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Hello Friends,

It's been a long while. Some of you accused me of being a LARP, some of you believed, and some of you paid heed.
Previous thread: >>/biz/thread/9706231


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Chainlink is a scam retard

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Realistic price in 2021?

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Will I make it with 10k LINK? Are you still planning on doing good deeds with your wealth?

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Could I please have 1000 link?


I don't have any link

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what will you do with 10 billion dollars

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Kill yourself you filthy beggar.

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Thanks for your time Mr.Whale, can you please tell us something we dont know? Also, any thoughts on mainnet?

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Pic related is what I bet you look like.

I can guarantee you are 30+ and looks something like this pic. Fuck outta here.

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Enjoy your holiday cunt

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I will avoid these sort of questions altogether.

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>Praise SERGEI!

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I will.

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In my earlier thread, I mentioned Q4 2018/ Q1 2019 at the earliest for main net in June of 2018, and that appears to be a definite possibility.

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Can I please have some LINK too? I'm poor but I see such a great future in this coin!

$20K EOY!!

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is the real bullrun the frens we made?

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Do you know what the big news coming this week is?

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How should a linkie manage their stack as far as cashing out, reinvesting, selling too bbuy back lower etc.?

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During the extended bear run, I saw this quote quite often and it annoyed me a bit.

Now I fully understand it.

Do you really think many of your friends and family will be able to relate buying into a coin that could be "the next ethereum" so early due to breadcrumbs dropped via an anon message board? Absolutely not!

As much as they attempt to empathize with you, they will not be able to, much less understand your reasoning.

There's almost a certainty that a lot of us will ultimate network in the offline world. We shared this journey together. We all, in some form or another, participated in the breadcrumb, the research, and enduring the endless fud during the bear season.

We are all "friends" to some extent.

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Please help me I only have 1k link and 80k in student loan and ina fucking teacher

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Please, no begging.

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Should I put all the money I have into link now, wait for a dip or kms?

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If you're a whale, wouldn't you be able to spare a small amount. You guys make millions every week , right?

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Go all in link then kys

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how much link to surgically get my butthole tighter so I can keep getting fucked in the ass?

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>ID: Cux
Checks out

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Chainlink is a special project, and I thank the Heaven's for having the fortitude to accumulate while others were fudding non-stop.

You should have bought when other's were fearful. Now people are QUICKLY realizing its potential.

You honestly do not have much time.

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For fucks sake, stop shitting up the board. Invest & earn your money.

I respect scammers more than beggars, at least they make an effort

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Firstly, do you have any good info which you may be able to share here?

I'm at ~23k link, it's a considerable amount for me. I've accumulated due to people like yourself.

Are you also involved with linkpool at all? What are your plans for when main net comes?

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How were you able to afford such a large stack of LINK?

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What did they mean by this?

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I own OMG and REQ should I sell them for LINK?

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Well yea I been buying all what I could afford to but thanks for that

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I'll let you in on a secret. Yes. Buy LINK.

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I'm finished. None of these supposed rich people donate anyway.

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Sacrifice and long-term thinking.

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shut up bitch

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Yes, early Ethereum developers and whales are accumulating.

Hint: novogratz

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Listen anon, you may as well start walking up to people on the streets for change, because your attitude is no different here.

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I think about this a lot. I have a pretty comfy stack and have strong faith I’ll make it. But what happens after? I have plans but I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to talk to anyone about. I have a few close friends and my dad but none of them shitpost on here much less follow all this info about CL. Pointless to even mention my normie friends. Imagine making all that money and doing whatever it is you love for the rest of your life, but no one will ever understand how it happened or what it was like to get to that point. Maybe I’ll be able to meet one of you crazy autists one day. Kinda like how soldiers meet years later and just sorta talk about their experiences. Would be pretty cool

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Dubs seem to confirm.

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>Mfw it keeps rising but I only have 1k link

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Do you have any HOT? What are your thoughts about it?

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post a signed transaction or fuck off faggot

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It's like buying into Ethereum at less than $5 while most of your friends and acquaintances are still working the 9-5 and sharing the occasional good news of their nominal promotion and small salary increase.

The experiences just won't be the same. Not to say our lives will be any better beyond the material, but we now have serious life matters to consider.

What do we do when we never have to work for money ever again? We must really find our passions and pursue them.

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HOT is hot.
More bullish on LINK, however.

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What do you think of this? The guy claiming to have inside knowledge that LINK is getting pumped before miners dump bitcoin. Sounds crazy, but LINK pumping and nothing else scares me a bit.

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Did you make most of your wealth in crypto or from other assets?
What else are you investing in?

I have good plans for if I ever make it with link, hoping for the best.

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Follow this account.

In less than 20 minutes, I will transfer 10K link as proof.


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should have done it last thread faggot or posted a signed tx in op of this thread
saged and reported

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You sound bitter. Do you get triggered like this normally when talking to future anon billionaires?

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shut up bitch

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Can’t you just send me some
Link instead

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kys larper

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mfw I unironically have no frens other than the Linkfrens on /biz/. no idea what I will do when the singularity commences.

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how much to make it? is 10k enough?

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Follow the money, literally.

No larp.

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Meet me on the Amalfi coast

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Please help me out here >>11726130
anon, this conspiracy is making me lose sleep.

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I agree with his sentiment, the sheer number of LARPS mean that anyone claiming to be a whale should prove it. Its easy to move or send 1 link from a whale wallet. Other whales have done it. Fuck "believe me"

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1 minute until it happens

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Until what?!

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Can I get an invite?

Until this day, most of my friends would not understand why I put more than one $1 million into LINK. But soon they will understand. 100% certain.

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Yea I've definitely got my hobbies. Just gonna take it one day at a time I suppose. I'm still young at 28 so even if it still takes a year or 2 I'm in good shape. That's a lot of time to pursue life in general

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Transaction complete:


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Yes friend - I plan on going to Italy in March - sooner if my 1200 links allow it

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grats on this
I wish I had your balls
I'm still half in fiat
t.35k link 8LP
how much to make it?

