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I'm not trolling or larping bros. I saw it in my dream last night. Lately I've been obsessed with crypto and call of duty zombies (yeah laugh if you want) and for some reason I was having a dream about a woman who had turned my father's childhood home into a Nazi Zombies map that we were walking around in. He was looking at all the pictures and old things he remembered from his childhood, and I pulled out my phone to check my blockfolio and saw two things, one was Bitcoin was worth $5200 and REQ was down 40%.

As soon as I woke up I checked my blockfolio (like normal) and I saw that BTC had dumped down to 5600...

What's going on here? How could that have happened? BTC has been bouncing off of 6k for a year and it's been stable at 6k for like a month, how could it have crashed the same night I have a dream about it? Is something going to happen to my dad? I'm scared...

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it's normal OP. just your inner psych telling you something is wrong through you sub conscious. i had the same dream when broke down from 100. Yet I did nothing.

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Same. I kept dreaming of all my shitcoins going red. I woke up and realized it was just a dream and went back to sleep. I should have checked blockfolio :(.