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Just poured a glass. I am around today and can post on and off for a bit. It is a good day for chainlink but I am disappointed you guys missed one of the biggest clues provided by Sergey today.

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Please don't be a larp.

Taking for dubs of truth

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help us retards out please fren

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The fuck did we miss, drunkanon? He said money was important (I think this means they might be using part of the 650 million to pay NEET node operators) and that chainlink could be used as a scaling solution, right?

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Side chat
Last minute convo
Sergey states that they’re already implementing oracles with IOT devices, gives boiler as a reference
Do what you want with this info

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its me
does anyone have a youtube link to the "side chat" of sergey today ?
I'm not drunk yet but may be in a bit

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What does this mean, if anything, for my ether and xml holdings through early 2019?

Asking for myself because I don’t have any friends and am a wizard.

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yes but he has mentioned iot devices before - ie the example of the "where the locks engaged"

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Side chat


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Hello drunkanon, we're too hyped by price action, gonna save the breadcrumb for LINK bear market action.

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Are we really going to be rich mr. drunk anon?

t.13k stinkies

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Thanks anon!
Much better answer than that faggot drunkard stringing every clue along.

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>does anyone have a youtube link to the "side chat" of sergey today ?

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Tell us something useful or gtfo faggot.

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what was the clue drunk anon

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Sergey lord confirmed their work with hyperledger. Hence this solidified all other connections with other power players. 10k eoy.

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Side chat with Sergey:

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Shut up. Let drunkanon speak!

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Has anyone uploaded a copy of the speech yet? I loved the part where he announced the web3 'parnership'. He was like 'uhh yeah, so we're announcing it, It's an announcement. It's great'.

Today is just a a small taste of what's to come.

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Who was that bro who serg was tripping iver himself to chat to?
Also, someone talking about reinsurance? Is that legit? Because reinsurance.....

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Everyone needs to listen to this to start. I have to run out for about 30 minutes and will hop back in. Near the end he explains how smartcontract has been working and how chainlink will continue to work. Listen to when he says we work with consultant companies all the time. key words here are White Label Partnerships

If you don't know what they are its basically we make a product and allow you to take credit.
quick rundown - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3hojaud4e8

Were talking Microsoft, Digital Asset, Accenture, IntellectEU and others. They slapped their label on chainlink through White Label Partnerships. Through these agreement SmartContract.com cornered the oracle market, checkmate. I'll be back in 30ish.

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hint: there’s more than one guy named sergey involved

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Did anyone catch the company name of that guy that "steve is really excited about"

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thoughts on this??

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If that's true, that's fucking it. We actually win.

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We always knew.

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Sigma prime


The guy says his name is Luke, he's Australian and there's a guy at sigma prime called Luke who's also australian

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So that’s what cryplets is?

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cryplets is a microsoft white label product that in actuality is chainlink. this is my guess

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>white label
unironically massive. please don't fuck with me right now i just couldn't take it

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Nice one.
I wonder if we have any confirmation about the two sigma connection being legit.

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So the already announced partnerships arent white label? Which means that chainlink will never formally announce they'll work with the big names like Microsoft?

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you may never hear them using chainlink until one day we blast off into fucking outerspace and your bags are worth pure gold.

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Tendermint?? Hmmmmm.jpg

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I finally get to be an insider. Chain is not chainlink. Visa isn't even using Chain anymore, that's why the tweet is about hyperledge fabric. they aren't using chainlink, at least not as of right now. source: dude, trust me.

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This. Chainlink is a scam.

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>As reported nearly two years ago to the day, Visa first announced the blockchain platform co-developed with blockchain industry startup chain Inc..

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You mean the hints about API's and such from the twit video from temo or timo? Yeah didn't miss that obvious point. Give me something different to look into.

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How else are they sending the date to hyperledger pajeet fudder. It literally takes a child to figure this one out.

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>16 lotterys, a porno shop and a gun shop

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Literally no other solution other chan chainlink to move data into the hyperledger platform

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Nigs gonna nog

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So like walmart sub contracting out to a business to make their "great value" brand stuff, or similar organizational brand.

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Yesssss holy shit you're reight.