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Cool can I have some link now pls it’s almost Christmas


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Been holding since pre sibos and have accumulated 150k LINK stack. I am literally all in. Will i make it with you brother

>> No.11726243


Checks out. $1k EOY

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I have 2500 dollars on hold for the next week. Do you think it’ll still be under like 75 cents by then? Was trying to buy since 32 and was only able to put any money in at 50 due to this nonsense

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God you were right, god bless you. I'm a 1.1k linker, but I'm happy nevertheless. You are gonna make it!!! I'm glad for you fren. I can't buy anymore anytime soon, but we'll all rise together so it's all good!!!

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No begging. You've had an entire year to accumulate when the savvy were calling it a "shitcoin."

>> No.11726266

if you put over 1m into link you'd have 10m at least not 1m link
can't even keep up with your own bs

>> No.11726268 [DELETED] 

I did I got 1200 all I could afford

What’s the difference between begging and asking?

>> No.11726275

Will a 2k stack make it? What's your personal opinion?

>> No.11726279

There has been talk about Major White label partnerships via drunk anon. Can you given us any hint on that?

>> No.11726280

He said 1m is just one of his accounts. 1m isn't that surprising, I had 650k at on point. But 10m linkies would be amazing.

>> No.11726281

Is this your attempt at being a wizard with fuzzy logic? Go back to your cubicle before you get fired.

>> No.11726296


The tech giants will white-label. Chainlink is middleware.

>> No.11726303

When and how are you willing and going to sell. At what price point?

What do you u think of BCH?

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Is it dumping? Will I have more time!!??

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what's your opinion on the significance of kaleido?

>> No.11726307

Fuck off cunt

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Tell us about bitcoin too

>> No.11726318

LinkPool will greatly assist with NaaS but there are other competitors popping up.

I've hired some people to run the node for me. All of my LINK will be dedicated to node operations. Early node operators with a good amount of LINK have every opportunity to CRUSH it following the release of reputation by 3rd parties. I will be one of the nodes in operation come mainnet.

>> No.11726344

I've got a node on testnet running, but I'm trying to identify potential data sources for external adapters. Do you have any insight of what sources would be good?
My current thoughts are accessing paid banking API's and offering data from those, if you don't want to share too much here it's understandable!

>> No.11726348

Who did you hire for node operation? No specifics is fine but is it someone you know personally? I was considering doing so since I think it would be very beneficial, I also have a relatively large stack (250k) so I want to utilize it as much as possible. I'm not very tech savvy but I also haven't really read into the process so I'm wondering who I could discuss it with

>> No.11726350


I have 2 questions for you. Where do you whales get your info that even breadcrumbs fags can't find? If you have a wallet of over 1MM link do you suddenly get contacted by elites and inducted into their whale society or something?

Secondly. I am also planning on running a node with my 50k Link. Do you know anything about how much the returns on staking will be? Do you think it's possible to 2x your Link stack just via staking alone? Will I have 100k Link one day? Also what are you doing about data sources? Are you gathering your own?

>> No.11726352

Who do you think is the most important partnership(announed or not) and why? Will that one trigger singularity?

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How close to the team are you? Why invest?

>> No.11726407

where are they accumulating from ? Whos they are buying from ? binance ? Who the hell is selling their links on binance so early ETH developers can accumulate with their huge stacks ? Its kinda suspicios for me... if only 4chan know about LINK and its potetial, who would sell it for such a low price ? I couldnt buy 10k LINK without pumping the price thats how empty order books are...

Is binance manipulating ? Or is it you, whales ?

>> No.11726418

I only have 415 LINK. Will I make it? Should I sell my other shitcoins at a loss?

>> No.11726420

Very interesting questions:

1. As I mentioned before (see earlier thread), I became rich mainly from autism (early adopter into crypto), I can "smell" a good investment if that makes any sense, and I truly believe LINK is the stinkiest of them all.

Contacted by elites? Hmm. Expand your time horizon.

If you knew about Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple or any of the other coins before they went parabolic and you had the fortitude to HODL, would you consider yourself elite? Of course, you would.

That said, think of YOURSELF AS AN ELITE.



On a more serious note: I swear to God, I've never gotten so many job offer invitations and elite grad school invititations that I have now, but I strongly suspect Google and their fancy algos are feeding my inbox info to 3rd parties and, in turn, they are reaching out to me.

Sounds a bit wacky, but it's the truth.

Regarding the breadcrumbs, most of us mega-whales have a very strong background in business and tech and so it's easier for us to deduce and infer new insights and that "steps" chainlink may take next.

>> No.11726436

Wow, 2mil LINK and here i am, happy that i have managed to accumulate at least 10k.

Arent you afraid to hold 2m links on a single wallet ? Which wallet can you reccomend me ? Im asking because im afraid to store my 10k in a single wallet so i want to split it up to at least 4 wallet

>> No.11726438

Hi whale. I'm also a whale with 1.6 million.

>> No.11726448

Hello, fellow future Billionaire.

>> No.11726458

I'll be honest, if it went to $5 I'd happily be out. I don't need buckets of money.

>> No.11726462

>job offer invitations
on what basis?
being an early adopter of crypto?
how'd they find you?

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stay poor

>> No.11726469

your 100k link bags are fucking demoralizing anons, i'm rather admiring than hating though.
t. 10k stinky

>> No.11726471

wow first of all congratulations on holding that many links. poor guy here with just 25k but i believe in the project and just in crypto since Mid 2017 buying Link at 0.20$.

My questions for you:
- when are you planing to sell, how many at which price points or just live on the passive income?
- do you have any good discord channel to discuse other projects or link?
- what are your other autist holdings?

>> No.11726479

I wouldn't call 5 mil after tax poor, but whatever floats your boat

>> No.11726482

How do you plan to cash out ? Do you have some milestones like 5% at $10, 10% at $20 and so on, or do you plan to stake and live off the profits ?

Did you get any offer to sell LINKS OTC ? I remember Assblaster larping that institutions and banks hired crypto "hunters" who are looking for big crypto whales so institutions can buy crypto (LINK?) directly otc from them, as it was supposed to happen during that early Dec17 pump which assblaster predicted.

Also, any future plans with your huge stack ? Like lets say LINK is at $100 and more, any plans on manipulating,shorting, putting sell/buy walls at LINK so you can make more or are you afraid of SEC and possible market manipulating charges ?

>> No.11726485

My accounts are spread out. I still have a lot of my ether in other wallets.

