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Imagine your life after you make it.
What do you do every day? Where do you live? What do you aspire to?

Tell me your pipe dream, /biz/.

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i stop having dissociative episodes and thinking about killing myself all of every day. thats when i

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I sit in my mansion posting on 4chan while my lambo gathers dust in the garage.

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Pic related

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i stop having dissociative episodes and thinking about killing myself all of every day. thats when i have /made it/

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absolutely based

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I want a full professional studio so i can fly out artist to record.

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i stop having dissociative episodes and thinking about killing myself all of every day. thats when i've /made it/

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Im a gemcutter but i currently cut almost everyday for a big company. Would love to buy a house in the hills here in CA and just cut my own stones; go rockhounding and camping to fully appreciate the days I have left. Life is fleeting and wagekuking sucks.. Pretty much everyones story there. Would be so cool to mine all week and cut the gems i find..

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Probably take some time off to get my finances in order and search for ideal house/property then unironically keep working because my boss is near retirement and expects me to take over his business. Can't fuck over the wagies.

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dalan hargrave is one of the few gem cutters that i know, but that is such an awesome hobby. how did you get into that?

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Video games, 4chan, lifting, reading

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propably still just be in /biz/ with frens and go to gym at night. nothing will change. maybe a nice car and unlimited budget for electronics.

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10/10 would make it again

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Dalan is a great guy!! I was making jewelry and hated the prices of gemstones! Rocks are super expensive its crazy. Got more into gem cutting over the years and met a master diamond cutter in jewelry school. Im now apprenticing under him and haven't made jewelry since i left school

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This but in outerspace. Somehow. Or Alaska.

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shit condo your windows all condensated on the inside because there is no ventilation. obviously do not buy cheap condo.

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do you do fab work or wire wrapping? i'm guessing both? i love all of that shit. i'm not too aware of fab work besides christopher ser and sarah jane of paradigm jewelry. i definitely more wire work. i bought a piece from james steffen pretty recently. if i ever made it i'd buy one of the wall pieces he's been doing more of. good for you man, i'd love to see some of your work if you have any way of sharing.

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>storm rolls in
>entire house gets flooded

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I will build a film/recording studio in Omaha Nebraska and bring the entertainment industry to it's knees with superior creative, authentic content that is representative of real Americans instead of over-processed barely hidden idealism masquerading as escapism. Hollywood will be in ashes by this time and I will usher in a new golden film age homegrown in the American Midwest.

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i appreciate your idea and relate to the sentiment, but kek good luck changing a

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>wake up 6am to a view of the sun rising over the horizon from my penthouse apartment in the heart of the city
>change and head to my personal gym, lift to the sound of the wagies waking up and driving to work, down in the streets, the faintest cacophony of car horns and sirens complimenting each of my reps as I reminisce about how I, too, once was but a poor goy.
>I come back, take a shower, and watch the city skyline from my balcony as dawn gives way to day.
>A cool breeze blows by, soothing my nerves as I watch the embers on my cigar burn in tune with the ebb and flow of the air.
>Spend the next 15 min reading the news on my phone while I autistically pick apart the remainder of the cigar.
>Make breakfast and blow fat vape clouds in the kitchen. Bacon with a side of bacon today, like countless days past.
>Girlfriend wakes up. Asks me to stop blowing vape clouds in the house. 2nd girlfriend asks for a hit of my vape.
>Finish breakfast. I really outdid myself with the bacon today.
>Snort 200mg modafinil and finish the rest of my coffee
>Go to my personal office, right next to my server room. Notice that I do, indeed, own more computers than testicles. And I have one girlfriend for each testicle. Weird thoughts.
>Time to do some work
>browse 4chan
>listen to music
>respond to email from the guy who takes care of my private jet for me
>play with the Newton's cradle on my desk for an hour
>Time to do some work

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Hopefully make enough to create a passive income stream, buy land for a comfy house, and fund my creative endeavors. I just want a humble, healthy and sustainable lifestyle - as gay as that sounds

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i appreciate your idea and relate to the sentiment, but kek good luck at uprooting an entire culture

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Probably living somewhere relaxing, near a beach or coast, waking up whenever I want and creating stuff. Planning out trips.

I think I'll always work to some degree, or work on something. You can't really just sit there and be a vegetable until you die.

