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If Monero drops to 50$ a piece I will buy 100 and put them away until 2025. Roast me /biz/

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nobody will even reply because this is a great idea, it wont go that low, that the only problem

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Where do you buy?

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how much will 1 Monero be worth in 2025? $1000? $10,000? $50,000?
Seems like a good idea, just put it in cold storage and hold.
kraken and bittrex are trustworthy american exchanges that have it

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Dumb idea

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on the dark web

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thats the plan. by then it'll be $5k+ per coin. godspeed anon

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this is actually a good idea. In fact everyone should have a few XMR stored away just in case.

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Hm, why? I want to do the same.

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Unironically the only good advice on this board right now. I’m doing the same anon - just waiting for a favorable breakdown in the XMR/BTC ratio.

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Chainlink has created the next generation of number generation. Good luck with your shitcoin

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How can I buy monero on the darkweb?

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When BTC is below reaches the low 4000s XMR will certainly be in the 50s.

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When BTC is reaches low 4000s, XMR will certainly be in the 50s.

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maybe maybe, historically in extreme fear people run to XMR for safety
so BTC maybe dumping but in satoshies XMR will be mooning

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No need to, just use localmonero or buy btc then exchange

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When BTC reaches low 4000s, XMR will certainly be in the 50s.

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Do you have any experience buying on localmonero? Does it have multisig?

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where the fuck doe sone store XMR? I have a trezor but it isn't supported and I'm too dumb for paper wallets.

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I have monerujo on android.

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>If Monero drops to 50$ a piece I will buy 100 and put them away until 2025. Roast me /biz/

Probably the smartest long term hold you can make in crypto. I know people always shill their pet coin but Monero is legitimately the only actualy crypto
to begin with, and beyond that has an actual non-meme use case.

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I'm waiting until it drops to $5 a piece just sold my stack

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At the current rate it will be there in a day or two
Monerujo supports ledger, I store mine there

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Someone bought yours.

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Delete this thread fag.

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>in cold storage
just directly buy it/cash it out from an exchange and don't be one of the tards that take a fucking picture of their passphrase with their phone

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there's a disturbing lack of dereo pajeets in this thread, have they all frowned themselves in the Ganges?

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Think 40 is enough to make it?

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go for 100. If they hit 10k someday you kind of made it.

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good luck getting ur hands on 100.

are you really bothered about afew % if you're so confident in a 10x?

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100 is just 6k lol
and that is if prices dont drop further and if you're starting on zero
nigger please

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>investing in a shitcoin that its only use is criminal activity
you aint gonna make it pal

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id buy 50 at $51 and 50 more in a year if its even lower... this bear market will drag out longer than you guys think.. but the overall idea is good anon.

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>only use is criminal activity
privacy is criminal now.

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>privacy is the same thing as untraceability
you aint gonna make it

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fbi pls go

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Some old school analysts are predicting bitcoin to bottom out at 2.5k in 6-8 months times.

If this does happen, what price will XMR be?

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notice how bitcoins impact on altcoins has lessened over the past few months. It is not the flippening everyone's been expecting, but rather we have slowly become less dependent on it

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Based OP

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I can only roast your for not waiting for $30 like me.

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Livecoin: https://www.livecoin.net . Sometimes they take the Monero wallets offline, so be careful. You can generally exchange BTC for anything else here.

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Install the Monero wallet on a computer that will never be connected to the internet ever again (unless you wipe the harddrive). Set up the wallet, write down the recovery seed words (write several copies) and copy the public address. Wipe the computer. Done.

Restoring: Follow the same steps as above, but when setting up the wallet, restore from the seed words. Then ... uhm... connect to the internet and spend the Monero. So it can't be the computer from Step 1. This is the catch where "they" can spend your Monero before you do. Make sure there's no malware before connecting to the internet to move the Monero in 2025.

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how about a raspi?

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It’s gonna drop down to 25-35$ just be patient

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Even better, because you can't accidentally run Windows 10 on it and get keylogged by the friendly Microsoft telemetry.

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I guess I spoke too soon.


You can only get command-line tools for ARM CPUs. Hope that works for you...

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If i wish, then my own monero are traceable.

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If any of you store your XMR on a 3’rd party site, enjoy losing everything.

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back the truck up on monero
best /biz/ thread of 2018

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Crap, I've somehow posted the non-https version of the URL...


Someone tell the Monero folks this is a thing with their site...

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way too much paranoia

lol at expecting normies to do all this

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brainlet here: what about the regular monero forks. do I have to do something with the coins when there is a fork?

