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Guys what does it feel like?

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try a pool cleaner vacuum while underwater, especially with a heated pool, it will give you the best orgasm of your entire life. the fans rapidly but gently smack the head of your dick while giving really strong suction. obviously stick your fingers in first to make sure it's safe, not every pool vacuum is the same. I've had blowjobs from 3 different women and 4 different men, I've used vacuums, cock-pumps, fleshlights, vibrators... and NOTHING compares to the pool cleaner. I'm not even fucking kidding right now, if you get the chance, try it. the only thing that is even remotely close to how good that pool vacuum felt was straight up vaginal sex with this fat chick who had a really warm snatch, it was like sticking my dick into a wet loaf of banana bread straight out of the oven, and yes this fucking pool cleaner vacuum was better than that. I don't own a pool or else I'd be doing it every day. unfortunately the owner of the pool caught me doing it so I'm not allowed to be within 1000 feet of his house anymore but it was so fucking worth it, I'm telling you that fucking pool vacuum is like heaven. honestly the only reason I even want to get rich is so I can afford my own house with a heated pool and of course a pool vacuum. I can't wait to buy a dozen different brands and styles of pool cleaners and fuck them all. I live for that day to come.

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Based and redpilled

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It's refreshing to see some good investment advice on this board every now and then.

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So ... actual size, OP?

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>obviously stick your fingers in first to make sure it's safe

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Is this real? I'm desperate at this point bros...

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why the fuck aren't you banned yet you fucking kike faggot
everyone who replies to this shit kys you fucking neanderthals

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Look how mad this guy is lmao

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nice, just bought 100k pool vacuumes

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