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Post your rare wojaks

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>have rarest wojak
>if I post it, it will stop being rare
>if I don't post it, nobody will know how rare it is
what do

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Put a watermark on it

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>saw it
>saved it
>thread 404ed five minutes after
pretty sure that this is the second time ever of this image getting posted

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I despise high res wojaks

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back to * e d d i t with that nujack

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Post it. Dont be a pussy

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>I hate a superior template for a classic meme because other anons told me to

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but wojak was funny **because** he was badly drawn, it was if the poster could have produced it themselves through sheer rage and an ms paint window

nujak is just emulating wojak and misses the point entirely

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Wojak is popular because he's expressive, but because he's "easy to draw".
Have you ever looked into an " Attempt to draw Wojak" thread? 99% of posts are usually generic emotionless stick figures that fail to capture the emotional soul of him.
Wojak has a simple design, but that doesn't make him easy to draw.

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can i /thread this guys?

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>this wojak
haha no

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Dead wrong. Wojak is appealing because of it's accessibility. It's low quality is endearing because the lowest common denominator can produce with the most rudimentary painting software. It represents a democratization of memery, if you will. Soijak, on the other hand, represents excessive design, and the utilization of centralized and trained design techniques. Anyone can draw a wojak, only Reddit faggots can draw a soijak after hours of consternation.

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You're underestimating how much it takes to create a good wojak.
Look at pic related - the eyes, the mouth and even the eyebrows all show the signs of a dedicated artists who knows how to display emotions and feelings.
No amateur could have created this obvious imagery of concern and shock.
Anyone can draw a wojak, but only few can draw one worthy of being saved and posted - the same goes for nu-wojaks.

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It's called nujaks thank you very much

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I'm going to wait for it to appreciate a bit more. It's too early.

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It’s just so fucking bad
Fucking hate these n*jaks

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>remember retro wojak?
>now THAT was a good meme!

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So soulless
This one especially because it takes away the unique shape of the face. It is not the same as classic wojak.
This nu shit tries to apply the same basic template to everything, half of them are simple recolors and the other half just draw on a little detail. Like this one.
I have never, ever seen a n*jak that was as creative as these >>11781907 because no one who uses them is actually creative. They’re a product of a rigid art school mentality where it all needs to be perfect. And in that it loses the emotional connection with the viewer.
The most NPC meme this board ever shat out

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Rare South Sea bubble edition. Please no copy.

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>creativity requires incompetence
grow up

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>the same thing with one small change is creative

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>changing the entire face isn't creative enough

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There you go, a little bit of effort in that one
The problem with n*jak is it doesn’t capture a complex emotion in one image. The entie purpose of memes is to do that
See >>11783118
Is this supposed to be sad? Is it angry? It’s just so flaccid
Compared to >>11783083 intense anger and frustration, hopelessness, summed up in one neat package

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which one u guys want

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Nujak is SUPPOSED to feel sterile and weird. He was never meant to replace wojak.

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Don't listen to the haters. I enjoyed that nujack.

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>>11783083 has one emotion - anger. There's nothing complex about it. It's "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA", nothing more.
Pic related is complex. The entire face of it depicts multiple emotions - personally, I interprete them as mild shock, resignation, disgust and sadness.
Most retrojacks are dedicated to one single emotion/concepts, while nuwojaks actually enhance the format and fill it with artistic value.
Wrong. If you knew anything about meme history, you'd know that nu-wojak was an entirely sincere creation by a semi-popular artist.
He got spammed because he enraged NPCs, but his existence is not ironic
based, finally someone else who understand the deeper meaning of nu-wojak.

I'll go to bed now, so don't bother replying to me. Just keep in mind that 4chan in built on change - that's why the bump limit exists and threads get archived after leaving the catalogue. Insisting that one specific meme keeps its current form runs contrary to that idea and shows a deep misunderstanding of 4chan culture and it's roots.

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This. It became popular because of how obnoxious it is. The absolute shitfest /biz/ became after nujack was birthed was funny.

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a personal favourite

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certainly difficult to draw but the lines make it look as *if* they could have produced it themselves, because shit linework is relateable.

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The original is more emotive.

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Super rare.

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Not rare but my fav

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Anyone have the one of the gun pointed at the screaming pink baby wojak?

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nvm found it

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can you give me that other rare francis bacon?
i had some other good ones I made, but alas

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>mfw this is the stupid faggot who created soijack and can't stop being asshurt that no one likes it

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Quality Wojacks will add some to the Twitter.

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not rare by my all time favorite

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how the fuck is it pronounced, woah jack or voyak?

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heres my rarest one

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i believe it's pronounced "hes-aq"

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Here's a rare one since its going to 0

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holy fuck im dying lol

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/biz/'s final form

he's so JUST'd he's even pissing himself, it's perfect

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Kudos to the anon that actually did this irl

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Thanks. Have another image.

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how embarrassing

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Better than dressing up as some Naruto character.

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indeed, better to look like a virgin than a faggot

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I guess you just don't know those feels

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may i take your order s-sir?

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Not a rare wojack, but I don't see this one posted much here anymore, which is a shame

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Shit, that guy looks a hell of a lot like wojak.

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reminds me of funky town

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Nah, I just like innovation.

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>No forehead wrinkles

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pretty proud of this one

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I will always love this one. The faceless void of hopelessness and frustration. You KNOW you're right about your particular coin, but nobody can see it. You can FEEL it in your bones. Yet the price continues to drop. There's no adoption. Everyone's moved on. Crypto was a fad, and you were dumb money all along. The failure, then, is within, not without - but you can't accept that. You have to keep going. In a way, you grow even more dedicated to the cause. You start shilling your coin on /biz/ and the price pumps. You know you had nothing to do with it - rationally speaking - but you feel satisfaction anyway. The coin pumps - then drops - and the blood seeps from your eyes again. The cycle continues. You didn't sell. Again. You failed. Again. It doesn't end. Though objectively only eleven months have passed, for you, they feel like an emotional eternity. Like every red candle is a dagger to your heart. Like every green one is salvation from your life. But you know. We all know. We all know that even if we make it - even if the money comes easy - that this world will be the same and you with it. Nothing will change the rotten shell within you, no matter how high the number in your bank balance gts. So what do you do? You go back to the void. Every day you lost money you felt alive. Like you were struggling for victory. And that felt good. No matter how tightly you clenched your fists the pain was outweighed by the satisfaction of being right in the end. But now you need a new struggle. Something to strive for. Something to grow into. But you spent so long in the depths you don't understand what making it feels like. That's what this wojak says to me.

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Look closely.

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>opinions opinions opinions opinions.

>more opinions more opinions more opinions
Thank you for your input, Mr. Important Internet Person.

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I med dis yesterday

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