausage

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the only reason Clinton would promise newer textbooks is because students buy their own textbooks

I don't usually get into politics but this race was so different in media bias that it's just hard to listen to everyone that talks without realizing how blind they are to either Fox or CNN's real motives

good analogy

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>can’t recognise obvious bubbles
>wants the government to fix it


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BlockWolf says to calm down and things will get better. Listen to the experts guys, this activity is normal.

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>increasing consumer prices so little simpleton Cletus that is too dumb to find a job anywhere other than milking a cow won't have to move to the city and find a real job

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hey, my pizza is mature

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this crash was coming, it didn't matter who got elected

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>handing a nation's sovereignty to dirty commies
get gassed :D

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>hilary literally promised government handouts
>somehow trump is free pizza candidate
It must be hard living with your nigger iq

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why the fuck do liberals make everything about politics?

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Based. He cute.

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>if I buy corn from chinks its like losing our sovereignty!
imagine being THIS retarded

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show your canadian passport right this minute

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What assets are up?

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classic ameridumb, can't make any arguments and demands to know your country

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kek, it's US military and oil that give $ value muh nigger.

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sad but true

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youre so brave

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impeach the cheeto!

cheeto rekt my gainz!

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People who have no concept of sunk cost fallacy or escalation of commitment fascinate me.

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Andrew Jackson was a fucking bastard, and considered one of the worst presidents.

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Real Estate

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Nigga, now we're almost 22 trillion in debt. The interest rate hike was a good start, but Trump cut taxes just like every other neocon president. He will never balance the budget, so the debt can get fucked.

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this, always pips to be had.

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