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Here's what's going to happen on November 15.
When Bitcoin SV splits they will also remove replay protection and go back to competing directly with the BTC chain. At the same time as this happen, massive selling, the likes of which have never been seen before, from back near the genesis block, in both the rebel BCH *AS WELL AS* the BTC chain, crashing prices and sending the price of the Bitcoin SV token sky high. With the re-adoption of the original difficulty adjustment algorithm, BTC and BSV will go head to head with a massive fucking huge unimaginably enormous bribe being paid directly to all miners in order to mine BSV and drop BTC. With the hashrate for BTC having been pumped up to enormously high levels, and the stale DAA in place, The present BTC chain will be utterly destroyed in short order, and any miners desperate enough to keep throwing POW at it will be driven out of business.
Bitcoin SV will execute on the original vision for Bitcoin, Core will die, Bitmain's strategy of coaxing a swarm of shitcoins into existence upon which they earn a constant tax will fail, and there will be only one productive scaled and fully usable chain remaining.
Spelling it out for the nubs, this is your last chance.
You heard it here first, don't say you weren't warned.



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>remove replay protection and go back to competing directly with the BTC chain.
that's not possible
>re-adoption of original daa
that's not in bitcoin SVs release

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>that's not possible
haha. k.
>that's not in bitcoin SVs release
not familiar with the concept of a surprise attack I see.

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the btc chain and bch are permanently incompatible, it's nothing to do with replay protection.

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> blocks don't have a coinbase reward. this can't be used to ensure that a certain block is the one emitted.

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how do I buy BSV

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So tell me, in order to get BSV you just have to hold BCH?

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I'm not sure if this guy is full of shit or not, I'm trying to wargame it out in my head..
Let's assume nChain *does* have a huge stash of BTC and BCH and are prepared to use it in a war chest to mount this operation.
They have control of coingeek's hashrate, that much we know so we can take it as a granted that at least they will be in on the op.
We also know that BTC and BCH are both not very profitable at all right now, they're in a trough, so "bribing" the miners to mine this new iteration of the BTC chain without replay protection but with the BSV consensus rules instead of the core blocks with the 1mb limit and segwit I guess would be possible? All it would take is a little push to really torpedo BTC mining profitability, BCH's DAA would self-adjust downwards to compensate also making it even less well protected, so that single move might indeed cause both those chains to be very poorly protected indeed.
If from then on in, the new BSV rule blocks are heavily compensated because they start buying the shit out of them with the funds they liquidate from selling BCH and BTC... Fuck
That could actually work.
Am I missing something? Who the fuck just unceremoniously spells out information like thiis on fucking biz of all places? Something has to be wrong with this.
If I'm right about how this would transpire, yes, present BCH holders will make out like bandits, BCH holders that trade in for BSV will make out like even wealthier bandits, and BTC holders will get utterly and completely fucked.

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Well... whether nChain can actually pull it off or not, they clearly fucking think they can. https://subtletv.com/baap1ks/CSW_There_is_no_split_You_split_we_bankrupt_you_This_is_how_Bitcoin_works_

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This guy is full of shit.

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proof of work is such a clusterfuck, lightning when

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the chains can't recombine, miners could mine bitcoin sv on the btc chain but then you wouldn't own it if you owned bch

I could justify if SV wins the nov hashwar a massive price rally for bch/btc that caused a chain death spiral by btc blocktime becoming asymptotic to the 2016 difficulty adjustment. afterwards bch would return to 2016 block difficulty adjustments securing the death of btc

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greg will save us

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>sidechain merchant

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If it's a hard fork, yes, they can. You can do absolutely anything with a hard fork.
One thing OP might be missing though is if they pull this off, that's the end of BTC, properly, because of the DAA. The people who get fucked by this are going to be mighty, mighty pissed. Expect dramatic reactions. (assuming it's for real)

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based satoshi crashing this plane with no survivors

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you fucking niggers are forgetting one thing.

