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Now that IDEX will require KYC and will block IPs based on geographic location, how do I short IDEX?

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Post proof link or gtfo

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Fuck it's true, I'm also lucky enough to live in NY. Fuck these Jews up in Albany.
Aurora (IDEX) *Not Giving Away ETH* (@Aurora_dao) Tweeted:
***Notice: #IDEX will begin blocking new orders from users with New York State IP addresses on Thursday, October 25th (6pm UTC). Cancels and withdrawals will remain active. https://twitter.com/Aurora_dao/status/1054917418621984768?s=17

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this would ruin everything

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Even if this wasn't a larp nothing is stopping you from using a vpn

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Yes, desu. I will try that. Hoping OP is wrong about the KYC part.

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What would be the point of it if they did that?

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wow, some dex idex is..

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Isn't that the biggest exchange for Dag? Those guys must be literally cursed.

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Loool it's actually true. Nice """decentralized""" exchange you have there lol. What's the point of that shit then?

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Compliance with NYS regulations.

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Really makes you think though, is anything in this space really decentralized? If the US government actually pressured the bitcoin devs does anyone actually believe they wouldn't do what they were told?

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I know bitcoin devs based in the US. They are ready to pull a Roger Ver and skip town if it escalates to that point.

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I don't know man, I feel like the only reason there's even the illusion of decentralization is that it just hasn't been actually tested yet on most of these projects. IDEX obviously isn't though at least we can say that for sure now.

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