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red pill me on a 20 day water fasting with adderal 30 mg

will i make it?

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you'll fuckin' die m8. drop the stimulants. work your way up with shorter ones.

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Please to explain graph sir

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if you stop drinking water for more then 4 days you are in serious trouble.

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water fast excludes everything but water.

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How would I die? Also, what do you mean by shorter ones?

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die from stress/shock etc. shorter fasts that is.

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lime water

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don't you need electrolytes and vitamins and salt

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im willing to risk and completely reset my body. even if it means harming myself

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water fasting for that long will make you lose weight, but you'll also lose a lot of muscle and possibly some brain tissues (srs)

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Given you are an adult male that’s pretty easy after 4 days. Wouldn’t trade then. After that your attention span will increase and you will be more focused. Beware you will feel very euphoric. i did it for 2 weeks. you will be losing alot of muscles though. Don’t do it if you have very low bodyfat already. Dunno about the aderal?

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if you're fat would it be worth sacrificing muscle to lose fat rapidly?

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nah probably not so much. Cut calories especially carbs and booze and strict exercising probably wou probably be better. dunno mate.

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fucking auto correct. Maybe you could reset your daily routine with a fasting period. But beware of yo-yo effect.

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if youre just going for mental clarity and focus, try transcendental mediation, or some variation of mantra mediation. it can make a profound impact on productivity and emotional volatility

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cool thanks
yeah I can run 3 miles in 30 min and do that 3-5 times a week but I can't get under 220lbs because I drink beer and eat a lot of junk
I'm sure cleaning the diet would be enough

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It's always fatties with no self control that do this shit lmfao. You're always looking for a quick solution to your problems. Always. That's why you're fat, and that's why you'll fail in life.

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Probably not. Water fasting for longer than a few days decreases baseline testosterone levels permanently.

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take that back we're trying

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my bmi is 21. Im 5”11 faggot

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I will find you and kill you for that low quality projection.

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let op do it.

op you should take 180mg adderral gradually increasing to 540mg for even better restults you're doing the right thing

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Fuck it, might as well use meth and save yourself some money.

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I did a 30 days waterfast last january and lost 35 pounds. Gained back 10 lbs since. The best benefit is that I no longer feel "starvation" after not eating 6 hours.

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Fasting has been shown to be undoubtedly far more muscle-sparing than calorie restrictive diets, though optimally you should still lift weights at least a few times per week.

If interested, check out vids on fasting by Thomas Delaurer and interviews with Dr Jason Fung, on YouTube. They're a good starting point for information, especially the former.

t. dropped 20lbs in 3 weeks by doing 20-40 hour fasts, only half of each week, and (for the first time) didn't gain it back even after 3 months so far.

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Only Sodium and Potassium.

Check out the Snake Diet for the optimal balance vs water intake.

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kek bullshit

GH also goes through the roof.

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Stupid as fuck bro

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I love beer. It is the water of life. But unfortunately, you can not be a daily beer drinker without adding huge amounts of physical activity if you plan on being cut at all. Hard fact of getting older.

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Didn't read all the thread anon. But I've water fasted for 15 days and i've lost 10kg. I think 1 month is feasible even without adderall. All you need is spare time/Netflix /stress-free life for the time of the fast. And a place with NO FOOD. What I've done is rent an airbnb for a month in another town and everything went well.

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Did intermittent/OMAD fastin for 4 months, lost more than 40 pounds.

However, I ate exactly the same unhealthy shit.
Still, I feel much better.

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Carlos? That you?

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lol manlet seethe and cope

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kys faggot

Let me guess, how tall are you? 6 3 and your dick is 12 inches?

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this is what happens when you water fast


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He wasn't drinking water. A water fast is a fast from everything but water

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Genetics man. Self control goes only so far. Some people store more fat cells some people can burn more fat cells etc. etc. you’re retarded and probably not in great shape or you’d know these things.

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Haha, biz is higher than the others! That means we're betterer!

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You've never taken stimulants, you will literally die. You can do it without stimulants and survive

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just letting anons know here, you need other shit, more than water, to live on fluid for a bit. Your kidneys can and will suffer damage if you don't get electropavlovsk.

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Goddamn you’re an idiot OP. At least go to >>>/fit/fast/ and read up and ask questions there. But you don’t even need adderall, in fact if you wanna do the fast “”“right””” I would leave it out completely if I were you. This is speaking as someone who took it unprescribed for years as well as actually gotten prescribed after; you need more electrolytes than usual both when you’re fasting and when you’re on adderall; doing both is a recipe for the worst chronic dehydration and weakness you’ve ever felt.

Just water fast for 24 hours once a week (twice if you must, for some reason), and the occasional 3-4-5 day fast every once in a while. Even once a year is fine for a longer one. Don’t listen to the idiots ITT it’s definitely good for you, but only if you do it right.

>Business & Finance
You fucking nigger
Why are you here, kys

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How would I get dehydrated if my only consumption is water?

And why did you give me advice, but proceed to tell me to kill my self? Which one is it faggot?

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It's good but if you want to keep muscle try stacking clen + T3 and maybe anavar.

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Oh and don't fast while doing those obviously. Eat clean and exercise. No need to fast more than 3 days in a row, and this only has to be done every few months for autophagy benefits.

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Some people can't lose fat as effectively and some can't gain weight. There's skellies all the time on /fit/ who down gallons of milk and can't even bulk while fatties are trying to fast because that's the only way they can lose weight, due to fucking up their metabolism with years of CICO and fad diets.

I permnanely fucked up my metabolism by eating 1200 calories a day for 2 years I only fixed it by taking steroids Lmao

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