No plans to sell, actually. I'm already set for life.

I haven't joined the discord group, I rely more on my own "instincts" while researching. I may join some of the groups later. Who knows.

>> No.11726491


Wow amazing post with lots of interesting info.
Thank you for this reply. I guess in the future we will all be elites, you are already one though from BTC and ETH as you already stated. I'm just a poorfag accumulator that wishes he hadn't diversified and had just gone all in on Link during every dip.

But what I meant by finding out hidden info, is stuff like Novograts. How did you find out Novograts is getting in on Link? I mean it's not far fetched the guy loves crypto, and probably is in on link, but that sort of info is something you'd only find out from knowing people who know people isn't it.

Also your points about google algo's are amazing, but almost scary in a way. So google's algo's can determine our general networth just by our searches and what wallets or exchange accounts we use? And if we cross a certain threshold on the algo's we are accepted into a club and suddenly start getting invitations into high society. Well holy fuck I can't wait to make it myself.

I have a few thousand dollars left in my bank, and you think accumulation is almost over, and that mainnet is imminent. Should I just FOMO into the next dip and empty my entire bank account trying to get to 60k?

>> No.11726503

But I will probably offload some of my LINk earned in Nodes. With the amount that I have, and the tokeneconomics around LINK, node operators will be cashing in.

Thanks to all the Fudders. I seriously wouldn't have been able to do it without you.

>> No.11726508

The real FUD : Whales with millions of LINK will manipulate and short like crazy so we will never see $1k, maybe not even $100...

>> No.11726533

Novogratz was the easiest to piece together.

First, I've been to the Consensys in Brooklyun a few times (earliest visit was in late '15).

back then, Novogratz was heavily bullish on Ether, and he bought a shit ton of it.

Btw, Lubin and Novogratz have known each other for YEARS.

They are VERY close.

Lubin let's Notogratz on all the new promising projects.

That's all I should safely say.

>> No.11726552

" all the new promising projects." tell us one or two of this beside LINK ?

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File: 1.46 MB, 2880x1800, 1540293556734.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Congratulations marine. Enjoy your wealth and do good works upon the world.

t. 25k fren

>> No.11726579


So as I thought, you know people. I guess being already rich from ETH and being able to travel into NYC and visit these places and people will help. I am a disadvantage being outside of the USA and being a poorfag living in a country town. I wonder if I hold the most amount of Link out of every person in my state.

>Thanks to all the Fudders.

For real the fudders are based. If only they'd kept it up longer I could have gotten to my goal of 100k but I guess I need to accept accumulation phase wont last forever. Reading your posts is seriously making me think mainnet and Link's singularity is soon now though, and we don't have much time left. Your last thread you were absolutely right about the FUD stage seeming to end in July.

>> No.11726582

You must be a special form of idiot.

LOL, I'm probably one of the largest holders of LINK held privately for node operations, hired a few people to man this for me, I hinted of some of my info, and yet you ask me about a project outside of LINK? LOL, no other projects matter.

Ethereum 2.0 NEEDS Chainlink. Not the other way around. Understand that and do some more digging.

>> No.11726595

i dont really have a question, just wanted to thank you for the answers you gave, semi whale here, we all gonna make it frens.

>> No.11726598

thank you for bashing me lord linky
so why are you holding MAKER ans SAN? any reason for holding that into the future?

>> No.11726602

if i went all in I'd have around 150k. I don't have the balls though. I can live with my 50k

>> No.11726612

Santiment will be used for market intelligence in the crypto space. It's already helped me make a lot more money in terms of intel gathering.

2019 should be a fun year.

>> No.11726613


>> No.11726619

Maker holdings are for obvious reasons.

Btw, Crypto Sponge got it wrong. I didn't buy MAKER last month, I bought in 2015.

To verify check ALL the transaction logs.

>> No.11726636


Considering the potential in LINK, what do you think is a fair valuation for it long-term?

>> No.11726637

u like wax? nft 's in general?

>> No.11726640

hello whale anon,
my question is: what is the best way to go as poorfag. got 10k but stopped accumulating with fiat because i'm graduating and can't work as much as i did the last months. playing the tradeogre casino to increase link stack if possible. any other ideas?

>> No.11726646

I'm stuck at 30

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>> No.11726657

What are your politics?

>> No.11726661

Thanks for the post friend. I have 300k myself and still not psyching myself up that I am going to be rich as I don't want ti disappoint myself if it doesn't work out.

But everyday is feeling better and better

>> No.11726662

Impressive amount holding there and some good insights.

I was studying a Masters last year which allowed me to get really deep into crypto and LINK. Been 70% in since last October and found a few breadcrumbs along the way. Downside is I only accumulated 22k but without the free time, I doubt I would have found it at all. Can't complain.

Next few months should be interesting.

>> No.11726668

Donate to charity. Some people need it more than you do.

>> No.11726679

When you're on the path to billionaire status, you do not engage in normal politics.

Study your country closely and figure out ways to help your land with your influence. Steer clear of ideologies but understand how and why they spread.

Politics is merely a circus to keep people distracted. I'm a bit jaded due to the politics of my country, however.

>> No.11726686

No I mean Europeans are being genocided in the West, will you ignore it?

>> No.11726688

Fix that loser attitude, stat.

Having a large amount of money with not much confidence is a recipe for disaster. People will manipulate you.

I can already sense some of your blind spots.

>> No.11726700

If you follow geo-politics closely,

Merkel in Germany was the sign that the EU has will have many problems on their hands in the coming years.

EU as a failed state in 10 years? It's possible.

>> No.11726711


Can you answer bro ?

>> No.11726713
File: 142 KB, 700x740, 1515032700397.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, I remember your wallet from last week. You're the guy who got in the eth ICO and sold half when it hit $10.

Gonna make the same mistake this time?

>> No.11726717

did you ever swingtraded your LINK before you send the 1M+ Link from Binance to your wallet? ive got that feeling that you autist manipulated the market with some dumps to buy more

>> No.11726718

I'm more concerned with helping incredibly bright and social awkward people like myself to get into top schools and help with their career development.

And I will put my money to use that way. One of the ways, at least.

>> No.11726724

Swing-traders are idiots, IMO.

Buy and HODL yields greater returns. No one times the market perfectly.