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the chains can't recombine, you cannot reorg a year of transactions it would cost billions

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the only way btc is gonna die is when bch/btc moons at a rate that hashpower leaves btc quicker than btc can reduce difficulty as blocktime approaches infinity price approaches 0

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You're not understanding what is happening, it's not a re-org, it's a hard fork and dump of the entire present BTC ledger and replacement of it with the present BCH ledger as of November 15 + the implementation of the BSV consensus rule set as described in the SV client, coupled with mass dumping of BTC / BCH in order to crash the prices and mass pumping of BSV to moon it, thus making miners swarm over to the SV ruleset and abandon both the BTC and BCH ruleset.
I'm not sure if it's going to happen, but there's no question that given a significant amount of selling of BTC/BCH and buying of BSV, it would work, this is effectively a lot like what happened with BCHBTC last year when it hit 0.5

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>dump of the entire present BTC ledger and replacement of it with the present BCH ledger
you cannot dump blocks
you have no idea what you're saying

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dumping ledgers is not the same as dumping blocks.

The state of the ledger at any point in time is a result of what the consensus rules dictate that it should be, if you can arbitrarily change those consensus rules, you can arbitrarily change that ledger, which is how various BTC shitforks say re-allocated Satoshi's coins to various other purposes etc.

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dumping ledgers is not a thing.

if miners all decided to start mining SV on btc right now nothing would happen to the ledger prior to the block they hardforked to SV

If miners wanted to replace the btc ledger with bch from august 2017 they would need to rehash every single block from then till now

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If miners all decide to start mining SV on top of BTC now, because of the BTC DAA the BTC chain will completely cease to exist very quickly. Meanwhile, they all move over to BSV because the price skyrocketed.
It's not that complex, it really is exactly like what happened last year with BCH hitting 0.5 BTC, except it is also a reverse of the BCH DAA which is what saved BTC from total destruction last time. If this is for real, the chain we presently identify as BTC is dead, end of story.

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rewriting a chain is in no ones interest and would be incredibly expensive

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you have no fucking idea what you're saying. Bitcoin SV is a set of rules, if bitcoin sv was mined on the btc chain it would be btc not bch.

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>please buy my bags

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for the final time, it's not a chain rewrite.
It would be "mined on" the BCH chain in terms of block ancestry, but the speculative attack of dumping huge amounts of BTC and BCH at the same time as buying huge amounts of BSV = BTC and BCH go away and only BSV remains.
This is the only thing that makes sense in the context of "There is no split, if you split, we bankrupt you".
He may well be full of shit, this may all be an elaborate larp, but just like the BCH version of the attack where dumping BTC and pumping BCH kills BTC, this attack would have the same effect.

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so what, bch mooned as high as btc as well, percent wise

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If your dumb asses understood who has the biggest stack of BTC (and they haven't even dumped BCH yet) you wouldn't be worried about any shitfork taking over BTC ever.

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I know it's not a chain rewrite that's this guys >>11588925 belief
you said >>11589043
>If miners all decide to start mining SV on top of BTC now, because of the BTC DAA the BTC chain will completely cease to exist very quickly.
completely wrong

I clearly don't disagree with price bch/btc price increase causing a btc chain death spiral as I said >>11588908

>This is the only thing that makes sense in the context of "There is no split, if you split, we bankrupt you".
craig has said they will mine at a loss to ensure the majority hashpower on bch post nov fork is mining SV https://keyport.tv/free/4UfQhArSb2rwnp

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well duh shucks there chuck, I'm going to have to go out on a limb and say it's probably fucking satoshi, but you go on and LARP your bullshit mp fantasy.

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Dude second from the right looks like a numale version of Alan Thrall

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dude second from the right is the second worst thing to have ever happened to bitcoin.

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spoiler alert: it's going to be a nothingburger

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Jihan will concede at the last minute to avoid a contentious fork, as always. He's a pushover who let corecuck UASF and S2X kikes outchink him last year, and especially now with his IPO in the works he's not going to take on additional risk and bad optics.

If he really was planning to battle on the 15th he would have pulled hashpower from BTC weeks ago to reduce the difficulty and prevent a BTC death spiral.

Therefore his hash will stay put on the 15th and continue to mine BTC like the fucking sissy that he is. Nchain gang will takeover and bcash will finally have someone with real balls at the helm.


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not possible it's unironically bitcoins last chance. it's going to be ABC or SV

ABC is nearly as bad as core, they'll definitely move for 1 min blocks, pre consensus and wormhole coin. Bitmain is to ABC as mastercard is to blockstream.

not going to invest in something that requires billionaires to mine at a loss to ensure it's economic properties aren't hijacked towards proof of stake for the interest of lazy monopolists.
If SV doesn't win the hashwar convincingly bitcoin has failed and for the same reasons the railroads became nationalized.

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