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WTF????!!!!!!! THEY KNOW!!!!!!???????


>Some crypto memes are too arcane to explain. Quite why posters on 4chan’s /biz/ messageboard have fixated on the CEO of oracle project Chainlink doesn’t matter. Nor does it matter why they’re hoarding LINK in anticipation of an event dubbed The Singularity that’s supposedly going to make them stupidly rich. All that matters is poor Sergey Nazarov has been memed mercilessly, albeit for all the right reasons – namely humor and awareness by his devoted band of Link Marines.

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just sold 100k

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>m...muh secret club

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Sergay is now mainstream

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fuck this Im out

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Welcome to the next checkpoint

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Shut it down

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> ..they’re hoarding LINK in anticipation of an event dubbed The Singularity that’s supposedly going to make them stupidly rich.

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you do realize no new money is gonna touch link now?

it's even worth now than being considered a scam by the reddit crowd

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also thank you kek for the green

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It's real.

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Oh shit

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The influx of r*dditors is purely the result of link exposure recently.

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its because biz is the funniest crypto board on the internet

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Flush it down

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>SWIFT executive 1: "Here we have the final solution to the oracle problem, that will save our banks billions of dollars a year in operating costs."
>Googles it
>"Oh no, it appears that some autistic nazis on an obscure cambodian panty sniffing forum have photoshopped the CEO to look fatter than he actually is, here he is walking through a city like godzilla"
>SWIFT executive 2: "Also it says here on urbandictionary that it's a gay sex act involving a group of men forming a chain by bumming each other in a ring formation"
>SWIFT executive 1: "Well that's a shame, looks like we're just going to have to go without."

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These normalfags are actually posting about 4channel not 4chan. 4chan is an old myth to be quite honest supposedly there was this place called "/b/" but that doesn't exist according to reddit er I mean 4channel

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>walking through a city like godzilla
lost it here

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wtf, I love ABC now

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I wonder how many paid shills they have posting here.

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Only newfags reply to pasta, mostly nulinkers

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So we are going @$3 ?
After the beare trap ofc.

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Hail Satan, under-rated post

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God, I hate ver and his shitty propaganda site.

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It's the shittiest most forced shit that this imageboard has ever seen.

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How could they possibly know? You faggots kept chainlink under such tight wraps

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>normies turned off by esoteric memes
>F500 companies don't care because it saves them billions
>/biz/raelis able to accumulate cheaply
>singularity hits and /biz/ gets rich while normies seethe while holding shitcoins
I'm fine with this

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Keked, now check'em

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God Roger Ver is an insufferable cunt.

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I am a paid shill but I will be truthful with you because I like you. you should sell. its a scam.

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