>> No.11726743

I have 7k links and i need 300k$ after taxes to pay my house and get some money to live and spend more time with my kid... can i make it and what time line?

>> No.11726744

Thanks I agree. That is something I am Deffinetly working on. Didn't think about the manipulate thing but you are right I'm sure.

>> No.11726750

u like WAX? nft 's in general? Novo does

>> No.11726772

Are not you worried about the damage caused by strict regulations in crypto?

>> No.11726781

should i dump my vechain bags and go into more link? im at a 15 percent loss in sats.

>> No.11726784

I'll answer you this.

The war on the internet is waged by information and disinformation. Think of it as a propaganda effort.

Smart people will not let you "in" on the next big thing. There's no incentive, too.

Do you think most of the people who bought bitcoin and ether early on truly understood its implications for the world? Do you think the journalists were aware? No, only at the superficial level.

Compound the info asymmetries with competing interest, fud, moonbois, and online confusion-- and it's easy for whales to load up.

We have the advantage because we understand the nature of the game with individuals who do not map out the entire territory.

The world we live in today is driven by who has the best information. Whether that information is culled from group intelligence, individual intelligence, connections, or what have you...you need crystal clear info to make it in this world.

Anyone who tells you any different are nothing more than sheep.

Chainlink during the FUD period was unironically an exercise in who is truly "awake." Ha, the ticket to financial independence stared many in the face and sheep chose to ignore because the mass called it a "shitcoin."

How many parallels can you see in IRL? Does Groupthink work for you, or do you work for it?

>> No.11726801

Have you ever manipulated the market?

>> No.11726815
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give advice on this please og wise one

your words are very wise



>> No.11726828


If you manipulate the market, the exchanges report your accounts to the authorities where your passport is based. No thanks.

>> No.11726849

OP in thread wants to kill himself?

Weird LARP. I'm not touching that.

>> No.11726851

Is there a way to cash out without uncle Sam finding out?

>> No.11726869

im brainlet can you elaborate? are you talking buy/sell walls for example? do western states care about your activity on eastern markets?

>> No.11726870

Hey fren. Love you. Just wanted to ask how I should go about my banking when LINK moons. Private banking services? I live in a global financial city so I would be able to find good people. Also should I bank with multiple banks?

>> No.11726876
File: 120 KB, 800x529, cryptocurrency-scam.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh and btw are u aware how fuckin delusional you are with Link?

Links success depends on mass adaptation of crypto which will never happen due to its shifting value. FIAT is stable coz banks and governments want it that way. they regulate its value by printing more or less. crypto is the wild west. also what Link offers is redundant

fuck off

I am old money + businessman

>> No.11726889
File: 7 KB, 250x245, 1542024138162.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If only there was a way to connect this stable secured fiat to blockchain

>> No.11726893


>> No.11726895
File: 117 KB, 1800x1800, FE574465-8518-48BA-AAAB-E0FF3A89C80E.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Story of OJ. We’re gonna make it ahhhh

>> No.11726904
File: 1.00 MB, 964x768, b i g s i p p.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So you're e-begging without even being all in? Piss off

>> No.11726905
File: 30 KB, 725x400, elon_musk_1535458236.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok, so pick an option for the central bank to choose

>Build its own solution within a few months time

>> No.11726907

>>11726750 >>11726784
I guess this all means buy moar

>> No.11726925

we shall see which option prevails

>> No.11726944


> Should I spend $10 on a share that will hit $1K or possibly $10K even though I missed out on the chance to buy it at $1?

Reframed your question anon.

>> No.11726948

Ok so pick an option for a car manufacturer

>buy tyres from a tyre manufacturer like bridgestone
>make your own tyres

>> No.11726963

How safe is it for holding link on binance? lets say you get a million out of it, how much trouble will i have lifting that amount of money?

>> No.11726971

There was no fud period for link. I bought link at 15 cents for the first time directly after the poc. There were plenty of link shill threads and just as much link fud threads. I made my own link shill thread that got hundreds of replies when I explained for the first time that chainlink will btfo xrp in the long run. You buy an asset when when it is low and Tons of people collectively believe it will be the next big thing and hype it up to mythical proportions. Think pot stocks in 2011, think the internet, think BTC in 2010, Ether in 2015, etc. Ignore fud but note the amount of chatter and how long the hype lasts. If it can stay hyped for many months it's a good buy. I'm still pretty young myself so I can't speak for life changing technologies of the past but I would assume it was the same, then again crypto moves fast.

>> No.11726978

How has the money changed your life? What have you bought or how did it improved your life? Also what are you planning to do next

>> No.11727003

I pretty much got in on link by browsing /b/ and /pol/. Bad ideas do not last on 4chan and only the strong ones survive. I have to say being called a faggot all this time on 4chan has shown me where to weed out the good information. Link was a sure think just from the amount of memes.

>> No.11727029
File: 10 KB, 225x225, images.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Could you create a group telegram so we can all make it together?

>> No.11727033

Avoid top schools that are indoctrination centers.

>> No.11727040

I am a little more than 75% link after today's pump.

Am I a fool for not buying more?

It seemed too good to be true, so I didn't go all in. Could have had nearly 600k link, but "only" have 250k because until now I thought it, what if it isn't as good as we all think?

I justify holding non-link tokens because my life will be ridiculously different if link does what we think it will, regardless of whether I have 250k or ~320k link, but it's possible that o missed something and a different coin will moon instead or first or link won't moon, etc.

I have nearly $11k in CC debt, I owe the IRS $7k in taxes from 2017, I am getting threatening letters about $40k in taxes from the IRS (I did something wrong apparently...) in 2016, I have over $20k in personal loans used to buy more link a while back, less than $1000 available on my credit card, and about $1200 in my bank account. So it's not like I don't think it's worth going nearly all in... But actually 100% link seems too far.

Am I the dumbest person in this thread?

>> No.11727042

The entire West has demographic problems that will bring collapse if not reversed.

>> No.11727045

Literally kill yourself you good for nothing piece of shit

>> No.11727067

I have the same fear. Holding 10k XRP because most of my friends have it too and don't wanna miss out if it still moons and somehow link fails.

>> No.11727097

>Literally kill yourself.

Haven't heard that one before.