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Id move to Maine
Im so fucking tired of hurricanes and tornados and heat

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>I want to bring movie theaters back, Airbnb style. Then design multimillion dollar home theaters for people. Gain enough traction to cut Hollywood out of the new filmmaking golden age entirely
>Gain back the 40ish lbs I've lost since college and stop getting called little man or buddy by my clients and random cashiers
>Get a comfy house with a dope balcony
>enjoy a higher class of woman (nothing to do w looks)
>Help my parents retire immediately, even if I'll have to work another 10 years to make it again
>Smoke a blunt the size of my arm (havent touched it in years)
>pay God a million dollars to make sure that one thing never happened
>fund an MMA fight between Dan Radcliffe and the old guy from Breaking Bad

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I will do the same thing with comedy and weird shit

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27. Retired. 450k. USD and 10 BTC.

I relocated to BGC, Manila . From USA.

It's okay. Everyone thinks I'm a tourist or I work in an BPO.

Am I rich, no. Fuck, I just got an audit letter from the IRS.

But, being depressed, doing ketamine and mushrooms whenever and picking you up girls is nice, some really want to stay.

I go to Thailand next week. Krabi, then Chaing Mai then I'll try somewhere else.

I don't care anymore. Been thinking of suicide but I met a nice girl recently. She's so smart with Excel and datasets but can't cook anything, can't drive, can't swim, can't fly a plane...but she looks beautiful and she's fun to talk to as it's like my adventures matter to her.

I just want to ruin her life.

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Hopefully become one of the best sci-fi / fantasy authors of this generation. I will be completely anonymous.

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>move to 95% white based ethnostate

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Kek. All linkies to the hills! Post apocalyptic Linky commune

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Wtf are you me?

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I'll eat Matsusaka beef everyday. Matsusaka beef is the best beef in the world.

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I will lead a double life in an Eastern city, somewhere like Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo etc. I will have a family life, creating a new hapa-caste master race, enjoying the fruits of my initiative as I laugh about the west dying.

But I will also be running NK or CH based transhumanist labs, genetic engineering a future super species, that will be immune to all of natures weapons. All this with an awareness that one day the abominations will be at war with my future hapa insectoid descendents for the last civilized clay on earth.

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If I have enough to quit wagecucking, I'd move to Colombia and buy a place in Medellin. It's beautiful, the weather is perfect, people are friendly, has a low cost of living, and you can get a decked out penthouse apartment for under $300K. I'd spend my days living a /fit/ lifestyle, perfecting my Spanish, do lots of reading, browsing /biz/, and try to live as stress-free of a life as possible. The only thing I'd really splurge on would be going to big European soccer games and getting some bespoke suits and shoes

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>2 AM
>hears a knock on the door

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doesn't matter.
it wont happen.
we wont make it.

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Push hard into an academic career in Philosophy/Logic without the pressure to get tenure for money.

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Please tell me my plans will work out because I literally am working towards nothing and betting on crypto (95% LINK, 10k of them).

Literal 20yo zoomer, have high school gf since age 15, both want start having kids in 2-3 years and then preferably 5 kids. Modest home, chill life, just enjoying raising babies and wanna unironically get into gardening. Am I retarded and will I snap?

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Thanks dude much appreciated! Those wall pieces are super sick. Stopped making jewelry just gems now. Instagram - FafoutisFacets

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A nice penthouse high rise at the top - looking down at night with the city lights and calm atmosphere while I can briefly see my reflection - a warm and cozy space from said balcony window to a huge and vibrant TV that has any video game I desire - or some background noise - and the best part - being alone. I get drained from everyone - even family. Maybe a pupper - if my cat isn’t there ( stays with family ).

Anything I desire in my mind to pursue - I have that ability. Any idea I want to fund, create, test, or look further into - I could and it wouldn’t make a dent in my wealth. Any worries gone. Meeting people isn’t a big thing for me so the chances of finding anyone would always make me second guess it’s only for my wealth and I’m being used - you can’t go back after seeing the red pill in front of you 24/7.

Funding ideas of space exploration and creating a company that designs and pursues planetary exploration wth technology advanced enough to both fly to mars in minutes rather than years and find means to take and mine resources from uninhabited planets/asteroids.

Had this idea at 15. Am 20 now, holding XRP. I doubt I’ll make it. I feel I’ll blow my brains out before I hit 30. But - whatever. I don’t even care about money - just want it lets me do.