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> your bags are worth pure gold.

Nigga, your bags will be worth so much Peter Schiff will be talking about how gold is gonna be worth pure chainlink

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Either way it uses link nodes and tokens right?

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where the fuck is drunk anon. this dude just disappeared on us again kek

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Need something more, these dots are easy and already connected. Tell me about competitive rivalry and compaitive advantage and what Link does here.

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he said 30ish less then 30 minutes ago
let the man drink

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Agreed. I'm curious to hear more.

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White label = shadow fork

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He mentioned transport sector. Huge.

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>two years ago
they were using Chain, Chain sucks, they switched to hyperledger fabric about a year ago.

it's not particularly de-centralized, visa wants to maintain control. no need for de-centralized oracles when the whole thing is only nominally de-centralized.

and i'm not fudding. i'm all in on link, i'm just saying not everyone is using link, and not everyone needs to use it for 1k eoy. to think anything remotely related to blockchains is using link is just delusion. we're all in this together.

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Is this the new fud?

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k. Im back. Hopefully this sheds light on why so many projects seem eerily similar but they don't have code and they are silent about chainlink. If you look back at the lawyer Sergey hired back in the day, Borders, he specialized in Software as a Service and White Label Agreements.

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welcome back anon

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Any kind of input into a blockchain requires oracles, are you saying they will create their centralized oracles to use a centralized blockchain platform?
Unironically curious

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so i thought these past two weeks were smoke and mirrors? can we still expect some news at devcon or in the other conferences in Nov?

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yeah. de-centralized oracles only matter if you care about de-centralization which they don't. centralized oracles aren't that difficult, just ask oraclize

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ID Checked

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yes. In this case middleware. This allows these other companies to go out and get business while Sergey and team focus on the code and production. going through the thread replying so may be minute.

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Then whats the point of they are using a centralized blockchain platform, why not use a regular database? Way cheaper

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But they still run on the Link network, thereby increasing use of tokens that will increase value?

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Chainlink is love. Chainlink is life.

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this is the real question

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and to add to this, their goal is to compete with swift, ripple, et al which is bullish af for chainlink if swift is using them

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I heard that. What was the point he was trying to make?

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It gives news like this new perspective if the white label theory is true.


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yo drunkanon. Sergey says “we’re fine with white labels”. He didn’t sound whole hearted to it. The idea that link cornered the oracle market may be a stretch given it’s doesn’t sound like it’s their priority.

Their priority it seem is working with hyperledger, and other major coins.

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I'm going to hold onto my bags for 5-10 years.

Am I retarded for thinking Chainlink will be worth more than bitcoin and ethereum combined?

>pic related, will I have enough Chainlink so that Victoria Justice lets me lick her poophole?

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that's unironically what i said too. i think it's pretty stupid. see >>11491572
it's basically a consortium blockchain with all the advantages that come with that but still short of full de-centralization.

pic very related

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Compared to what is coming, they are. Web3 is nice but it was a given. Connecting chains like polkadot is further out in timeline, sergey said this himself today. But it is imperative to set chainlink in to projects that require an oracle standard.

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a consortium blockchain is still a step up from swift and ach which are old as shit and they get to talk about blockchains and how they are at the forefront of technology, etc.

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Even if you don’t care about decentralized oracles you can still use the Chainlink network to easily bring data into the smart contract. All you need to do is request it in the contract and pay a small fee. Decentralized oracles will have their place but the beauty with Chainlink is the ability to connect the apis to multi platforms.

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I think the same. If it works and if no other crazy innovations happen that we don't even see coming. You should probably take profits from staking at some point.

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When can we expect more good news Drunkanon? November?

Thanks bro. You see what the slide with EasyPost on it? More of that?

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Thanks for the info Will take it into consideration, no larp

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Yes all of these white label partnership agreements have been made for exactly this reason. You realize what big names companies this connects the Chainlink Network? Google partnered with Digital Asset. Here is a quote from digital assets home page -
"Digital Asset, or our strategic partners, can provide application integration services to connect the Platform applications to existing systems and message types."

I bet that statement makes a whole lot more sense now.