If you and me were to fight completely naked, guess who would win? certainly not you, that's whats up.

>> No.11727122

You've got the biggest balls!

>> No.11727140

I wouldn't go anywhere near a naked poo, you stink of curry and sewage

>> No.11727151

dumb as shit but maybe it will pay out well.

>> No.11727156

There's an extremely high chance i'm whiter then you and a LOT better looking then you.

>> No.11727162

How old are you anyway?, if you aren't rich by the age of 25 you should be the one that necks yourself.

>> No.11727164

Doubt. Now fuck off and beg somewhere else mate

>> No.11727166


>> No.11727169

Salty piece of shit, it's not like I had any luck begging anyway. Go complain about bigger problems you mutt.

>> No.11727175

How much to be a whale?

>> No.11727176

Sponge here. DM me if you'd like. I think we'd both benefit from an introduction.

>> No.11727179

Same here brother gotta hedge our bets
46k Linker here and 28k XRP

>> No.11727182
File: 1.18 MB, 498x280, tenor-1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>accusing others of what you yourself are guilty of
I bet you vote for socialism too

>> No.11727188

Crypto sponge is cool. Does good work

>> No.11727196

How do you finally "relax" after a coin moons violently and not have to constantly worry it will crash back to depressing levels? When did Ethereum holders realize there was no way it was going back to $1? I feel like if link moons I won't even be able to enjoy it because I'll be terrified we'll have another January.

>> No.11727198

Thanks man

>> No.11727257
File: 159 KB, 1440x1280, Screenshot_2018-11-04-08-40-27-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Will I be able to live a simple, comfy life in a cheap country without ever having to work again? This is all I have.

>> No.11727258

Chain Link will surely be a game changer man, I did some research and it's only a matter of time before it explodes. Other project that peeked my interest is Constellation $DAG. It has been heavily FUDed for months like Chain Link and it got me really curious. Have you heard of it? And if you do, what's your opinion of it? Thanks!

>> No.11727282


>> No.11727292
File: 56 KB, 640x628, DF384BB6-855B-479C-BC1A-EABDA49F680E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anything under $2 is a discount

>> No.11727293

I took out a sizeable loan to buy link. Its a gamble for sure but its worth the risk for me.

>> No.11727326

Posting in legendary bread. Based and redpilled, thank you whale fren. We will all make it.

>> No.11727338

you'll probably need 20k usd per year. At 5% yield that translates to 400k. If link = 100 you'll need 4k.

>> No.11727342
File: 389 KB, 1180x1030, 1CA7E945-F76B-4EAC-9E85-54DF4E112099.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We will all make it.

>> No.11727371

What’s the consensus on the beginning of whale status? 500k link+?

>> No.11727379
File: 512 KB, 1916x1128, 1528534125292.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ia lot of us need to be reminded of that. you are a fucking legend mate

>> No.11727385

Hi CryptoSponge.

I would love to share info, but I need to be anon still.

Here's the proof you need fren:



>> No.11727401

Such procedures are complex and expensive. If you wait until eoy 2019 it will be 10 LINK

>> No.11727407

I know that nobody knows yet, but have you estimated what returns operating your own node could bring you? People talk about 5% returns a year, which is quite meh

>> No.11727412

You are a legend as much as me if you had the balls to HODL and accumulate while morons were expecting to be spoon-fed.

Only difference between you and I was that I bought more. I want you to make it and I don't even know you.

Also, a special thanks guys to all the mystery anons who drunked crumbs for us to eat.

DrunkAnon, SherlockLink, LMFG, Assblaster (his meta understanding of LINK was superb, although his prediction dates were shit), Crypto Sponge, and The LINK Oracle.

>> No.11727437

Do some Kegels you lazy faggot

>> No.11727444

The 3rd line should read:

"Also, a special thanks to all the mystery anons who DROPPED crumbs for us to eat."

Really, the Anons listed did a remarkable service to the LINK community. You should commend these people for their tireless efforts. I do.

>> No.11727447

is this a legitimate answer or are you just trolling me right now?

>> No.11727448

I value anonymity above all else. Create a burner twitter if you'd like. Apologies for highlighting your recent activity. As the network matures, having access to exclusive tools will be a real competative advantage. Doesnt have to be today, but drop me a dm sometime.

>> No.11727461


I will create a burner twitter in the next few days.

But to confirm my identity, I will make a follow-up post here, send around 20K link to the same wallet.

If the instructions are not followed, then it is not me.

>> No.11727470

I miss the old days of /biz/ and the old Ethereum threads anon. I assume theres not many of us left that still post on this board. In my head you're the poster who talked about living like a poor fag and spending $400 every paycheck when Ethereum was $22-$9.

We have it relatively easy now. Sergey is not Autistic like Vitalik was. He doesnt shit up his twitter page. No team member stealing some of the supply and no fork of the funds. No Chainlink classic yet.

These kiddos have no idea how easy they got it now.

>> No.11727473

You know you can sign messages with your private key, right?

>> No.11727477

does anyone in here has any good basis to believe link 100$ in 2019? I dont know if I make it another 3 years in this living hell

>> No.11727478

LOL, I am unironically still accumulating.

>> No.11727486

Similar vision. But at the time, I was temporarily unemployed and eating noodles.

It's amazing how life can change in an instant.

>> No.11727505

Yes, your dubs and green ID.

>> No.11727522

Who do you think keeps selling all their linkies at this price? Millions have been sold in the past 24 hours.

>> No.11727524

Chat soon.

>> No.11727529

are you accumulating right now at these prices around .60?

>> No.11727536

im waiting for .50 or eth to climb back to 250. Am i a fucking idiot?

>> No.11727539

Who cares. They do not get it and they were not meant to get it.

Talk soon, fren.

>> No.11727554

Bye bye everyone, I enjoyed the chat.

Talk soon.

>> No.11727558
File: 48 KB, 887x527, pesh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

as soon i ask a question

>> No.11727560

thanks! come back again

>> No.11727572

Wait until we come down from 60 cents.

>> No.11727580

Hello where do you store your link? Is MEW safe? What do you think of BCH?