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what's your projected XMR price by 2025? I'm thinking somewhere between 3-5k

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3-5 million USD minimum

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3-5k seems realistic

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If / when you need to spend it, you'll have to download the latest wallet software from https://getmonero.org and restore the secret seed words on it. Make sure it's a clean computer with no malware (and no Windows OS).

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why is Monero more stealable than other crypto?

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Not sure if it's possible to do something like what Electrum does for BTC - have an offline machine which is only used for signing transactions. Maybe it's possible with the command-line tools... It's worth investigating.

But with switching from RingCT to Bulletproofs, I'm not sure that the older wallet on the offline PC will handle the new transaction formats, hence what I suggested above.

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Isn't it the same with any crypto? That said, with Monero you can't find which address stole your coins.

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Correct, I can get super-paranoid at times. I don't even practice all that I preach.

For normies, something like the Cobo Vault would be awesome, if it worked -- the reviews on youtube show that scanning QR codes from the device seems broken at this point.

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Yes I have experience. Make sure you buy from someone with high reputation. Be very careful, don't go for the cheapest deal, go for the one with the most reputation and you should be good. Meeting someone in person is the best, if you've bought drugs before its similar.

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I believe everyone should have at least 10.

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nah man, come up with your own random private key on paper, then use pen and pencil math to convert that to a public address, then send Monero to that address without ever even installing a wallet or connecting that address to the internet

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at 50$ I will follow you by buying 200 of them

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everyone who didnt even have 1:1,000,000 of the total monero supply shouldnt be in crypto after all.

the biggest usecas for crypto still is the black market, XMR is everything you need.

dont be that dumb.

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But I thought the best of the easy ways to get a random seed is on a Linux machine running haveged.

Maybe with a dice? It would only take a few years to do the elliptic curve math by hand.

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Don't get pajeet'd
There are no regular monero forks

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>total monero supply
there is not such thing, from 2022 on 0.3 new xmr per minute get minted.

too inflationary, not a great cold for hodling, doesnt work as a store of value

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>There are no regular monero forks
are you literally retarded? it hard forks every 6 months to change algo. fucks sakes...

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I think so right? I mean estimating by 2025 there will be around 18-20M in circulation that's 70-100Bn Mcap - basically where BTC is now. I think it's realistic because fungibility will always have value.

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G-guys.... The asians know something.

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Where’d you get that graph?

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nice web ty

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>Thinking deflationary assets are a good thing
Found the guy who doesn't understand economics

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Would this be a good time to convert eth to xmr for long term holding?

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It's always a good time, but I'd hold in something stable until it dumps further (it will)

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Theres a coldstorage key generator on mymonero, i stored it for a year and restored it....it's legit

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Why monero and not zcash?

>> No.11831017

Privacy by default
Zcash devs are willing to sell you out if they deem it fit
Proven track record instead of unaudited, theoretical technology that may or may not be implemented properly.

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>less dependent
>btc crashed -80% and dragged alts to crash -97%
kys brainlet

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>obligatory 10% dev fee
>optional privacy
>possible backdoors
>smaller community

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Why zcash and not ZEN?

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> ZCash has massive inflation. 16 Million coins still to be minted. Monero has 1.5 Million to mint then tail emission

> Only coin in the top 200 that is down from its value in 2016. Down a lot at this point from 2016 levels

> Worth $350 a year ago.

> Despite the fact that it's on Gemini, has a Zcash Investment Trust you can buy, it still continues to lose value.

> Centralized Trust Privacy

> Thus, not used in any DarkNetMarkets

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Any of you following Grin (mimblewimble)?

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What is Monero's strategy to deal with pic related?

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its deflationary long term, as a constant rate of money supply creation invariably leads to a percent decrease of money creation over time.

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Fucking wish I could do it.

>> No.11832086

>too inflationary, not a great cold for hodling, doesnt work as a store of value
~1% (and decreasing) inflation is not really a big deal at all once tail emission hits. Keeps miners mining without worrying about bitcoin's future "fee market" that has to somehow organically develop. To say that it doesn't work as a store of value because it isn't deflationary is retarded when you have to account for the number of Monero that will be lost accidentally or otherwise.
>it hard forks every 6 months to change algo
That's obviously not what he was trying to point out to the newfag that asked.

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so was btc
also the last time btc had any real use

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How did Swiss bank accounts deal with the association of money laundering, drug dealing, nazis, crimnals, dictators, etc?

That image actually helped them because people knew their money was safe if fucking criminals, nazis and dictators found safe havens in these banks.

>> No.11832129

The strategy is to not cave to the ridiculous idea that valuing your privacy automatically associates you with lowlife criminals. So far they've done a pretty good job of that. Also, as long as it remains trivial for anyone with enough time and resources to see exactly how much Bitcoin any one wallet contains then Monero will find supporters.

