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*Blocks your path*

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>tax FUD

Feels like 2017 again

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Digits confirm?

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>>11592244 (checked)
>Be chinaman
>Know that "2244" is a homophone for "dumbass, dumbass, death, death" in Chinese
Sounds about right for the IRS.
They are more understaffed than ever in an era where personal financial information and tax law is proliferating to the point where they cannot even hope to go after 1% of the people who don't pay their pound of flesh to shylock.
People who believe the "oh, IRS so scary meme" deserve to be poor cucks paying for Tyrone's babies.

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Also, look at the kind of cases they actually take to trial. More than half of them are serious identity theft because social security numbers make identity fraud trivial for every pajeet and taconigger. What they don't want you to know is that they don't have the time or resources to go after anyone except the most egregious abusers of the system.
Just another incompetent government organ overwhelmed to the point of uselessness. Nobody would give a shit about them if it weren't for the "IRS is scarier than the mob" meme propagated by Jewish media.

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never cash out never pay taxes

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Pretty much this. If crypto blows up it is just a matter of time before there is enough political power holding crypto that will back a change to the code such that bitcoin, etc. are exempt from capital gains, or there will be some other clever loophole that is found or created. It's just a matter of time.

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I'm getting this strange sensation that you are going to kill yourself one day.

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Find the specific employee and assasinate them. continue to do so till every employee who blocked my path is assasinated and they start to get spooked and become more helpful instead of hawkful.

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this but ironically

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IRS is fuckhuge.

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oh sorry taxman. I lost my private keys and have to declare my entire portfolio as a loss

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Not their problem. Seriously. Do NOT fuck with IRS if you are a U.S. Citizen.

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He already did, now shut the fuck up and pay your dues

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I think most anons here have actually lost enough so that they will actually get tax credits, lol

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If you make it with Crypto you dont have to be a US citizen...

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I miss this. I miss being a naive young kid again.

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bi ba da badapop bi ba da all your money gone
bi ba da badapop bi ba da all your money gone

Where's the Taxman? I'm the Taxman.
Why should we be pleasin' all the politician heathens
Who would try to change the seasons if the could?
The state of the condition insults my intuitions
And it only makes me crazy and my heart like wood.Everybody stutters one way or the other
So check out my message to you.
As a matter of fact don't let nothin' hold you back.
If the Taxman can do it brother so can you.
I'm the Taxman.
Everybody stutters one way or the other
So check out my message to you.
As a matter of fact don't let nothin' hold you back.
If the Taxman can do it brother so can you.

I'm the taxman

bi ba da badapop bi ba da all your money gone
bi ba da badapop bi ba da all your money gone

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not true. you have to renounce citizenship BEFORE making it for this to work. and good luck trying to move to a low cost low tax country and being able to have the mindset needed to make it let alone physically stay out of harm's way long enough to have the chance to do so. if you change citizenship after making it that doesn't matter, you still owe taxes

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pay your taxes faggots. you have no idea how much other ppls taxes have done for ypu. fucking incel toxicity

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this argument makes sense, not least because the internet was pretty much made possible/invented by governments. but to play Devil's advocate for a second, what about the fact that I have no idea how much other peoples' evaded taxes haven't done for me?

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Not where you spend crypto directly for goods and services... Or just buy citizenship with gains and move. I keep hearing this copy pasta but it isnt true. If I move no one is coming after little ol autistic me because I didnt renounce anything.

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Why do IRS logo looks like a ghost touching star trek ship?

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If you are not totally fine with paying 50% in capital gains you are not American and should be put up against a wall and executed

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maybe not if there's not a lot of actual cash involved yet. once you cash out a decent amount, say $100k+ as a U.S. citizen it's over. they'll see it. and if you try to do structuring that's an even worse crime. don't forget to file your FBAR for each exchange or website not in america where you had a balance over $10k at any moment as well. it's true what Biggie Smalls said, more money, more problems. If you never cash out is the only way

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heh, y-yeah that applies to some anons here, I guess

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Jesus christ you retard its an eagle and a scale

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>Nope, you don't have to report your cryptocurrency on your FBAR. In 2014, the IRS issued a statement, saying, "The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, which issues regulatory guidance pertaining to Reports of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBARs), is not requiring that digital (or virtual) currency accounts be reported on an FBAR at this time but may consider requiring such accounts to be reported in the future." The IRS has confirmed that position for this year.