>> No.11728081
File: 161 KB, 1000x1000, 1536440454250.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This, I finally got around to going all in with life savings on crypto recently, despite link and XRP being roughly 50 cents each I still see it as luck that I managed to get in while they're just half a dollar. Hodling for the long term boys, we're all gonna make it to lamboland by the 2020's

>> No.11728144
File: 122 KB, 267x293, 1536041847657.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We should make a linkfrens discord where linky autists can gather post-singularity for fun parties and making new frens! But only confirmed linkers with a decent stack, to avoid robbers.

>> No.11728181

2 MILLION link... holy fuck
enjoy your $2 billion

>> No.11728343

I came back to post.

If you folks are truly serious, I will invite LINKers to exclusive biz events and work-related parties several times of the year where we'll network and share business intel. It will not be indecent as I will be married by then.

We may as well have several of the top analyst provide presentations.

I think the minimum to attend the business-related functions should be 30K LINK. So this is the floor to make it for 2019.

The numbers will be scaled down as the Singularity approaches.

Should you not have the minimum floor now to attend events, and you have made SIGNIFICANT contributions to the LINK marine collective around, then of course you will have access. I will 100% support it (provided there's strong evidence to back up your anon activities online related to chainlink).

I believe the last condition is more than fair.

Apologies for typos in advance.

>> No.11728461

How would you go about verifying whether someon has 30k or more to enter these events?

>> No.11728477

Sign me up, Scotty!

>> No.11728484

Manual verification of a private key signature I guess

>> No.11728524

I have a potentially big business and I'm planning to use link. It's completely irrelevant now, but maybe in some years we meet in one of those events...
Anyway, Are you attending to hyperledger global forum in Basel?

>> No.11728527


>selling at $5
>paying tax

never gonna make it

>> No.11728530

This sounds great and all except it’s literally dumping right now

>> No.11728594

This is exactly the kind of attitude that proves you are not worthy. Focus on the long term and you will ultimately succeed.

>> No.11728610

not worthy of what? holding for 13 months like a retard and missing all the gains?

I'm gonna go in link, but not today. I'm watching it.

>> No.11728644

missing al the gains? are you blind? it pumped for like 3 months u brainlet.

>> No.11728659

I don't know if you'll have any other opportunities to enter from the sidelines, anon

>> No.11728670

ROI is decided by the market, you absolute brainlet.

>> No.11728671

Timely, as we re-initiate our ascent.

>> No.11728684

Great idea. I am up for this. How do we make the next step?

>> No.11728688

> holding for 13 months
> it pumped for like 3 months

>> No.11728697

yeah, there's always the risk. Haven't decided yet when to enter.

>> No.11728740
File: 13 KB, 399x400, 1541355596267.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

unfortunate i have only 27k link but i will be getting to 40k by dec fucking coinbase limits.

knew about this since early march however so i have utterly no excuse for not going all in when it was in july. i am an utter hack who doesn't understand crypto so i thought it was just a meme and i lost all my money. i have been dcaing every single day and learned my lesson though so hopefully i can just get my shit together. i am so so grateful though i didn't just npc zone out after getting my first internship its unbelievable in march we will have significant developments

>> No.11728747

When will I be financially independently financially?

300k LINK here

>> No.11728758

Very soon.

These partnerships will only continue to grow in their numbers and frequencies. Eyes are starting to converge on one project.


>> No.11728764

I need to think about the next steps.

>> No.11728775

Do you think we will get another spike in eth? I wanna get the most out of my dollar.

>> No.11728784

Let me rub my crystal ball.

>> No.11728806

I'm already financially independent, but you will soon.

Do not let your emotions get the better of you. Warning in advance.

>> No.11728825


I would suggest a telegram channel that does not allow for others besides yourself to communicate, at least to start. This way people can anonymously connect with you, and you will be able to provide updates relevant to this initiative - without having to deal with the annoying chatter common to "crypto groups".

>> No.11728849


Do you believe we'll hit $1000 at some point?

t. 64k lieutenant colonel

>> No.11728854

How can a fellow whale contact you? I have almost as much LINK as you.

>> No.11728860

Btw.... DO NOT share this thread with the normies.

It's good they are finding out about the project, but let them understand what WE know (true link autist) years down the line instead of now.

We are so far ahead. I love the competitive environment of ideas here. Chainlink has been probed and analyzed far deeper than ANY blockchain project in 2017 and 2018 and yet we are still fixated on it.

LOLOL and more than a year later, FORBES rights about our dear stinky.






>> No.11728877

Some anons spun up a chainlink consultancy business that is blissfully sperg-free. It took a brief vetting process, but the trolls and chaff are easy enough to filter out. Dont overthink it -- it's a great idea and will be easy enough to accomplish.

Looking forward to networking and sharing wisdom with you all.

>> No.11728890


Heh, reading this I would assume you have been exposed to my screencapped post that floats around chainlink threads whenever the topic turns to meta-analysis of 4chan's memetic environment..

>> No.11728897


Where are you based and whats your background?

>> No.11728901

That's an all-time great pasta. Hat tip

>> No.11728907

The future world elite will consist of a bunch of alt-right NEETS, Geeks and under40 visionaries. I can’t wait for it to happen! Let’s fund some dope projects together anons!

>> No.11728913

like i said in my previous post, do you consider guys who have no understanding of the technology but can realize 4chan's potential influence to be hacks?

>> No.11728917

Your motivational garbage reads like shit you'd find on r/cc. Go back.

>> No.11728921


Thanks. Unfortunately I have no way to corroborate my claim of ownership. For additional reading on the topic, I suggest the section of Richard Dawkin's The Selfish Gene that is devoted to memetics. Also, google Rene Girard - Religion and Mimetic theory.

>> No.11728937

Those who don't understand the technology of Chainlink will brand themselves as smart contract experts after selling for $5. Screencap.

>> No.11728953

So, as LINK raises in price, you will lower the floor, correct? That's what you mean by scale down, I suppose... because we'll need to take some profits eventually.

Here's an idea:
At least once a year we should hold an event where the attire for the evening is plaid

>> No.11728955

Instead in this case, Chainlink has been able to tap into the spiritual.

Thousands and thousands of anons around the world have been fixated on LINK for more than a year.

It has grown a life of its own.

I see the patterns emerging.

Forbes and Nasdaq are the confirmations for brainlets.