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Sounds about right

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Besides employing people. Gonna get two junk sailboats, mount a small cannon on both boats, raise he'll then have a pirate battle till one boat sinks.

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Just play Assassins creed black flag

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this with more prostitutes and drugs

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your work is really awesome man. thanks for sharing! that heliodor you did for tendai is super tight, i just might need to buy that wrap hahaha

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>pay off house
>pay off rental propertys, get a couple more
>condo in Tokyo
>run a blog about latest info on robots / crypto
>have a gf/wife to bang every night
>travel around to historical sites im interested in
>run some web projects to help ppl save money and get ahead in life and not consume so much

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Can't beat, real time, real time physics.

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>play videogames in my mansion
>shitposting on nu/biz/ with my Lambo and timestamped whore asses

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I'd quit my job and sleep, relax and get fit. A modest house in regional Australia and a small private income

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I unironically made it. In 2014 I had $50k in credit card debt and today my net worth is 9 million dollars. I am currently in bed in my 1.5 million dollar mansion with my 2 cats. I am still a sperglord and can't talk to women without spaghetti flying all over the place. The only time I go out is to eat. Today I had chinese buffet. I contemplate suicide at least once a week.

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So what made you invest in crypto in 2014?

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best answer here

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Especially not going to make it when chainlink no showed freight waves


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haha, well if you are your own boss in the end and like the work kudos.

I am just going to game all day in my bigass mansion and fly to Vegas over the weekends to snort coke of hookers asses and gamble

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>I contemplate suicide at least once a week.

Livestream a Rube Goldberg machine that ends with you getting guillotined

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When I make it, I will spend all my time learning how to draw "the right way" and become the best anime artist of all time, and draw amazing hentai and doujin

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why don't you do this now? seems like a cheap hobby.

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im not ganna make it, i bought in january lol

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>quit job
>buy a ton of land up north
>build modest cabin house
>adopt a bunch of stray dogs
>spend time taking care of dogs and pursuing hobbies
>avoid all contact with people, aside from trips to the grocery store.

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based elliot rodgers

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I draw now, but don't have time to commit to grinding fundamentals. I only have so much free time, so I spend it drawing what makes me happy, even if I'm bad at it
>but you could be drawing now
See, there is a thing called opportunity cost. If your whole day is spent at work and school, then when you get home, you likely just want to do the things that make you happy. Not work even more. Plus I'm drained of energy when I get home
>but you're just making excuses
Even so, I would have no excuse if I had all the free time in the world. I already can spend hours on a drawing now, so if I don't have work or school to drain me of energy, I already know that I would spend more time working on fundamentals instead of wasting all that free time playing video games or whatever like a lot of you probably think most people would

Well, there are a lot of things you can do with more free time. The world opens up to you. It's easy to romanticize "hard work" and start boomerposting with things like "PULL YERSELF UP BY YOUR BOOTSTRAPS AND START WORKING RIGHT NOW!"
But as you get older, you realize that's just idealism, and that people have this thing called time/energy that they need to "budget" so to speak. You can talk big all you want about how you'd be able to do it all even with work and school, but the reality is that you run out of energy by the end of the day and you just want to relax

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Home school my children. Write death metal, lofi chill, and horror ambience. Design and create passion project video games. Lift. Learn mma. Invest and grow my fortune so that i can leave my children better off than i was.

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your passion should be what you do to relax, it should come naturally. seems like it doesn't i suspect that even if you had all the free time in the world you'd still not put in the effort. sorry for the harsh reality pill. do better.

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I just want to have a comfy place to develop my video games.

Until then I have to work 2 jobs to make up for my 20k crypto losses, and use whatever spare time I have for developing the game.

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Me I want to have two properties. A small apartment in the centre of a high quality city and a parcel of land 2-3 hours away in the mountains.

Then I would alternate between them every 4-10 days, in the country I'd cook huge meals over wood fires, like whole animals. Grow veggies, hunt and butcher wild game, spend whole days baking, and I'd have a massive root cellar full of my own canned veggies and frozen meat.

In the city I'd have a stake in two or three small businesses and basically stop by each one for the day, take the managers out for lunch and talk numbers/strategy. And I'd probably take in some theatre or a gallery exhibit or an opera or whatever, maybe play a round of golf before heading back out of town.

