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Whic max price could LINK reach (if it succeed in the next years) in relationship to the supply? 5-10$

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I mean 1 billion tokens is too much for 1000$ LINK, lets stay realistic

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I think we're in the $5000 timeline now brother.

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5-10k$ you dumb nigger

u don't deserve this coin

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It is this.

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18 decimals

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If capitalization reach 10 billion$, does it mean 10$ pro LINK?

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You're looking at it backwards. If link hits $10 then market capitalization reaches $10 billion.

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Nobody belives this, but is 5-10$ a realistic price by 1 billion tokens?

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>>11557449>hurr durrr, i dodnt red dur white papur, i don no what token is fur or what iz tokenokenommicz iz, hurr won billyanz is big beeg numbherz, hurr dur, 5-10 doll hairz iz wut i thinks, wut iz stake token? hurr durr

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you are a dumb nigger who doesn't understand the token or its purpose, you don't deserve to get rich from this, pls sell and buy mobius, dumb nigger sirs

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I understand the purpose, its relation between blockchain and MUH SERVERS, smart contracts etc. We talking about possible price (if succeed)

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Listen man, I agree with you, but we have to learn how to cope with the retards who doubted LINK. This is about your future, anon. Just because you have fuck you money doesn't mean you say fuck you to everyone. You're still going to have to interface with the plebs, so it's better to learn how to play nicely now before you make it. Brush up on your social gains.

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You're here to speculate on price, but you're using total token supply as the main metric for determining the price. This is such a shit start to speculation that no one wants to break it down for you.

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If succeed it could literally have 90% of the market share of all blockchains and smart contract platforms communicating with all legacy systems, which combined with supply constraints brought about by staking could make single tokens hundreds of dollars, if not $1k each, by 2025.

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You don't understand what crypto currency is beyond it being a vehicle for your gambling addiction.




You're stuck in commodity scalping/squatting mentality and/or are too busy rubbing your nipples to 5 minute candles to understand why autists are optimistic about this.

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thank you for reinforcing for anyone with more than 2 digits in their iq how fucking retarded you are. You don't understand the token, otherwise you'd know why it will reach $10k. You are a low iq mong who doesn't deserve this, you only hold it cuz "hurr durr may mays".
Sell dumn nigger, the world needs wealth like the kind chainlink will create in strong hands with sharp minds.

Shut the fuck up pedro and get back to washing my cars you filthy fucking pleb spic nigger. I dont need to socialize shit.

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$1000 EOY

It really isn't hard to understand.

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lmao god you're fucking dumb kid

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$820 minimum

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EOY 2028? or 2035?

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Do you see? the Marketcap of link will need to rise to meet the demands of collateral. Decide how much collateral you think will be needed and work it out from there.

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It would be absurd to have Link at 1000$, Sergey would in that case be the wealthiest guy in the world.
Half of /biz/ would have a net-worth of more than 100 mio $.

I don't know how much of it can be directly translated into fiat or goods in general. Like if you had a 100K BTC you couldn't sell them at an exchange for the "current" price, and perhaps you never would be able to.

But this is strange times we live in, 20 years ago, all of the 10 largest companies (in terms of money) where companies that had existed for 50-100 years.. now we have companies like facebook and google, among the largest, and what is it they do? they are essentially internet based advertising agencies, which came into existence no more than 10 years ago.

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Dude 90% of link will be staked in nodes while all the normies will fomo to buy the remaining 10% on exchanges at insane prices when they realize how big the passive income is, 1k per link end of year

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Argh you guys are killing me.

Don't you understand how retard this article is?

You can't just take a percentage of the total derivate market and say an X percentage is the worth of Chainlink.

You should find out how much an smart contract execution is worth and how many times it will be executed.

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I think you should read this https://www.reddit.com/r/LINKTrader/comments/9n6e9u/the_sleeping_giant/

here is the conclusion:
Low Estimate – Smart Contracts take over 10% of the derivatives market and 5% reserve for penalty payments gives Chainlink a Market Cap of $63.5 Billion, and a value of $63.50 per Link token.

Medium Estimate – Smart Contracts take over 30% of the derivatives market and 10% reserve for penalty payments gives Chainlink a Market Cap of $381 Billion, and a value of $381 per Link token.