In hindsight for a lot of people, this fact will become even more apparent.

>> No.11728959

Based around the world. Quit my job about 6 months ago because I got into ETH early and then hit a couple big trades in the bull run. No offical background besides sports, but I have been involved in heavy research of both deep politics and cryptocurrency.

>> No.11728961

Kill a prostitute, obviously. The rush of power will be immense.

>> No.11728963

Here's a (you) for Rene Girard.

>> No.11728970

I think I might even know who you are but rather not say

>> No.11728971

Kys normie scum

>> No.11728976

LOL, i think i fucking know you.

Did you recently relocate from Cali?

>> No.11728977

Cringe. Mega-cringe. Ultra-cringe.

>> No.11728980


>>The future world elite will consist of a bunch of alt-right NEETS

>ww3 will be old money kikes vs new money techno-fascists

>4chan shitposters end up ruling the world

my. fucking. dick.

>> No.11728981


Memes and religion are actually extraordinarily similar in terms of the vectors of transmission - symbolic mixed with esoteric text to detail the underlying principles or ideas. This tapping into the spiritual is really just tapping into the kinetics of mimetic transmission - some kind of human mechanic that is biological, allowing for large scale communication and dissemination of ideas.

>> No.11728988

Wtf mate. How do you know?

>> No.11729004

I want to study under you. You know EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT.




>> No.11729012 [DELETED] 

Why are you suddenly acting different? Are you drunk.

>> No.11729014

Same here fren. Looking forward to it.

>> No.11729015

if no larp, then we are facebook friends. sent me a msg now.

>> No.11729019
File: 411 KB, 1220x684, LINK_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based whale, we will keep a spot open for you in Delphi post singularity. Don't believe the shit neckbeards say about us, we are no PnD.

We are a collective of stinkers who make the best Link OC, connect many of the dots, and police the community when needed (ie ruta).

Our main focus is self improvement for Link holders via fellowship, and we have full intentions of carrying our work out IRL post singularity in a myriad of ways.

Keep an eye out for us, as we will be recruiting openly sometime in the next several months.

>> No.11729035

You may be thinking of someone else because I don' think we are facebook friends, atleast that I know of.

>> No.11729040



Please authenticate yourself as being the person from this thread and we can exchange more reliable means of communication.

>> No.11729072

The timing is off. Will be stepping away to grab food soon.

Please continue to comment to keep the thread alive. May share a few new breadcrumbs...

>> No.11729073

I mean, it's all just imitation. We ARE primates at the end of the day... I was watching a flock of birds one day and thought to myself "how the hell do these birds know which direction to fly? who is the leader?". Turns out the movement of the whole is anticipated like "the wave" at sporting events.

My guess is that the effectiveness of religious symbology and memes is due to the ability to bury in our subconscious and make a person desire something, and that ripples across our society because others find it desirable BECAUSE it is defined as desirable by someone else. This is why we can even create a currency out of thin air, like bitcoin for example.

>> No.11729085


All good. Just write down the address and reach out when there's an opportunity.

>> No.11729088

> it's all just imitation
based Aristotle poster

>> No.11729089


how many linkies do i gotta have to get into le secret club

>> No.11729097

>I will avoid these sort of questions altogether.
Then what the fuck is the point of this thread? We just want to feel comfy with price predictions from whales. No one actually gives a fuck what you have to say.

>> No.11729101

sry fren, for now club is closed, but there wont be much of a stack requirement when we open up membership again, just proof of pre main net link ownership.

>> No.11729128

memes/spirits/tv characters/superheros/personas of celebs/movie characters

all one in the same. the imagination affects reality, reality affects the imagination.

we have tapped into this powerful force and this is the force which will drive the 4th industrial revolution. we have created a worldwide cultural trend.

>> No.11729136

I believe you are thinking of me

>t. based unicorn

>> No.11729147

Where do you see LINK in 5 years?
Will it become the #1 Coin or just top ten or five?
How much do you recommend holding to "make it" i.e financially independent

>> No.11729150

Incredible to watch this unfold. LINK is the reason I've dropped everything and started a degree in philosophy. I want to study this phenomena as deeply as I can. Brings me to tears sometimes how beautiful it all is

>> No.11729153

That's interesting about novo. I'll see what I can find out. It wouldn't surprise me

>> No.11729172

>May share a few new breadcrumbs...
please share based linkwhale

>> No.11729186

LINK may surpass bitcoin due to the exposure to the derivative sector ($500 trillion market) and its connections to the legal and financial sector through wsba/accord/open law

>> No.11729198
File: 210 KB, 500x375, 1540218660841.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just remember that the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.

Although technically nothing to stop you fucking off to Thailand and living off your LINK wealth

>> No.11729206


>> No.11729218
File: 27 KB, 590x297, ChainLink_definition.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This thread makes me want to puke. It's like a collective dick sucking

>> No.11729223

To clarify: Multi-yr view

>> No.11729237
File: 1.28 MB, 1220x1652, LINK_2 godd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.11729239

Old fud from last yr.

Good job regurgitating old leftovers, brainlet.

>> No.11729241

Of course. But Chainlink just has more functionality that any other coin, especially if it succeeds in off-chain computation. Plus they are very forward thinking and will be on the cutting edge of tech to implement any improvements as they come along.

>> No.11729250

This sounds like heresy but its not that far off the mark.
BTC derives its value from being the longest running blockchain.
CL derives its value from real world use cases.

>> No.11729277

We should make an anonymous and encrypted telegram group chat where we vent to each other about life as the new elite

>> No.11729324

checked and confirmed

>> No.11729327

>Should you not have the minimum floor now to attend events, and you have made SIGNIFICANT contributions to the LINK marine collective around, then of course you will have access. I will 100% support it (provided there's strong evidence to back up your anon activities online related to chainlink).
i made some cool memes. can i join your faggy illuminati pls?

>> No.11729335

Fuck you man, not all of us were born spoiled trust fund kiddies. I've managed to scrape together 50k Link and I'm proud of it so you kys

>> No.11729387


I know you don't want to give price predictions, but when do you see Chainlink really taking off like Ethereum did in Feb 2017? The catalyst for that was the EEA. What will cause Chainlink to do the same, and when?

