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drunkanon just said he expects tomorrow biz to be nothing but link threads
are you ready for tomorrow?

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it will be revealed that Sergey is fucking Boring

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>drunkanon just said he expects tomorrow biz to be nothing but link threads

So tomorrow is going to be exactly like any other day then?

This ChainChink spam has been ongoing for so long it gets boring.

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i dont normally post in link threads but i come just to say you have patrician taste OP. gadonite marines get the fuck in here

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I want to see the entire catalog to be nothing but link and screencap that shit.

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>This ChainChink spam has been ongoing for so long it gets boring.

Only cone doing anything in this bear market. Do you just hate money?

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That was fucking funny anon and true

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>The only coin actually doing shit

The fuck is wrong with you?

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Hes not infallible

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Yes, link threads.

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>Literally tens of other shitcoins are makingbetter gains than ChainChink, why should I bother with this particular shitcoin?
>Especially when the shilling is so over the top it's fucking annoying

You literally have to dump your shit in every thread.

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Idiot Alert.

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Since you hit dubs

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all link threads because you faggots bought at 8k then it dumps 20%

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source? link me the thread please anon I like drunkanon's larps

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Link has been the best went to performing altcoin of 2018 you massive AIDS ridden phaggot.

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trips and comedy gold, here's a shiny (You)

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No it hasn't. There has been literally tens of shitcoins that have tripled or done even better. How does it feel that your ChainChink shitcoin is just a dime in a dozen?

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>Hurrr 1 january 2018 ChainChink is 0.69$
>Now it's 0.51$

>Best performing shitcoin of the year oh yeaaaaah boy we making money bois!!!!!!!!

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do not try and reason with l*nkers

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>>Hurrr 1 january 2018 btc is 13,850.49$
>>Now it's 6,309.11$
>>Best performing shitcoin of the year oh yeaaaaah boy we making money bois!!!!!!!!

Get out

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/biz/ is already nothing but link threads. Just how I like it.

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Astro is being salty all over this place today. the taste of his tears is just so good.

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The fuck you on about fagit, I am celebrating.

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drunk anon may go down as the link prophet or biggest larp...either way i am rooting for this to be true.

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enjoy your store of value btc, i've soon tripled my portfolio since june with link

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This is what I was looking for

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Drunkanon is that faggot assblaster pulling the same trick again. They'll announce a partnership with fucking mobius or something and you'll be left holding MM bags for another 6 months.

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Checked and smart. Here's a (you) and something SFO from my ancient film bin.

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I think that's unlikely because there are a lot more developments coming out now since they're exiting stealth development phase, but this does feel eerily similar to SIBOS last year. few people here remember it but link was also 47 on Coinmarketcap and literally the most hyped token at the time.

Between general Devcon hype and now this Tim Copeland tweet and perhaps a little bit of drunkanons prediction, there is a lot riding on what happens tomorrow. I wouldn't say sell the news since the profile is still so low and anything big has the potential to make so many new people start paying attention and literally nobody has any idea what will be said, but I'm wary. Regardless I'm in for the long haul.

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I'd like to go SerGAY on her link if you know what I mean

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But every day is nothing but LINK threads.

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do you realize people were saying the same shit you were when ETH came around?
they said it about bitcoin on /g/

I'm not saying LINK absolutely will make it, but you have no real projection here, you're in the dark
stop talking about shit you have no fucking idea about you little spastic nigger
don't make me ban you

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What if Someone just larped as drunkanon

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how could anyone say it about bitcoin when there were no other crupto currencies at the time?

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10k isnt enough, is it?

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good take. holding those linkies close for now.

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Tim copeland said there will be a happening tomorrow.
That's two.

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