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I drunk bought 30k link last night. What have I done??

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Don't drink and link anon

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you just learned that you're the rare breed of drunk that makes good decisions

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>I drunk bought 30k link last night
You drunk made yourself a multi-millionaire

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Did your future self a massive favor good job anon

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You've made yourself into a bagholder. Better sell before the 31st because that's the last conference and Link is gonna fucking tank hard after that when the news dries up. We're gonna start a downtrend soon.

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the liquor was trying to help you. it knows.

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you make big mistakes when drunk anon, you bought fairly large bags of a temporary bandaid solution and should sell them in under 2 years before chainlink gets replaced.

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You're so fucked once February roll around

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you have thrown a lot of money out of the window.
cryptos always crash after the mainnet release. This will be especially true for Link, whose founder has barely any programming knowledge and thus expect its mainnet to be full of bugs. You migth continue to hold but SELL EVERYTHING BEFORE THE MAINNET RELEASE OK?

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You pretty much fucked a fat ugly chick last night and now she won’t leave while she eats all your food

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I did the same in july on credit. Already doubled my money no regrets here

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Smart move, unusual for somebody intoxicated. Congrats.

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Similar feels, coulda sold 62k REQ @ 1.1k sats and bought back in now for 88k REQ

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