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I'm going to invest in Link because of you but i have one question.
That applies for other projects as well.
When the technology will be widely adopted, how a token will hold its value?


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Did you by any fucking chance read what you wrote?
>when cars are widely adopted how will cars hold their value?
You sir might be one of the dumbest people on this board, please dont buy link go buy ripple or FUN fucking idiot

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Retard, businesses will pay for LINK to use the node network. Not difficult. The higher the demand for LINK, the higher the cost. More LINK will need to be created. More nodes need to be created. More LINK businesses will need to purchase.

But you're right. LINK is the only viable use-case in all of crypto. All other coins are trash.

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>how a token hold it’s value

Supply and demand. Economics 101

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companies need to buy the token to run shit through chainlink nodes, the value of LINK is directly correlated to what's running through it's nodes

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Just buy based ripple! Bitcoin is literally dumping right NOW into the ripple!


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None of the existing tokens will have any value, because the token is unnecessary for any company using blockchain technology.

The argument seems to be made that the value in blockchain is the distributed record, but no company worth a shit wants their transactions as public record.

So they if they use blockchain, they will simply use it on their own servers, eliminating the need for both outside verification and the token.

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lol brainlet. Understand what a smart contract is before spouting off that retardation again

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Nigga do you even know what hyperledger fabric is?

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But when it comes to tokens we can agree that in the end all your tokens will have only the power to be spent on the platform that made them.
How will you spend a link token? nothing usefull for most people. When the technology is adopted you will subscribe to LINK company to use their tech. A token has a value only because you can buy sell them, like trading pokemon cards. But when the technology is in place you won't need to gamble. They can even start a new one rawarding miner but not even bother letting you buy or sell them.

Just wondering

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Just back away and go play kiddo, if you haven't figured it out by now you're not going to get spoonfed here.