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Where the fuck have ass blaster and Nigger anus been lately? Any updates??

>> No.11538204

larpers are the second worst people on this board, second only to the faggots that follow them

>> No.11538217

they died

>> No.11538312

I know AB IRL. He currently holds over 1MM LINK. Got sick of this board and its bullshit and basically vowed to not visit again. One night we were out getting drinks and he was basically questioning why he ever started posting to begin with, something along the lines of wanting to be some sort of hero and then realizing who he was being a hero for and feeling it was idiotic. I am not 100% sure he doesn't visit anymore but he says he doesn't.

>> No.11538316

Thanks fren

>> No.11538453

AB told me he almost got busted so is way more low key now.

>> No.11538569

I would be extremely surprised if AB's visits to /biz/ would be below 3 by May 2019.

>> No.11538612

we all know he lurks /biz/
once you come here you can never leave

>> No.11538698

They said that about /b/

>> No.11538735

I'm not acquainted with Nigger Anus, pls tell me of his big reveal

>> No.11538755

Both are literally larps.. Niggeranus made a thread the day of dreamforce saying "whoops sorry guys chainlink won't be mentioned" faggot.

>> No.11538770

My bad senpai.

>> No.11538782

Nigger Anus was the family member larp.

>> No.11538791

y'all remind me of myself in december 2017, completely psychotic. it's time to LET GO

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