Moon Estimate – Smart Contracts take over 100% of the derivatives market and 100% reserve for penalty payments gives Chainlink a Market Cap of $12.7 Trillion, and a value of $12,700 per Link token.

*note: This is only looking at today’s existing derivative contracts, and does not take into account other contracts not covered by this market, or the growth of the derivative market in the future.

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no u

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Value of an API call vs value of collateral required. You're talking about a different price metric.

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What is the best place to hold LINK? Ledger? Binance? MyEtherWallet?

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This. Also i believe in 370$ is the price in some
point because of couple anons trip stories in which they both saw 370 Link price.

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use the wallet on etherdelta

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soon link will be 75$

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Keep a little on Binance in case the network gets clogged on the day of the happening and u can’t transfer any to sel the top

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I keep all my link on binance.

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well shit, now I gotta find some other mongrel to wash my cars

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You think half of biz has a stack of 100k link? us$40k+? No. Just no. A small percentage of anons actually own link. And from those few, a small fraction own more than 20k link.

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I have 105k.

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you are half of biz i take it

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anons are the biggest chads regarding link holdings. where do you think the money from the bullrun went

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No, just me. No idea how many others actually have this much though.

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at this price i'd have 12001648 in my country
too good to be true

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Most people don't even have an extra 100 to invest, the people that own even 5k link are the minority.

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Yeah I'd have like $85 million USD. That's ridiculous.

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The anons that bought ETH at under a dollar probably thought the same...whether they held till it reached 800 and beyond is another story.

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Except ETH didn't need half as much money as link to go from 1 dollar to 1000.
Link has a higher supply

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Low estimate eoy 2018
Medium estimate eoy 2019
Moon estimate eoy 2020
Moon + FOMO estimate 2021

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wow man kek
I'll hold.... who knows link change my life

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True, but link has staking and the use case is arguably bigger than eth

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>>11557863congrats on giving free linkies to binance, so they can fuck us over with their bots. also if binance gets shut down, all your linkies are lost, never trust chinks.

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Checked but id says you have to GO BacK...

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people can trace your waller knowing the exact amount dude??? never post the full amount

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>throws linkies at linkpool

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It's impossible to predict since nothing like this has existed before (a REAL utility token). There is no method of FA for this type of asset. My guess is $10 is best possible scenario maybe 2-3 years from now assuming it gains adoption.

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If LINK actually works, it will definitely go above 4 billion marketcap. Even XRP with no product got to 140 billion mcap in the last bullrun.

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Still conservative because these numbers are based off the full circulating supply on 1 billion right? When in reality AT LEAST 1/3 of that would be locked up in nodes. Or am I just a t. Brainlet?

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Holy shit $20000?

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Normies will never fomo into link. Even most of the people on this board don't really know what it is after being shilled for a year straight. Also, it's not passive income. You can't just put your link in a wallet and earn money like all those masternode Ponzi networks. You have to actually provide data and put up collateral and compete with other data providers.

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Mate you're actually the one who doesn't understand. Kinda painful to see. See: >>11557758

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>been thinking for WEEKS about going in on link when it was at 4600 sats
>its now stables at over 6500 sats


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XRP price was driven purely by normie hype because it was seen as "cheap" in comparison to BTC, ETH, LTC (which were the only other coins up until like a year ago). I don't see LINK ever gaining normie hype, it's too complicated and the team doesn't market to retail investors. Price will have to be driven by actual adoption/utility, which is not a sure thing like everyone on this board thinks.

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I just looked at the DASH chart. It mooned to $1000 and crashed. Can we compare this to LINK?

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runs on eth blockchain
>bigger than eth
the absolute state

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$5 MAX for this project.

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Unless said wallet executes a transaction
>I own 11558044 links

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Mcap of link is 150 million
In a bull market it can achieve 15 billion. Thats 100x from now.

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>t. doesn't understand link nodes
you don't pick the apis you fucking retard

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they said the same thing about eth

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You’re welcome

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you are a MANIAC

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each day I get more and more surprised at how much more talked about link is on this board as compared to btc

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No one here cares about boomercoin anymore.

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Fomo in son, shit ain't going down.

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Why do people talk about reqt here

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