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What will get released at devcon4? What is the upper limit of market cap for chainlink?

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oooh i almost forgot to ask you. are you still keen on adhard and komgo working with Chainlink? SIBOS is going on right now.

Also, you said to pay attention to Trent at Ocean Protocol. Still have a feeling they are involved bigly?

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This. It can improve the current system alot with the ultimate goal of being fully decentralized. It's a win in the short term and long term

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Yes. This is how SmartContract.com operated but now Sergey does want to make a name for Chainlink. But believe me, he is still going to be OK with allowing Microsoft to use Cryplets, Enterprise Smart Contracts, or whatever they come up with next.

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*adhara (consensys)

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I have a question: how long till the crypto market figures all of this out? Also, hedge funds have to be taking notice?

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BTW drunkanon is assblaster aka just amother pnd scalper. He doesn't actually know anything.

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OMG.. so the info released about Microsoft Azure and Swift released today, Link is in the middle of that as well?

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fuck off

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And I ment comparative advantage if you decide to respond to another of my posts, had a typo in there. We have a few business cases to go off. What's really needed is tangible business applications for this to work, think about ethSF. We had proof displayed plainly for all to see whats possible by using this. Once that happens we can blast off to where ever.

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There is no upper limit

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You fuck off he doesn't know shit. How are those coinmetro bags doing?

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What info?

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I dont own anything besides LINK you fucking dumbass. kill urself

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Im going to have to run for another bit but will try and field all questions when Im back. Prob hour. Here is something that I have not heard mentioned about price and main net. Sergey is allowing all partnerships to announce including the bigger ones soon. And some of these aren't technially partnerships more of this company will be utilizing chainlink. Others we will see on testnet and be obvious..this will all happen before main net because Sergey and team expect the price to rise significantly for the link token and need it to more or less stabilize for main net before real value contracts are on line. Extreme volatility is not the best for the link token value for Chainlink network.

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It connects, funny how easy it all "links in" when you step back and see the forest for the trees. Business applications are what we need to look at.

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so comfy, sitting on 109k.

Please let this be true. Am I going to be lambo by next year this time?

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so you're saying 10k EOY 2019 forever and always

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damn im jelly as fuck sitting here with 37k stack.
you will for sure make it fren.

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>sergey will allow
Yeah thanks assblaster, Im sure sergey will "allow" microsoft and swift and google and the rest of your "leads" to announce their shit lmao

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Wouldn't fiat relays stabilize the price?

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brainlet here, am I gonna be rich or not

>> No.11491827

you really havent been paying attention to how the news has been coming hey.
stay salty

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How much you got?

>> No.11491840

500 :( 21 year old poorfag valet

>> No.11491850

So much humble bragging ITT. Makes me really feel conservative about my aim to own 10k stinkies.

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20k link suicide insurance

>> No.11491859

You will be a poor millionaire with 10k.

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dont fret, there are many larps

>> No.11491863

You really havent been paying attention to the larpers that link attracts like flies.

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>everything coming true already
>price increasing since July.

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So how do the tokenomics of LINK itself work with white label partnerships? Do the partners just own the link required to run the contracts through chainlink? I'm assuming they'd just pass that price on through the price charged for access to the platform?

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Im 25k linklet. I’m grateful but nowhere near feel comfy. The future $25,000,000 isn’t enough.

>> No.11491895

lol! this faggot doesnt know anything. Why are you so desperate to suck his cock?

>> No.11491913

>25 million is not enough to /makeit/
holy fuck the delusion of the stinkies are approaching astronomical heights

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Thanks anon

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We are likely going to never officially hear about major "partnerships". Chainlink will operate like Cargill does, in the background. And that is the best place to be. Hardly anyone has heard of the company, yet $250 billion and 1/8 of global food supply goes through their doors every year. Grains, salt, beef, oils. The very basis of food. Chainlink will be Cargill, but for the new world of global banking/finance and contract law. Basically it will be everything and everywhere, without a face :)

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>a pee pee poo poo drunk anon is real he's not assblaster he didnt start this thread at the literal top of the pump he is NOT dumping bags waaaaaaa

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250k here. I think we'll be able to quit wagecucking for good by end of 2019. Maybe even mid 2019

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As long as they use the network and tokens could give a shit what they call it.

