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They bring nothing to the discussion, just endless slurs and strawman attacks. They think they are so creative and hilarious when all they do is call every black person a nigger or blame everything on the jews. None of them have original insights and arguments as well, it's all the same stormfront talking points. I bet if we had a automatic ban for all the active /pol/ posters on here then the board quality would moon.

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fart commander

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>t. goldberg
kys you kike nigger

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Found a pic of OP

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You go back.

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See proof above. You faggots are literally the most annoying thing on the internet. Your fellow whites hate you, minorities of all types think your pathetic, your precious "perfect asian gf" doesnt exist and if they did they sure as shit wouldn't want any of you. You're like sjws but at least I can just ignore them. You fuckers are literally screaming and shitting yourselves on every post, on every site. Just fuck off and let people live their lives.

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You're the only one screaming and shitting yourself lmao

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Fuck off kike

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Fuck pol.

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Left-liberal types hated crypto from the start, calling crypto owners creepy right-wing libertarian criminals.

And look at just how badly they continue to miss out.

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Wow you trolled me real good. How will I ever recover.

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No liberal I have ever met said that. They shill this shit like crazy.

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stay assblasted. your /pol/-obsessed rant is hilarious, you can go back to posting /biz/ content at any time but your salt is too amusing.

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See here is the problem anon, this is a business board. Anybody who has ever owner or managed a business, or even has been serious about doing a job as an employee, knows that cunts, faggots and niggers are absolutely insufferable in business settings. If you are a chink or white man of any stature, you wonder why society wastes any effort on these plebs at all, because in your real world experience, "minorities" and "strong independent women" are almost always an unprofitable annoyance. So, you aren't fighting against /pol/, you are fighting against reality, and that is always a losing fight.

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Into your oven moshe. Kikes are hated because of their superiority complex.

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It's literally a function of low brain power. Weak brains can't handle complexity and nuance so they revert to the broad generalisations based around "race", which is basically just a contemporary form of phrenology. Unfortunately when you have no grasp of complexity you also become more certain, because you're not grappling with any subtle contradictions and incongruities, and certain people are louder and more dogmatic. So the dumb, certain, basic people bark the loudest. It's the same with every viewpoint and one of the sad but inevitable features of discourse.

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Take a look through /r/buttcoin sometime if you don't believe me. Better yet, go on there and search "capitalism".

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Nice try nigguh

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Lol. Stay mad faggot. Maybe your parents won't be embarrassed of you one day.

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>Left-liberal types
The world is more than leftist SJW and right-wing /poltards, faggot.

Old /biz cared about money and not which color the skin of his business partners had or what he believed in. Crypto made this board a meming shitshow, after /pol came in late December and started losing money trading shitcoins by larping being traders.

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>So, you aren't fighting against /pol/, you are fighting against reality,

circlejerking about muh imaginary ethnostate isn't reality you fucking schizophrenic

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>None of them have original insights and arguments as well
This board is 90% memes & shitposting, everyone can participate in this, and it weeds out the Reddit-intellectuals.

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Well I was talking about irl. Sjws don't really exist where I'm at and the liberals are all pretty chill.

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read a book nigger

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h1b street shitter who has to go back detected

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That's the problem. Before the 2016 elections and the T_D s o yboy invasion, /pol/ had some really good rational discussion. I can gurantee you that the same niggers moaning about race color are the same ones who unironically rooted for Bernie Sanders in 2015. They're the same people who were probably radical SJWs in 2013. Now suddenly they think they're being smart and against da joos because they browse 4chan. Fuck I really hate these faggots for ruining /pol/.

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>seething lefties crying about the pol on biz


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>So the dumb, certain, basic people bark the loudest.

Tell me how you measure "loudness" on the Internet. How do certain comments seem "louder" to you than others when they're all just text on a screen?

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these /pol/tards are pretty much all newfags

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The fact that you had to ask that question proves that you are what he's talking about.

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Nah, we're like fish in water here.
Feel free to fuck off back to r*ddit.

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That's not an answer. How does this situation:


Register as an intolerably "loud" presence to you?

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I just think it's hilarious that you start these gay ass threads, get made fun of, make these long-winded posts that no one cares about, then accuse anyone else of screaming and shitting their pants

All the while being the only one screaming and shitting their pants. Good job.

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Hello everyone!

The holocaust never happened.

Thanks, have a good day.

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How can someone have this lack self awareness? Jesus Christ. You fucking retard.