>> No.11729389

You should read Jung. His work on archetypes and the collective unconscious is exactly what you'd be interested in. Observing and participating in the tremendous memetic flow we've tapped into is also a big reason why I'm in LINK.

Also if you're reading this LMFG and any other memologist frens who want to collaborate, please shoot an email over to sevensevens7@protonmail.com

>> No.11729399
File: 111 KB, 627x767, 1531510104557.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Double 7s confirm.

>> No.11729408

Don't read Jung

>> No.11729411


>> No.11729424

The next partnership is with a coin close on Coin
Market cap. Do your whale info channels have a date?

>> No.11729456

Everyone needs their dick sucked every now and then. Especially with all of the fud going around, feels good.

>> No.11729474

>Muh whitelabel
All of you that think Chainlink will be used as a (((whitelabel))) are deluded. Why would the financial and technology industries invest funds into a simple json parser and slap a new name on it, when they can have their dev team set one up in under an hour? Chainlink is a failed project. The only thing the Chainlink team did correctly was identify the oracle problem, but their solution is unorthodox and unreliable. If one node goes down, they all go down. Not to mention the flaws that have recently been discovered with GoLang. Chainlink is an insecure, invalidated, and expensive solution to an easy-to-fix problem. Anyone with a background in software development can tell you how easy it would be to create a simple middle ware platform in Java. If a first year CS student can do it, then slave-pay tier Pajeets can do it too. You faggots aren't going to the moon. You're not the crew of Apollo 11. You're the crew of Apollo 13, and you mother fuckers just stirred the tanks.

>> No.11729484

Read enough Jung that you can see what he was trying to convey and that you can criticize the few shortcomings of his theories. After that point, search your own unconscious for novel content.
For example, men don't carry a woman inside them and women don't carry a man inside them. But we do carry active and inactive energies that can come across as masculine or feminine.

>> No.11729492

Everything is energy fren

>> No.11729499


is this fresh pasta? i like it.

>> No.11729503

Holy shit its been an epic thread.

thank you whaleanon.
Does anyboy know how can I put this page into my kindle in a reader friendly way?

>> No.11729522

just cooked it up

>> No.11729544
File: 281 KB, 1484x435, Screenshot_20180531-131258.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pic related for future reference

>> No.11729607

enjoy your dubs

>> No.11729633
File: 34 KB, 589x423, Sirgay Porn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dubs trail absolutely confirms.

>> No.11729684

This thread is hilarious!! Great to be a part of!
May do we see tomorrow the bita partnership?

>> No.11729690
File: 145 KB, 800x905, chainlink spirit bomb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek is with us, chainlink to the moon and telegram group chat confirmed

>> No.11729710

>90% in chainlink
>Iron hands all the way to the bottom
>makinkg memes all year
>in every thread and social media channel
>10k stack

>> No.11729727

I'm also a link whale been in since ICO. Very very few individuals have more than me.

I'm looking to have people set up/run nodes for me. How did you find good people?

>> No.11729781

Damn so many whales here, I'm glad that i accumulated 25k link may i can achive it to the 30k...

>> No.11729784

what are you thanking whaleanon for? all he's been doing is shilling and he sent himself $6k as though that makes him some kind of whale.

also, you want to install kindle's plugin. it's amazing: https://www.amazon.com/gp/sendtokindle

>> No.11729805


>> No.11729837
File: 46 KB, 720x480, HmmTouche´.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I think the minimum to attend the business-related functions should be 30K LINK. So this is the floor to make it for 2019.

Hmm... I got into investing and subsequently Link at the end of September, I'm at 10K now. What would you consider a significant contribution? I've talked to friends about this in real life but they all think I'm crazy, even spoke to a friend's professor about it and he said blockchain technology is insecure.

I've thought about also bringing this up at another gaming site we all know and love but you want to keep it to /biz/. This is gonna be difficult as I made 10K my goal since I hear it's a threshold of the top 15% of the wallet holders (admittedly you do say it'll scale down later down the line).

I also want to say that I am reconsidering figuring out how to stake a node since you said that earlier node stakers have the advantage. And I really want to pick your brain (as well as others) on you guys plan to impact your communities.

>> No.11729841

Poor college student here with 771 linkerinos. How does my future look like?

>> No.11729904

"Definite possibility"
nigga learn words

>> No.11729938
File: 139 KB, 500x622, 2BE4F5A7-0999-4ED5-AC8D-F51327F0EA16.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pee pee poo poo

>> No.11729946

Bump for breadcrumbs and the Link Learning Foundation

>> No.11729964

i cant wait to be just some nerd who "got lucky".

>> No.11729982

really makes you think

>> No.11729996

Comb through every member of open law/accord/wsba

every member has a vested stake in creating standards around smart contracts and can influence stakeholder engagement.

>> No.11730024

just the beginning

>> No.11730036

EEA level connections. Gah

>> No.11730041

Yo serious fellow whale we have about the same amount. I'm just trying to get people set up some nodes for me.

Can we chat privately?

>> No.11730045

Based and redpilled

>> No.11730056

100k here man when the meeting?

>> No.11730101
File: 418 KB, 1413x1016, let the link times roll.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

software dev here, email me with a transaction of 777 linkies being moved to prove you're a whale and I'll help you out. It's fairly simple, just VPS and a few docker commands


>> No.11730137

Can you make a post about how to manage the money we make!!?? It is important that we keep and grow the wealth so that we can continually alter society until we die! Would be a shame if most of us lost the money spending on stupid shit. Please make the post. if you’re serious about making a tight-knit business circle, I know you’ll do it

>> No.11730138
File: 9 KB, 249x250, Linktears.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This. It feels bad to be on this threads with these people and not being able to show that I'm one of these people. That feel is one of the main reasons I want to make it.
I'm happy people like you made it anon.

>> No.11730160


771,000 USD net worth within 2-3 years

>> No.11730176
File: 34 KB, 633x758, 1516131290388.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same but 3.5k, kill me
Sucks being poor, crypto is my only hope to escape and now I can't even go to Linky secret clubs to celebrate

>> No.11730189

Hello NWO

>> No.11730237
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Make a burner instagram if you want. I got one of the biggest insta crypto accounts, IN on this party thing

>> No.11730382


>> No.11730448

You didn't check the amount he/she is holding link in that sending address..