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back to yelling at the sky brainlet

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“If public company they would be ranked #15 in Fortune 500”.

>> No.11492006

kek, drunkanon is a phony, you idiots keep falling for it

these are professional P&D targeting biz

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Curious about this as well

This is epic. I'm so excited

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hes a larp. its ok. its ok to be a brainlet and believe biz larpers, sergey will save all no matter how dumb.

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Swift tests payment flows over Microsoft Azure

15 hours ago

Swift is testing whether its messaging infrastructure can be hosted on Microsoft Azure to enable cloud-native payments.

Unveiled at Swift's annual Sibos jamboree, a proof-of-concept is being carried out to see if Swift messaging solutions can be deployed in the cloud for faster, more efficient and more secure operations for banks, corporates, service bureaus, and other payments ecosystem players.

Currently, more than 11,000 financial institutions carry out transactions by sending payment messages over the Swift network, tapping on-site tech from the organisation.

The PoC creates a bank-like wire transfer experience with the added operational, security and intelligence benefits the Microsoft cloud offers.

Microsoft’s own treasury department is serving as the initial user for the testing. Microsoft Treasury sends a wire instruction through SAP on Azure which gets validated using machine learning algorithms. Once validated for authenticity, these wires are then sent to Swift via Microsoft’s Swift installation on the cloud. Swift validates the wire instructions and sends its off to the appropriate bank. Once the bank completes the wire instruction it sends confirmation over to Microsoft.

The first payment has already been completed and the partners say that they plans to deliver a private preview to joint customers soon."

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You guys want this to moon like no other project? Literally show/develop/prove it has a business case across all industries. That is whats needed right now. Considering the collective autism of this board. I'd be curious to see what comes of leveraging that to actual business.

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Eh, find a new thread Fudder. You are smelling up the room.

>> No.11492035

How many LINK is a good goal to acquire?
T. 24k Linker

>> No.11492040

The 19k sell wall at 7050 has dropped

>> No.11492043

how is it fud to say this shithead is a larper? In what way is that fud?

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1k linklet here
>mfw not gonna make it

>> No.11492082


Based, redpilled, checked.

>> No.11492110

It's unimportant that it's announced. If this is true, the utility aspect LINk provides will have to be absolutely massive to support them, which means LINK has to be expensive AF to back all those smart contracts.

>> No.11492122

anon. Link being over a dollar defeats the purpose of it.

>> No.11492126

That type of fud doesn't work anymore

>> No.11492127

fuck off with that stale shit.

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>> No.11492144

Falling for a roleplayer once again.

Never change biz. Never change.

>> No.11492146

they are usually right though anon except on price predictions

>> No.11492149

“So how do the tokenomics of LINK itself work with white label partnerships? Do the partners just own the link required to run the contracts through chainlink? I'm assuming they'd just pass that price on through the price charged for access to the platform?”

This disproves white label theory.

>> No.11492171

not necessarily. The platforms could easily handle the link behind the scenes.

>> No.11492174


one example:


>> No.11492176

Im back soon. Quickly scanned keep seeing is this project using chainlink etc. Many projects will but there will be a few that just write their own oracle. In the near future chainlink will be as common of a term as ethereum or hyperledger. Chainlink may have a price per call but large and small projects will have no problem using due to chainlinks ease of use and reputation.

>> No.11492196

>hi gang im back wit a juicy larp
>pee pee poo poo farting noises

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you're a good guy drunkanon

>> No.11492224


When is next major news?

>> No.11492247

Probably during ChainLink's mini Devcon.

>> No.11492292

> chainlink pumps
> larper reappears

fucking brainlets fall for it every time too

>> No.11492325

I think I realized why Vitalik hates Chainlink. Gavin Wood left ethereum for web3, which is developing its Polkadot system using Chainlink.
Vitalik knows Gavin is trying to cuck ethereum with LINK.
Gavin saw that LINK was the future.

>> No.11492353

money skelly btfo eternally. glad i sold my eth

>> No.11492355
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Fuckin A. All this seems to good to be true. No way LINK is tied up in all these things. The price would be higher already from insiders buying this shit up.

