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Post if you hold Link or not and what political ideology you adhere to.

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>not yet

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I figured we all leaned right considering we're on 4chan

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I lean left, over 100k link

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Trumps a fucking retard and I voted Hillary but I still hold roughly 5k link

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I have less than you, so you are obligated to redistribute to me, right?

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the loudest ones on here for the last 4-6 years are mostly right-leaning but I doubt most lurkers or normies on here are that political, most of it is public relations shills anyway.

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linklets, if you respond to this guy he'll give you free link!
pretty cool, huh? seems like a really chill dude.

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fuck off pol

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social democrat since high school
t. 25k link

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Fuck off spic

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I don't hold LINK. I mistrust all forms of power- whether they are Hitler-style leaders of an ethnostate, or a hippie commune. Politics are a scam to me, but overall, I definitely prefer living in the West to the possibility of living in Russia or China

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It's true. 99.999% of the world doesn't hold link and they are all communist homosexual feminist eco-warriors. Its us against the world.

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No, it doesn't work like that, how can you extrapolate that leaning left means I will redestribute my wealth to you. Your probably a nigga or a jew. Gas yourself

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>left leaning
>uses racist slurs and nazi propaganda
messed up bruv

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So you vote to redistribute my money to nigs and spics but I can't vote to redistribute your linkies to me because reasons?

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most aren't that political, but if you stay on 4chan long enough you slowly lean more on the right wing without noticing it too much.

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I hold no allegiances
t. 15k LINK

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>since ICO
>strict adherence to any political ideology is a detachment from the state of reality which is ever changing

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you obviously never browsed /his/ and /lit/, ;literal /leftypol/ tankie colonies.

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>left leaning
Socially or fiscally?
Socially Im left, fiscally Im far right. I believe in minimal government but I'm not full blown libertarian, we still need infrastructure but social safety nets? Make your own you lazy fucks.
Also currently not holding link yet. Too scared to pull the trigger right now, shit is too crazy.

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you actually call yourself left-leaning? You are the cancer that is destroying the US. You are middle right at the very least. Not wanting to kill gays doesn't make you left-leaning faggot

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Yep. Anarcho-syndicalist.

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Its true, I have 100k link and am a nazi

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Well I'm a proud 22 year old vegan socialist and anti-racist. And I hold more LINK than 95% of biz. So fuck you edgy neo nazi incels and your hateful ideology.

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>thinks opinions on race determines if you're left or right
Che Guevara was rightwing by your book

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Well I'm a proud 22 year old vegan socialist and anti-racist. And I hold more LINK than 95% of biz. So fuck you edgy neo nazi incels and your hateful ideology

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Because that's literally what "left" means. I'll be using my Link node to support a local co-op network, and various Antifa ops. I have no right to hoard my wealth - I don't even have wealth, the community does.

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lol die faggot

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I hold Link. All the racist shit on this board annoys me, but I get bored too easily for reddit's slow place.

I'm a mix of conservative/libertarian.

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probably yes
hold lots of link, i'm about as far right as you can get without going full nazi

all antifa, socialists, and communists need to be gassed

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No dummy you can be fiscally liberal and socially conservative, just because your political party toes a line doesn't mean your ideological views are in lock step with them.
Eg. I believe people should be able to do whatever the fuck they want in their bedroom but I don't want to pay for your abortion. Also, my views on race are such that I am indifferent to the plight of races that I feel no kinship towards. I don't hate them, i just don't give a fuck what they do unless it affects me and wouldn't go out of my way to "help them out" like I would with people I care about. This makes me racist I suppose but I cant change the way I naturally feel.

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where the fuck did you get that?
a person against wealth redistribution actually called themselves left-leaning. I have entered bizarro retard world. probably a fucking reddit poster

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the racial slurs are just icing on the cake.

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this is true. but there are no leftists on /biz/

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Link holder

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I'm a Canadian socialist and I hold around 150k LINK. The first 50 socialists who respond to me get 1k LINK to also spread around.

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Imagine thinking that seriously posting in this thread is productive use of your time.