Nice FUD fag

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lol i remember that guy from the "Tap Water" episode

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When I leave a country and dont plan to use FIAT I dont care about US documents. Good luck IRS try and find my wealth.

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Look at this gov nigger shill pulling every trick in the "keep the flimsy narrative alive" book.
>lol just kill yourself, goy
>the IRS has a huge pajeet-tier call center farm. They are staffed by crack investigators and definitely not low IQ unemployables
>Serious just don't fuck with them, they are so scare
Playbook is getting a little stale at this point, desu.
Move to Puerto Rico for one year, cash out, then renounce. There are other lesser known loopholes, too if you know the right people.
Oh yeah, we should all be grateful for the opportunity to pay all that interest on boomer debt and for Tyrone's medical care. Fucking neck yourself you pathetic cuck.

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wake up!

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*dabs on the IRS*


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Wat movie is this?

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Three Kingdoms TV series from around ten years ago

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I paid my taxes. Harass me and I sue the shit out of you...

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*moves to a non-jewed country*

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Thanks brudda

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>Look at this gov nigger shill pulling every trick in the "keep the flimsy narrative alive" book.
What old /biz (pre 2017) was about:
>minimizing taxes the legal way

What /biz is about today (after /pol is losing money in a manipulated marked):
>lol just dont pay they are too stupid to come after a neckbeard who has no idea how any IRS in any country works

Crypto is amazing, because it always leads to just 3 kinds of people:
a) people who lose money in the market
b) people who made money, but dodge taxes with suggestions from the interwebs
c) people who made money & lowered their taxes the legal way

a) got fucked
b) will get fucked
c) knows how to get away not getting fucked

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>a) got fucked
>b) will get fucked
>c) knows how to get away not getting fucked

Not if B end up getting away with it. Which is currently the case this year. And next year. And the year after.

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Crypto has unironically ruined my life.

I first caught wind of it when a buddy of mine said he was going all in on ETH in May of last year. I said fuck it, signed up on Coinbase and threw $5000 into crypto. Mind you this is like half of my life savings (poorfag), but hell it's not too much to lose.

Well, I went down the rabbit hole and struck gold a few times. Antshares, DGB, ZRX, Walton... I brought my 5k initial all the way up to a $880k portfolio in December 2017.

Now I should have listened. I should have cashed out, yes. Once I hit $1 million I was going to... I would have been set. And then, JUST like that the market tanks going into the new year.

I didn't know shit about taxes so I never bothered to set aside anything. I gambled in more than a few shit ICOs to start 2018, had some money in ZCL, NEO, BCH, OMG, etc. Today my portfolio sits at $125k, a far cry from my $880k ATH.

My estimated tax liability for 2017 is about 390k (live in Cuckafornia, fuck this place).

I make $12/hr as a retail associate at Barnes & Noble. I haven't paid any taxes or filed any returns for 2017.

I'm probably just going to kill myself if BTC isn't 50k by the end of the year.

In the end Cuckbase ratted me out here. Just pay your goddamn taxes. Don't be me.

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>imagine being american and being cucked by the IRS for internet funny money

**laughs in swiss**

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>Not if B end up getting away with it.
How high do you assume the possibility, that the people use a method fitting their needs to avoid taxes?

No. The amount of guys effectively dodging their taxes without ever being caught will be minimal. Too many people in this area stick to sovereign-citizen-like arguments while using e.g. coinbase or buying houses or other visible property after cashing out on regular bank accounts.
And the rest always has to fear for the other party on e.g. localbitcoins being a honeypot.

Ofc I am not talking about the fishes with <100k here. They are too small to be of any relevance and mostly get caught right after they cash out anyways.

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>oooooh don't mess with the IRS
>you're going to assrape prison
>they'll take EVERYTHING
Literally have not filed with your agency since the year 2000. Claim exempt on W2, no withholdings other than FICA for the Social Securioty that won't be there for me in 30 year regardless if I file or not. Nothing ever happened, and nothing ever will because you are understaffed with incompetent people one tier above literal welfare recipients.

t. still free

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gooby pls

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Not so fast, IRS!

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You are a moron. Like most other petty crime, most instances of tax evasion are NEVER caught. The IRS themselves admits the same when they kvetch about the hundreds of billions in "unrecovered" taxes.
Exactly. This anon gets it because he can actually think for himself instead of repeating the same tropes that were spoonfed to him through public school and establishment media.