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Just found out Craig wright is Australian

Short BTCSV and long BTCABC asap Australians are all literal retards no exceptions

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Ausfag checking in.

Can confirm we are all a bunch of useless shitcunts.

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>Lives in gigantic McMansion
Only if he's a Jew, otherwise he's homeless, lives in his mommy's basement or has to rent a flat because he can't afford to buy it.
>Can say whatever the fuck he wants
About anyone except: the Jew, the faggot, the transsexual, the black and the Arab
>Bombs the shit out of third world countries for the lulz
Lulz = Jews
>The world watches his movies, eats his food and uses his inventions
Movies = Jewish, nobody eats your crap GMO food, most American inventors were Jew.
>Make fun of other countries because they're irrelevant
After being told by the Jew that those countries are irrelevant
>Mere existence generates butthurt
Americans being ass-raped by the Jews are butthurt
>Can own as many guns as he please
Until the Jew confiscates them
>Created a world superpower in just two centuries
Again, the Jews not you mutts
>His President RT's anti muslim videos
To please the Jews
>Got his first car when he was 16
It was actually his pop's old wreck that wouldn't be permitted to circulate in civilized countries due to pollution norms.
>Blow it out of your ass
Has no foreskin because he was branded a Jew servant as birth

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Also buys XRP.

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Surprised jews are not responsible for him getting a car at 16

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Ausfag here can confirm pretty much the worst country in the world, purely for being absolutely shit tier despite having the wealth and the resources to do basically anything. But fuck it lets all buy big utes and watch dudes throw a ball around.

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>get shot

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His old man took a loan from a Jew banker to buy the car when it was new.

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assmad af

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Based and Jew-cucked. I am Russian.