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Is this a good investment?

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Are you a faggot?

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never, all cryptocurrencies are gamble at best scam at worts

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Yes, I'm a Chainlink holder too.

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>The team has time and again delivered on its promises and has solved tricky issues successfully; DAO hack and DoS attacks being case-in-point.
>Ethereum cannot operate without a blockchain infrastructure. Therefore, it is the perfect example of a project leveraging the advantages of the blockchain. Blockchain also gives Ethereum an edge that no other centralized company has.
>ERC 20 has become the de facto standard for fundraising in the ICO world.
>The tokenization of securities is likely to happen on the Ethereum network
>Ethereum has 30 times more developer than the next blockchain community. Another analysis estimates 250,000 Ethereum developers in the crypto ecosystem
>Ethereum has recorded 620,267 in transactions on September 2, 2018, as compared to bitcoin transactions which only managed to reach 187,001 transactions on the same date
>The SEC determined in June 2018 that Ethereum is not a security; this is considered as a landmark announcement for the entire crypto industry. This ensures that the platform does not come under the ambit of the regulatory framework as required in case of securities. This also clears any regulatory or legal overhang over the cryptocurrency
>Ethereum outnumbers other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ripple in regards to the number of nodes around the globe. Ethereum has a total of 15,791 nodes whereas Bitcoin has 9,678 nodes and Ripple has only 809 nodes. The higher number of Ethereum nodes represents true decentralization.
>Vitalik, in an interview reiterated his commitment to scale the ethereum network and is confident that with second layer solutions like Plasma and Sharding, Ethereum will be able to process over 1 million transactions per second.

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Tokenization and collectibles, too- nigger, apart from being a cum-swallowing bottom bitch, if you don’t grab what you can at these prices, you’ll be forever poor too.

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