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this. anyone who has real money did something fucked up, shady, immoral, or out right illegal to get it. welcome to game npc's

see pinkdate as an example of the future

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I use BTC to feed my face pizza and buy Jordans bruhh.


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Problem is storing it.

>> No.11832423

What inflation faggot? It has a limited supply, same as Bitcoin.

>> No.11832445

This stupid FUD on Zcash really makes you think...

>> No.11832462

What do you mean?
He's talking about how much more Zcash there is still to mint until you hit 21 mil. Technically that's not a problem with the technology but it makes Zcash a shitty investment.

>> No.11832868

It's not FUD if it's true.

>> No.11832996

>too inflationary, not a great cold for hodling
lol if you think any of these coins will be around long enough for inflation to ever affect them. there is always going to be something better around the corner. quantum computing will come in a couple decades and make all the current coins obsolete.

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Just like they said we would be living on the Moon and have flying cars by 2020 in 1969

>> No.11833097

except there are already people with working quantum computers. they're just not cheap enough. no one can live on the moon no matter how much money they want to spend.

>> No.11833159

If you can live on a spacestation you can by logic live on the moon.

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nah man, this is the right thing to do

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Should I sell my xmr stack now for ethmto buy in later?

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I like Monero but there's no guarantees, fluffy pony is a faggot can't trust him.

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I mean there’s no simple way to store for brianlets. I downloaded the GUI but then have to keep it updated. I use mymonero web wallet but that’s not the safest place. Trezor support haven’t looked at yet maybe that’ll be the way to go. With bitcoin and Erc20s using trezor/myether is simple. It’s going to be tonight to put $5000 into monero and then use cake wallet kek

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If it's just a matter of storing it then you really just need to set up your wallet once on a PC. No need to update it if you aren't looking to move it somewhere technically. Ledger is supported, not sure about Trezor. I wouldn't use the webwallets or mobile wallets personally, though it sounds like they're legit. All in all I think it's a small price to pay to just set up the GUI once so you can be in charge of your own Monero.
>quantum computing will come in a couple decades
People have been saying this for decades.

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wait for the real capitulation and despair to kick in to start accumulating that $10 xmr

>> No.11835932

I wish. And I may get to see it at this rate.

>> No.11835963

Why do that when you can buy IPSX instead?

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No, thanks.

>> No.11836090

does nobody use morptoken here? i used to do shapeshift, but they require logins now

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You literally just need to store the recovery seed words.

Install the latest GUI wallet and recover when spending.

>> No.11836529

Mnemonic seed. Print it out. Put it in your save.

>> No.11836562

There's literally no problem with the token distribution.

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>no problem with the team hodling 20% of total supply

>> No.11836697

my only issue with monero is that there needs to be a clean and easy(secure) way to use my phone to send monero to someone else for payment.
Think How would a drug dealer or prostitute use monero to transfer payments

>> No.11836724

>drug dealer or prostitute
99.9% of its volume would/will come from tax evasion where millions upon millions are being washed at a time. who gives a fuck about your 20$ backstreet blowjob

>> No.11836748

Btc is the only coin that MIGHT survive. Everything else is 100% pnd crap. Don’t fall for it

>> No.11836760

>mentions drug deals and prostitution
>only picks out prostitution part
>assuming all prostitutes earn $20 bux
>dont think about escorts

listen im fairly certain monero or zcash will be the elite choose of stashing cash once the system collapse.
It basically cayman islands in the clouds
but you'd still need a way to transfer it from person to person without needing a degree in comp sci.( yes im being hyperbolic because i know youre all fucking austists)

>> No.11836819

doubt it, because we all know USD is the only currency around right.
btw CHF is a better currency than USD

>> No.11836834


XRP shits on BTC all day.

>> No.11836858

you forgot your shitcoin is worthless if you can only buy cp in the darknet, see adaption.
This shitcoin will down like the rest, if it wasn‘t it would be at 1k already now.

>> No.11836861

>listen im fairly certain monero or zcash will be the elite choose of stashing cash once the system collapse.
>It basically cayman islands in the clouds
that's my point: those volumes are larger than random shady activities by several magnitudes.
>but you'd still need a way to transfer it from person to person without needing a degree in comp sci.
devs can do what this pajeet scam (don't fall for it, they are going to steal your fucking XMR if you do) claims to: implement mimblewimble and shrink down blockchain significantly
i'm fairly certain those issues you mention will be fixed in the next decade, improving the existing blockchain

link to the currytoken announcement

>> No.11836866

will you eat your dick if it does?