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>i suspect that even if you had all the free time in the world you'd still not put in the effort
So, I put in the effort to do things I don't want to do, because I want to live. It drains me of energy. But you're telling me I wouldn't use that same energy to put effort into things I actually want to do?

It is very easy for you to dictate like that, but again, that's just naive idealism talking.
>your passion should be what you do to relax
That really depends on what your passion is. In fact, in most cases, following your passion will be effortful and stressful, but enjoyable. However, even if it's enjoyable, it will be impossible to do without energy.

You will understand when you experience more. Right now, you only have idealism. You need to fail more and encounter your own weaknesses. Then you will understand that everything I have said is nothing more than a rational analyzing of my own time and energy. You're just a kid. You can't give advice to me. Actually, I feel like I'm giving advice to someone who is too young to understand.

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>Wake up at 5:00am.
>Drink a fuckload of Kangen Water
>15 Minute workout
>Steam for 20 minutes
>Jump into a cold pool
>Walk outside of my mansion
>Acres of land surrounding us
>closest Neighbours live 10KM away
>Check my phone for updates of my Hydroponic / Aquaponics / Aeroponics greenhouses.
>Plants are growing well.
>30,000 Acres of land growing crops
>All automated by tractors using artificial intelligence
>Entire facility automated by robots.
>Warehouses and Production plants sits on 50 acres.
>Private jet coming in 3 hours
>Begin writing while the sun shines through the windows
>Write movie scripts and create crazy ideas
>Pay someone to do the execution.
>Jet is almost here.
>Grab my hoodie and a pair of jeans and boots on my feet.
>Grab my bag
>Go outside to my garage and grab the keys for the S63 AMG Coupe
>Drive to the hangar
>Fly to Vancouver
>Say hello to the pilots and the 3 stewardess
>Gets on the jet
>3 Stewardess offers me champagne
>Then begin to unbutton their blouses and little skirts revealing the fishnet pantyhose underneath.
>Stewardess begins to blow me while i look out of the window 30,000ft in the air
>fuck all of the stewardess.
>Make each of them cum.
>Land in Vancouver.
>Clean myself up and grab my clothing.
>Take two bottles of Hennessy from the jet. Tell them charge it to my card.
>Tell them thank you for the good time.
>Get inside of a uber black.
>Go to the mainland and chill with some homies
>Penthouse mainland overlooking the ocean
>Say whats up to my friends and drink a shot to our riches and prosperity.
>Call some bitches
>Chill out while many women surround us.
>Give them no attention.
>Play some music
>Do some coke.
>Do some acid.
>Talk about life and what we can imagine
>Talk about our dreams and aspirations and our plan to help others.
>Fuck some women later
>Get their numbers.
>Go to sleep.
>Wake up
>Takes friends keys
>Goes for a drive
>Hit up casino.
>Play poker tournament.
>Buy Holochain

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I will travel the country impregnating white women with my Aryan seed and never calling them again

>> No.11736739

I see you stones. Alpha neet here

>> No.11736768

Bachelor pad in the city for the weekends and a comfy lodge in the mountains for relaxing during the week. A nice German SUV to cart me between both places. I'm a simple man.

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Can't wait for an upgrade senpai

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I have $51k in credit card debt right now. Sounds like I'm on the right track, boyos!

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I heard the Philippines has bad crime problems. I don't want to go anywhere unsafe if I make it.

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This sounds cash.

Needs a few warehouses growing psilocybin mushrooms on the property too.

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>mfw this

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Apollo Pictures, Detroit

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I want a house somewhere in Yorkshire with a border collie.

Sitting on 200k LINK hoping it plays out. Otherwise gonna just KMS. (Currently wagecucking in NYC)

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Ever thought of dropping some cash into Sirius Minerals? Buliding a Potash mine near Whitby. Good luck

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>wake up before dawn like usual for the past year
>french press coffee & bongtoxe
>change into shorts, shoes, shirt, shades & shit else
>power walk
>power walk through & among the throngs of wagies hurrying to work
>look directly through them from behind polarized lenses
>drink it in
>run wherever
>run forever
>run until exhausted
>summon a livery car upon flagging
>just ride to somewhere else
>eat a balanced breakfast on the way
>lurk & shitpost on /biz/
>do whatever

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prob waste it all on girl clothes and making myself a tranny and just fucking discord incel traps.