Take a look at the average thread on /pol/. Nobody, and I mean literally NOBODY says anything rational anymore. All of the threads there consists of T_D redditors insulting each other for not being white and calling each other a jew for not agreeing to their stupid posts. The same threads get posted every single day and there is virtually no new content being posted. It is the same absurd LOW IQ content posted every single day SINCE FUCKING 2016. The worst part is that those users come on other boards to /pol/ spam thinking they're spreading something "enlightening" when in reality everybody is sick and tired of the same old thing. We don't have posts like pic related because anons like you act like obnoxious niggers. You can't have proper discussion on /pol/ like on other boards. That is what that anon was talking about "being loud". I know you're retarded and you won't even understand my post, but luckily if you do, take what I said and reflect on your past actions, you fucking mongrel.

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Will you top samefagging and go post this off-topic bullshit somewhere else?

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>None of them have original insights and arguments as well
>Talks to a /pol/ack for multiple threads but racism didn't come up so he assumes he isn't a /pol/ack

Anon I . . .

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To the braap barns with you, commie

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Poor faggot nigger

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Yea redditors and actual boomers fucked it up, but it still serves its purpose. They’re hilarious to watch and some of the points they’ve made in the past still ring true. Why are you so butthurt about it OP? The only reason I could see why it would annoy you is if you are an actual leftist in which case they do the the shit to trigger you for laughs because you lot take the bait so fucking easy.

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I think it's hilarious that you assume I started this thread. Im just commenting on it. I also think its hilarious that you're ignoring the 10+ assblasted /pol/acks calling op a kike nigger and saying that I'm the one who's mad. But whatever anon. Obviously nothing I say will ever get through to you.

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>OP has 1 post
>literally one faggot posting exactly like OP but with a different ID

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I don't go on pol to talk about Chainlink but poltards come here to talk about retarded pol shit constantly.

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When you write long winded messages like this you're obviously mad

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Pic related

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Okay anon. I don't know how I can convince you I'm not op when you're so determined to believe I am but okay.

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>Jewish girls love black cock is getting to them so much they upload personal photos to a Jack Russel terrier breeding enthusiast forum


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kys kike

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It's my bane dude. I always write paragraphs when I'm typing. I used to type paragraphs in game chat too. It's my only chance to really use my vocabulary since I'm surrounded by low IQ boomers all day.

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Your right OP they are fucking disgusting and don't even realize it, they hate SJW and are the polar opposite but so so similar. It's kinda sad actually

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What’s up dude? I know how it feels to deal with these idiots. I always felt like I was more intelligent than my peers. I often type out insightful paragraphs when everyone else is posting inane low-IQ one-liners. Tell you what, I found this site for smart people like us. It’s called reddit. See you there!

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The absolute state of /biz/

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/pol/ has zero moderation. Cuck porn and spam will stay up for hours most days. No shit it's going to be a cesspool if you allow anyone to go on a rampage

You're an idiot for treating it like it's some kind of political weapon against the right. Then you get so triggered by it when you see the cesspool leakage, that you threw a fucking fit and reinforced that attention seeking behavior to the point we're currently at.

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Agreed. Keep /pol/ on /pol/

>t. /pol/

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The board would be dead and it would be a feelgud circlejerk of 5 posters sucking each other off like reddit
Why don't you just go to reddit instead or bitcointalk
or just kys

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Found an add for OP.

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>You're an idiot for treating it like it's some kind of political weapon against the right

Nobody mentioned it being a political weapon you stupid mouthbreather. The board simply went to shit because of anons like him and you.

>Then you get so triggered by it when you see the cesspool leakage,

Of course. Everybody is annoyed by it. Why the fuck do you even mention this you retard?

>that you threw a fucking fit and reinforced that attention seeking behavior to the point we're currently at.

Except my post actually had a point but you sadly lack the reading comprehension skills to understand it. I guess living in a 3rd world shit hole really does suck sometimes.

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You're exactly the kind of snowflake that made it so bad

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Maybe if all you outsiders stopped shitting up the board we would actually spend time there. /pol/ was just like any other board before 2015. Now it's a shitty battleground that you faggots caused, and it's only speeding up our expansion.

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>anon asks the definition of being loud
>anon replys and explains
>"lelele why u so triggered"


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They will not go back in their box. The entire idea about polfaggery is to turn the world into //pol. So you can rant about jews or immigrants to any stranger you have known for 5 minutes. It is about making plebbery the norm.

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I'm not the same person, retard. Fuck off back to tumblr

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Yup they will all see your polite request and comply because the logic is foolproof. Thanks for finally figuring out a way to reason with these types. You did it!

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>same ids
>hurr durr im not the same person
wow you really are a fucking idiot

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Jfc you're retarded. I never said anything about "being loud"

No wonder you vote Democrat

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>Can the /pol/ tards go back???
shouldn't this be on /pol/?

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Shoo shoo Rakeesh Sanchez Lee Obabunga Goldzweig

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Protip for future posting: Do not reply, do not give them attention of any kind.

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That's about all I go out of your post.

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Fuck you nigger, I need a lambo so I can raise 6+ white aryan children.