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>> No.11492360

it's very complex shit to think about
right now to me seems like LINK will outperform and flip ETH by flooding network with money like ETH did in previous years with ICO, and there will be situation when token value becomes >51% of native asset
am I right? correct me if I'm wrong, just wondering

>> No.11492372

I have thought of that scenario also.
It’s getting more and more likely by the day, IMO.
Today’s news with web3 is a big step toward it happening.

>> No.11492420

What I find funny is the lack of shilling the projects practical use cases beyond whats known. Forest for the trees as always /biz. My questions about competitive and comparative advantage use in a real business setting stand. You need to think how to shill this beyond your IT people, do that and we win.

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Is it worth it for private individuals to set up their own nodes? Assume that uptime is secured via a reputable host, I am wondering about the utility someone with only the public level of access to information can attain

>> No.11492436

If it saves the company money, management will go for it. IT people will just be first to realize how it saves them money

>> No.11492453

I think this drunkanon is full of it.. he said that coinbase will list link.. lol bollocks.

>> No.11492467

You told us its going to be at $3 end of October. Still on track ?

>> No.11492478


At what price does Sergey and team consider LINK needs to be in order for it to be "stablized" for "Main net before real value contracts are on line"?

>> No.11492486

March, you mean.

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>> No.11492517

this is an assblater-esque prediction. remember he said a shot up to $60, then moving back to $10-15 until it was being used

>> No.11492530

Simple for those who understand it, not so for those who don't. Along with who ever listens to IT? Bunch of potheads who can't get through a presentation without sperging out on a single technical aspect of what they are trying to do. Seriously dont care how you structure the DW as long as it works across all systems.

>> No.11492546

your talking about engineers. the people who should be selling this to the business are enterprise architects, whos job it is to bridge tech and business and guide strategy toward solutions like this... and not act like spergs

>> No.11492563

probably pretty quite in here.
I don't know timing but network on testnet operational by devcon along w/ many new chainlinks. The team is adamant about getting the network tested. Vitalik avoids Chainlink talk and speculation for the same reason the Chainlink team does. IC3 guy through and through.

>> No.11492573

not dead

>> No.11492574
File: 558 KB, 1068x800, 1536257510415.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thank you for your service

>> No.11492580

Thanks anon, what are you the most excited about chainlink, since the talk and why?

>> No.11492589

We are in a new phase of chainlink price. Expect swings of 10-20% daily (both ways) with an obvious large uptrend. Expect the chainlink telegram to double by Nov 2nd. Expect the number of wallets to double by end of November. The private sale purchases of link still hold. The leftovers are going to be spread.

>> No.11492590

did you watch sergeys talk? did you think he was more nervous? sounded like he was coming out firing new material, and seemed a lot more confident, almost like he started selling the product a little.

only criticism i had was him continuously dropping disclaimers for the TEE's , he kept on saying "probably", and "if it does what it claims"
seemed to be very cautious about shilling SGX outright.


>> No.11492594

what is your price estimate EOY 2019 and 2020?

>> No.11492595
File: 626 KB, 818x1274, Pump Hard fixed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11492615

The most exciting thing about the talk and presence of Sergey is he is beginning not to hold back. He has word that Chainlink is going to be for sure seen as utility token by regulators and is going back into promote mode. The listing of ZRX and bakkt coming online are public indicators of background processes going on w/ regulation.

As I mentioned before, web3 and polkadot are nice but not nice enough to create the normie fomo. I expect to hear the word chainlink on CNBC in November.

>> No.11492626

>I expect to hear the word chainlink on CNBC in November.

are you able to be more specific on why? is there one thing, or many

>> No.11492635


Thanks for the info.

Just asking again in case you missed it. At what price does Sergey and Team feel LINK needs to be for it to be considered stablized and ready for smartcontract usage?

>> No.11492644

Not sure about market cap or price but top 15 eoy easy.

>> No.11492652

Is this because you think CNBC will interview Sergey or because of a huge partnership mentioned on CNBC?

