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I'm a drunk anon but not the drunk anon. AMA

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what u drinkin

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Are or had you invested in chainlink?

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where you drinkin?

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yes I have 20k in the stink

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was bar hopping today. Also hit a comfy winery. Now Sipping on jd

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They say your drunk self is your most honest self. What is your honest opinion on link?

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Drop us some breadcrumbs

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Do you drink alone or bar hop?

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did you know that sergey and his team is in basel on December 12? Thats all ill say.

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I'm conservatively bullish. I plan on selling 5% at $20, and another 5% for every $5 increase in price until I hit 6k stinks remaining. At that point I will stake 5 and hold 1 for the 1keoy meme

I'm pretty sure there is a serious connection between link and DGC. Look into who is on the board there and their relationship to Sergey. I dropped this crumb many times but it was largely ignored.

See >>11797105

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You are not the real drunkanon. He never says stinks. GTFO

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you got a chainlink discord link?

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Sergey here, next week I will move all the BTC from the Satoshi wallet to binance.
I will start market buying link.
Once everybody realizes what's going on it will create fomo.

Link $1000 eoy is FUD

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He didn't claim to be THE drunk anon you dumb cumshit

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This >>11797498 did you even read the OP?

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Got me. My bad homies. My natural instincts was to protect biz against imposters. I failed you guys

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No problem fren, I'm not trying to dupe anybody

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Watch the documentary Rain In My Heart, you will never touch another drop