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Your posts are a parody of a 2k18 NPCboy, r-right?

Well if not I suggest that someone does a visual compilation of his stuff with some NPC memes with it because this is just textbook stuff or mockery/bait.

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for the record, I unironically fund leftie organisations, vote communist, am all in on link and know for a fact that Sergey supports Social Democrat ideas as they are prevalent in Europe

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Calm down big guy

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Yeah everybody knows /pol/ is a pleb infested shithole that attracts the lowest IQ dipshits on this website.

What us Patrician 4chan Oldfags understand is that /pol/ is a necessary "evil" because it wards off Redditors and that whole Reddit mentality, who are arguably much much worse than retarded /pol/ posters. Think of it this way: /pol/ are our useful idiots. Mainstream culture and normies think that all of 4chan is just like /pol/ and so they stay the fuck off the website. Normies are terrified of associating with everything /pol/ stands for, and they think that 4chan = /pol/, and so they're afraid of 4chan. 4chan used to be reviled for CP and illegal activities, but it has since been neutered. Now the only wall between 4chan and Reddit is basically /pol. Basically /pol/ and anonymity are the only things keeping 4chan from becoming a disgusting Reddit clone.

So yes, /pol/ is laughably dumb and obviously contributes nothing substantially useful to any conversation on any board. It can be very annoying to have some /pol/ cretin post in a good thread and derail it with their retarded opinions, and it is obviously the most pathetic board on this website. But without it we'd have your dumb normie Cousin or that SJW from college posting on here with impunity, and then we'd truly be fucked.

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i wasn't talking about you asking the question you low iq mutt. i was mocking you for telling the other anon that he's le triggered for explaining his point

fuck you are so dumb kys along with your worthless genes

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>us Patrician 4chan Oldfags

>> No.11603178

>calls someone an NPC
>literally parrots what a typical redditor with brain damage would say

oh the irony

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>this triggers the /pol/ NPC

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poltards will get the gulag soon enough

>> No.11603192

yeah that was typed with every bit of irony, in case your pea brain is too dumb to comprehend it

>> No.11603207

>I-I was only pretending to be retarded

>> No.11603215

>this scared of being associated with /pol/
lul pussy.

>> No.11603220

>IQ is meaningless!
>/pol/ is low IQ


>> No.11603235

Ironically the only people who actually got the gulag were commies. Really gets that head tinkering...

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Fuck off rabbi.

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Tons of liberals are upset coal plants are being brought online to power crypto mining. They consider it a continuation of evil white capitalist culture.

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>Being a faggot like OP

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I word it that simple because you ARE simple dude. I seriously don't want to help you find your flaws in your thinking and will not engage in any discussion with you. Stay poor, self-centered and smug...the time for people with an attitude like yours will come I am 100% certain. :)

>> No.11603378

To the point though, You're the dumb nigger OP that is crying about it, creating an entire thread that isn't going to do any th ing but give your salt to shitposters, trolls, and /pol/. Yes, /biz/ has seen an influx of /pol/ mixed posts just like most other boards. Rebbit and boomers were a mistake and they never learned the etiquette of how not to be a faggot. But might I remind you that the CURRENT YEAR of today is rife with political tension. I see so many posts whining about /pol/, insulting /pol/, obnoxiously inserting their own political ideology, even when /pol/ is nowhere to be seen in the thread. The political tension and animosity is real, 4chan is a shithole but it's the shithole where you can say mostly anything, and you need to get the fuck over it and stop making gay ass threads like these. If you're really bothered by political infraction report the posts like a good little bitch and get on with your life. Mostly what I see on /biz/ is extremely mild outside of calling peoples the classic nigger or insinuating they're kikes. So unless you're a like or a nigger why does it matter to see words? Stop being a baby and use your intellectual prowess to 'fight' back against /pol/ in arguments and shitposts, because this is how it is now you attention whoring faggot.

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Truely spoken like a NPC. Always member orange guy bad XDDDD *Le ebic maymay, so your naive being can comprehend AND enjoy political messages*

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I agree with your post, but no, I am not OP.

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You parrot words because you have no intellectual thoughts of your own.

>I word it that simple because you ARE simple dude
>durr I was only pretending to be retarded


>I seriously don't want to help you find your flaws in your thinking and will not engage in any discussion with you.
>Stay poor, self-centered and smug...the time for people with an attitude like yours will come I am 100% certain. :)

TL;DR: I'm too scared to argue because I know I will get BTFO

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You parrot words because you don't have the intellectual prowess to create your own language. Every word you know, you actually got from someone else. Checkmate bitch

>> No.11603423

Ya didn't mean you, my bad.

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Might as well drop some red pills in this shit and off topic thread. Get cancer op

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Didn't read a single post in this thread, I just wanted to pop in and call all of you faggots.

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