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And... Another one.

Literally hundreds.

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no nig november is coming along swimmingly

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>$link marine approved. #chainlink will unite us all:D

cringe and bluepilled

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What is Kambio?

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More like red and basepilled xD

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Partnerships mean nothing. Have they ever meant anything to any coin that's partnered with a company?


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Is one of these mongoloids assblaster?

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Delete this thread

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Spotted the NPC

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>projects saying they will utilize link means nothing
>there is no relation between the amount of projects utilizing link and the actual adoption of link

Imagine being this retarded

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Literal who? These no name companies that aren't worth a shit are just gonna start name dropping link to pump themselves up and get attention for themselves

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what part of lets fud so we can buy it for cheaper and accumulate for cheaper dont you understand?
are you mentally retartedly handicapably financially challenged?
fucking delet this!

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Spotted the plebbitor.

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Did you miss last year when ETH went on a bullrun to $1000 spurred exactly by these “no name”, “literal who” projects launching ICOs???
This is exactly what will happen with LINK.
If Link peaks at the mcap ETH had at the peak of the ICO boom, 1 LINK would be worth around $300. That is my target.

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Partnerships etc. are great, but the LINK token is useless.

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Bro, no company will risk their bank account by using coins that are susceptible to pumps and dumps.
Basic economics. They may adopt the tech but holding link now means nothing for the future. It's all speculation ya dingus.

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>Have they ever meant anything to any coin that's partnered with a company?
Well ETH blasted off to number 2 on CMC solely by shitting out a ton of shitcoins.
And now those shitcoins are turning to Chainlink to actually be able to do something.

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would be nice anyway, but link also has docusign and zeppelin.os and shit.

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lad in the ralphy shirt looks like the type that would lurk here whilst on the shitter at work

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It's the lifeblood of the peer-to-peer decentralized oracle network.

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what a fag

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You are right, any reasonable company will accumulate a few years worth to avoid price swings.

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Agreed OP is a raging faggot for sure

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This girl is currently in the official telegram looking for an admin




Make no mistake fellas Prague was the tipping point.

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This. People actually giving it the attention it deserves. /biz/ is over a year ahead of the curve. Embarrassing for anyone in the space that overlooked smartcontract.com

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>Embarrassing for anyone in the space that overlooked smartcontract.com

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Lmao you are retarded.

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>$link marine approved. #chainlink will unite us all:D

That faggot is on the official telegram channel acting like a hollow-headed human toliet

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>the blonde one

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Dude on the far right for sure.

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people buying in aren't solely from here anymore. Our secret has been unleashed, it's now in humanity's hands anon.

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DGB has had docusign for years

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When to sell? $1? Are you all worried about it crashing again like last January

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No, it's some garbage rip-off called digisign or whatever

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Comfy November

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yes very much, so much in fact, I'm preemptively selling my whole stack right now. You should do it, too.

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I'm exhausted of this shitlink mania. Can you guys shut the fuck up already? Every tiny fucking 5 cent movement, and this board turns into a moshpit of brainlet smacking their retarded heads together, trying to fuse two braincells into one. I'm fucking about done. Give it a god damn rest already

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I'm thinking half at $1 half at $2 if that happens, but now is not a bad time to sell. I'm tempted and have an entry of 23c, but surely it can get back up to what it was in november

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You can not be serious

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i mean in january 2018

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$2 may be fantastical but it's nice to dream you know

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$2 is insanely low

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what timeline is this? $20k EOY right?

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Wow my id is literally an indian name

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he's being facetious

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do you really want to go through another year of hell and regret should it crash again? Hopefully enough of /biz/ said never again and will actually cash out this time it hits $1 again.

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This. Whenever I check out pleb "Crypto pundits" like Crypto Bobby or even Richard Heart I have a smug feeling, feeling like in quite a superiority position. Although some of them even researched and talked about Chainlink, they dropped the thought and went straight into 3 other scam ICO whitepapers. Idiots, could've become the new elite, the new crypto OGs. The new early Bitcoiners.

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kek that would be so fucking retarded. Waiting a year only to break even. when link crashes again, it'll crash and stop higher than its current ath. I'm completely cereal anon. This is the beginning of link's eth-like run.

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Who is breaking even? $1 is a 4-5x for most people on /biz/, and over just a little more than a year that's pretty incredible. I guess go ahead and hold, I appreciate it, but there are enough redditors out there to hold the bags that /biz/ doesn't have to this time.

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what is this I don’t even

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>he didn't buy the top
lol anon nice joke, we all bought the top here, heh.

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Literally who project but I’m a fan of finrekt

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There’s some seriously iffy twitter link accounts. Not sure if they’re good or bad. This one account keeps posting caps of biz threads