>> No.11836873

Yo Brad could you drop it to 9584 sats. Swing trading here and currently getting burned.

>> No.11836877

people will use it to save their assets when governments turn full-on dictatorship in the coming collapse and seize virtually everything
the cp meme exposes you as a shill. it's so outlandish, small in comparison and typically aimed at NPCs it's ridiculous

>> No.11836901

Holy shit are you actually Brad? Thanks man I appreciate it.

>> No.11836913

the npcs are you guys who ridicule me since I told you to sell your tardcoin at 20k.
Not shilling, I wish you were right, but you aren‘t. Where is monero now? I last time I watched it was around 350 if I remember correctly.
You are basically retarded to me, if the muh collapse comes you will not even have access to the internet, If you had it would be controlled by ebbil gubberment if it even exists by then.
Think about it. Good thing is conspiritards will lose all their money while calling me
a shill and rant about the voice of reason from guys like me,

>> No.11836937

>much inflation
You are worried about 1% inflation when the typical price of a crypto currency changes 1-15% per day?

>> No.11836943

jesus christ are you stupid, ahahaha
>if the muh collapse comes you will not even have access to the internet

>> No.11836947

this. I mean even boomers realized this is a meme and dump on biz lmao

>> No.11836951

How do you make it cold though? Delete the GUI after?

>> No.11836963

you monkey. imagine an EMP.
Imagine all data running through gubbernment cables, imagine Intel Backdoor.
Even boomers are more clever than you autists, see you dream burn to ashes.
And I looked it up, monero at 66 usd.
You lost a lot already, cut your losses or stay delusional.

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I cant tell if shilling or fudding

>> No.11837021

there are different type of collapses retard
in the event of a nuclear strike emp or otherwise the last thing you'd care about is money anyway.
The best protection is diversification of assets, guns,food,ammo,crypto etc

>> No.11837025


What’s to roast? Im price averaging on this and btc until the end of time

>> No.11837037

write down or print the seeds and keys and address
send monero to address

delete everything

put multiple copies of the printed info in safe PLACES

>> No.11837056

>it shuld collapse butt only a likke bit
So you need a specific variable to make your setup fit?
You know what that reminds me of:
>we only have to count out blacks and our crime statistics aren't that bad.
How do I know you are american?
I will give you another hint.
If there is a half-collapse rich fucks will buy gold, real estate and land and I hate goldbugs.
If they can't even pay with their money you have setup B which doesn't fit your variables.
How does it feel to see your shitcoin value decline while the only thing that's left is confirmation bias and attacking muh shills on biz.
You will remember me with every drop down to 25. And it will hurt even more because you know I was right all along.

>> No.11837065

>seething, also coping
truth always hurts anon, look at the BTC chart.

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>Buying a coin with infinite supply

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>public ledger
>he thinks privacy is crap

Never gonna make it.

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>> No.11837103

So all I need to store this and lock it up for 2-3 years is the 24-word phrase, correct? Can someone confirm?

>> No.11837108

and the wallet password

>> No.11837133

I don’t think you need the password. I remember that specifically. The password is simply for the UI, but the 24-phrase key is what matters.

>> No.11837161

BTFO you fucking mutt, now witness your own misery in slo-mo on coinmarketcap like you did the last year you fucking delusional murritard boomer, you deserve everything that's coming your way.

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>imagine being this retarded

>> No.11837342

Yes, this is correct. All you need to store monero is the mnemonic seed on a piece of paper.

>> No.11837682

>imagine not having sold at 20k


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top kek

who do you think holds 90% of the monero supply?

fatfuckpony and his faggot friends are making bank off you dumb fucks

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>> No.11838581

imagine being that delusional

>> No.11838615

Wow, you got me... he totally didn't mine any before anyone else. True.

>> No.11838623
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look at this pony

i would trust him my wife and life

>> No.11838648

Never trust an African

>> No.11838800

>if you've bought drugs before its similar.
What a surprise.

>> No.11838862

Explain at least the optional privacy issue then.

>> No.11839244

Well that's not what you said, fucktard

>> No.11839703

>who do you think holds 90% of the monero supply?
Who do you think controls 90% of any crypto? Many of them have lopsided richlists. At least with Monero nobody truly knows what anyone else has, just as it was meant to be.

Honestly, Monero is un-FUDdable. There's a reason why anyone with a clue in this game recognizes it for being what crypto was meant to be at its most basic level. I have read some credible criticism of Monero in the past but never once have I read credible criticism of Monero on /biz/. Most people here are too stupid to understand Monero.

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