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Based. Colombian girls are fine af, every one of them I met wanted this white dick

>> No.11737101

It's pretty much false. All the shit you hear is petty poor people.

Problem solved, don't go to poor places. You wouldn't go to Detroit, or Albania. Why go to Tondo or central Manila?

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>have high school gf since age 15, both want start having kids in 2-3 years and then preferably 5 kids


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Yo I'm a jewelry fabricator, lets collab on something unironically.

>> No.11737211

Yo I wire wrap and fabricate, do you make jewelry at all or just collect?

>> No.11737230

I have only 5k of link. All i need is like 200k and i don't need to work anymore and can focuse on my writing. I'm Russian, so 200k - victory for me.

>> No.11737740

This, but also spending more time with my siblings. Visit my out of state sisters every other month and be a cool uncle to their kids.

>> No.11737751

Good luck bro. Hope to get to SE Asia myself. Relative to Thailand, I've heard Phils is somewhat more sketchy and less appealing. Hope your mood picks up once you get to thailand. Chiang Mai, as everyone knos, is totally chill. Enjoy yourself.

>> No.11737786

Be honest, it's the colombian girls, right? I love them, too bad my spanish isn't perfect otherwise I'd get me one as a gf

>> No.11737846

i can taste it

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>> No.11737863

i pretty much Batman Begins my whole life, not so much fight crime but fly around our town with my fast cars and high tech toys

>> No.11737882

For those without families to cal their own; I call this the nuclear option. Travel the world impregnating girls. I've already started. I would be very surprised if I didn't have at least one by now.

>> No.11737913

why are millenial southasia expats such normalfags? it's like they all come out of the same factory: college educated, upper middle class, nihilists with meme depression, fascination with naming places and doing exotic drugs and being "in" like they're closeted faggots, topped by a tryhard attitude of not trying too hard, of being casually edgy
it's just weird how this carboncopy personality shows up again and again, but almost only in southasia expats. it's like 90s yuppies were transported through a timeportal that dropped them in Thailand

>> No.11737933

Escape this shithole country. I'm a burger
Move somewhere warm, maybe near a beach. Eat great food and relax. Read. Maybe write. Travel.

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>> No.11737956

big if true

>> No.11737972

there's no fundamentals of drawing lol just do it. It's a matter of training your hand-eye coordination, the same as playing tennis or guitar

15minutes per day is sufficient

>> No.11738043

Mainly is the weather (literally 65-78° every day) and the low cost of living, but the beautiful women definitely doesn't hurt. I have a qt3.14 gf now, but if shit went south, I'd 100% get a Colombian trophy wife. Medellín is known for having the best looking girls in Colombia and they put a real effort into going to the gym, dressing up nice and fashionable, and very much believe in traditional gender roles. So you don't have to worry about running into too many blue pilled feminists.

Additionally, Medellin is the only city I've been to where you regularly see guys punching WAY above their league. It's not uncommon to see an average guy by all accounts be dating a girl who's an 8/9. The key is to have confidence. If you see an attractive woman out in public, introduce yourself, say that they caught your eye and invite them out for drinks/dinner with some friends sometime. Paisa women love that kind of confidence and directness in a man. If you're able to do that, you're golden.

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The reals gains were the frens we made along the way

>> No.11738348

Do you unironically not hold any Link? how stupid are you?

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I browse /biz/ and go skiing erryday when possible

>> No.11739683

You need to gind a cause to devote yourself to.

>> No.11739741

who the fuck would wanna become some gays cartoon frogs bed

this is stupid

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This is the most accurate.

>> No.11740628

Sounds nice

>> No.11740662

why do you need a mansion to play video games.

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>House just outside of a major city in a nice neighborhood
>Cabin just far enough away from the ski resort
>A nice car for weekend trips
>Spend all my time learning new things like mountaineering, paragliding, hang gliding, dancing, gardening, fishing, cooking, diving....
>Spend some time creating a online business
>Getting lost in SEA, South America, Africa for months every once in a while
>Having a GF where both complement each others traits and personalities

I guess most of this stuff is possible without being rich, but if I were rich I could do all of this without constantly thinking of the money I could have made working.

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You lost me at the making stewardesses cum part otherwise solid