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based as fuck, comrade

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Further left than chairman mao

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Honestly we should be killing facists on sight

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Slightly to the right of Ghengis Khan

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It's the Second Coming

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>lit is lefty pol because retards asking for "nazi book suggestions" or making threads asking "what books can I use to destroy commie arguments" get told to fuck off
Lmao. Intellectuals don't partake in brain dead identity politics, so surprising.

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Lmao. Basically everyone here is a nazi commie or lolbritarian.

The funny thing is the commies owning link and not seeing the contradiction that owning link(or any asset) in hopes of becoming wealthy/burgoise is.
If you own something in hopes of becoming rich you're right wing or at most left leaning.
If you call yourself any form of Marxist/socialist/communist and own cryptos you think will appreciate in value, you're not a Marxist/socialist/communist... You're a spoiled entitled capitalist who wants to feel better about not being all faggy and fair with your money.

Bunch of faggot hypocrites with God complexes.

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t. Hypocrite

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I have 30k link and at first i was a natsoc but now im Anarcho-transhumanism

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12k link, ancap

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Maple syrup to the people

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Looks like I found one of them :)

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Like all high IQ biztards, I am a raging socialist and of course a linkie.

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>my potions are too strong for you

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yo nigga hit me up

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Link Marine for good spoke of the social programming in this thread

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under 10k link
radical humanist

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militant communist, 35k link

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mind redistributing some of that link to a poor working class south american?

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since when did left=communism and right=capitalism?
what's with Americans changing definitions of left and right every election?

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Yes hold link
Rational egoist

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>socially liberal
>fiscally conservative
>political party

Who the fuck let you in here normie? I mean actually Left, the same way AnCaps and NeetSocs are actually Right. Not your porky cock sucking corporatist NPC mind-slave ideologies.

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That's what Left always meant (among other related ideologies). Stop watching television and read a book.

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funny how you blabbering on about NPC slave ideologues yet you are stuck on basic bitch definitions for left and right that have been planted in your brain by the mainstream media
good vs bad right, black and white, marvel v Capcom
top kek

daily reminder left=democracy and right=monarcucks

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I wasn't aware communism had anything to do with the French Revolution

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Jeffersonian Libertarian

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>NeetSocs are actually Right
> porky

fuck off you leftist retard.

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go on r9k and you will see a completely different story

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Over 100k link.

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If the isreli government paid shills can change their mind on the jews i dont think these commies have a chance.

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Over 100k link here. Im also socialist. I believe in regulations meant to protect americans while stabelizing the ecpnomy without styfling innovation.

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Did you seriously just call yourself an "intellectual?" Don't kid yourself. Just because you pretend to have read all of Das Kapital to fit in on leftypol, doesn't mean anyone outside of that shitty hugbox thinks you're smart.

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Communsim and leftism are just relatively modern names given to age-old victim ideology.

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yes it's true
fuck liberals, kikes and subhumans

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I see you like logical fallacies and evidently hate making arguments and instead use buzzwords that mean nothing like "identity politics"

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You know poor whites are the reason welfare exists in the first place right? Like ((they)) would actually make free money just for nigs and spics..lol.

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There is no fiscal far right anymore. That's a meme. Both sides are equally irresponsible and government will keep growing as long as whoever in power feels like growing it.

And if you think LINK looks crazy right now, you haven't seen anything yet. You can buy LINK, the only thing that will connect all the world's outside data to smart contracts, for under $.50 right now.

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no. welfare exists because bismarck was afraid of socialists AND capitalists.

>there's only 2 possible positions with only slight differences in the whole political spectrum

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Militant communist. I hold no link cause i thought it was just an alt-right meme coin.

The internationale will be the human race.

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Nazis were communist. If you went full nazi you'd have to kill yourself too like hitler would have to kill himself for not having arian genes. You are as white supremacist as you can get though. Congrats.

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"Nazis were communist"

Don't feel bad. Much of the world is as ignorant as you.

"Buffalo Wild Wings serves buffalo meat"

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