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Some Actual Real Apologies are Due Anons. Press A to Apologise.

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>I apologize for shilling a total shittoken that was once over $4 and is now worth only $0.60, literally one of the most JUST'd pieces of shit in crypot down 85% and DIDN'T EVEN EXIST during the actual bull run so would probably be down 99.9999% if it did.

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Your stale pasta is so tiresome

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>Whales see market going down
>Seek capitulated shitcoin to move gains
>Shitcoin fanboys make posts
>"This is real organic love for our project! Trust us!"

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>Calls unique text pasta
>Only one shilling his own garbage thread
>Can't refute the fact that his shittoken is underperforming literally the entire market because it never even had a proper bull run to begin with and still shit itself horribly
0xBTC holders are the saddest of them all, aren't they?

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Stay poor Pajeets, hahahahahahahaha
>Up more than 40% since last post

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