>> No.11492654

There are moments when I begin to feel as if I'm hallucinating, Drunkanon. I can begin to see what is to come. How much is vision and how much is fantasy, I don't know.

What excites you, my friend? We know the world will change, but what element of life have we not yet predicted?

In 1900, when automobiles were a developed enough technology to take over all industry, the chief mode of transport and shipping was far more simple: horses. Hundreds of thousands of horses.

In winter, their manure piled knee-high and ran with the melting snow, the currents carrying disease and vermin. In summer, the waste dried, flaked, and clogged the air enough to choke throats and blind eyes. Real estate for miles around cities clogged with oat farms to supports the tonnes of necessary feed. Unscrupulous owners routinely leave rotting, half-ton carcasses in the street to avoid cremation fees.

Ten years later, cars run on smooth, paved streets. The stables designed to house hundreds of thousands of steeds overnight disappear, replaced with housing projects, industry and commerce. The world changes for the better.

Smart contracts will soon do the same, in ways we can imagine and ways we cant. What do you see coming? What have we missed n a grand, macro-scale?

>> No.11492666

Sorry haven't gone up and checked some of the prev questions. I suggest you read the terms and condtions of chainlink found here. https://chain.link/terms/

Read the Risk of Rapid Adoption and Insufficiency of Computational Application Processing Power on the Chainlink Platform portion.

Someone mentioned fiatrelay which that or something similar will come but the team is focused on MVP to start.

>> No.11492676

They are, but people don't know about it b/c they haven't officially announced anything.

>> No.11492687
File: 523 KB, 1111x983, serious gains.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11492690

Will digital assets make an official announcement with ChainLink? What’s our connection to them outside of IC3?

Also the FB director of blockchain. He’s been quiet. Any thoughts in that realm and how things can play out ?

>> No.11492693

The public doesn't want to hear about cryptokitties and fomo3d anymore. They are going to be enamored over chainlink once they find out about it, and they will.

>> No.11492697

Oh and thank you for these threads. You are based redpilled and fucking awesome. I love you drunkanon marine.

>> No.11492698

drunkanon, sergey said that noone knows what the optimal amount of decentralisation is and will be based on how much you wanna pay for. What if big players don't want to pay for lots of decentralisation (only 10 nodes vs 100 nodes) won't this mean the demand for LINK ranges immensely depending on how much decentralisation people want to pay for?

>> No.11492707
File: 562 KB, 1870x3000, 583094198734837.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are you telling us about this?

Why do you have such a strong connection to /biz/?

Thanks btw, you shouldn't drink so much.

>pic related, you didn't answer my question from before, how many stinky linkies do I need to have Victoria Justice let me stick my tongue in her poopshoot?

>> No.11492711

how many stinky linkies for her to stick her tongue in my poopshoot?

>> No.11492713

Digital Asset is partnered with Chainlink and I think they will announce because Chainlink is going to be known as the best solution and no longer just a smart contract company. It will be a benefit to partner publicly with Chainlink. DA hooked their big fish

really don't know FBs direction

>> No.11492726

the book Sovereign Individual answers alot of your question

In short, anarcho-capitalism may become more relevant in the future

>> No.11492729
File: 247 KB, 746x1070, 1540232903815.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Still curious if you have any thoughts on my question >>11492427

And in any case, thanks a lot for dropping by. This is a very interesting thread

>> No.11492734

top 15 eoy 2018?

>> No.11492743

This is an area that is tbd. The market will figure itself out. Once people realize the earning potential and amount of link tied up in collateral a new wave of fomo will kick.

>> No.11492750


(Although if it goes to like 100$+ it will be life changing money for me, pls sergoy)

>> No.11492753

Pls fren

>> No.11492756

Hahaha you realize firms are hiring people to interface with the public since engi's are sperging out on clients right.

>> No.11492771

k going to this ?. Yes, individuals setting up own nodes is vital to the network. The chainlink node will make you $ out of the box. If you are OK w the amount then you can set it and forget. Expect listing website and services to show external adapters that are being used. Expect youtube videos from chainlink team and others w/ step by step guides to extend the node. I highly suggest you start practicing the node once network is operational on test net. The team will allow you to tie into their eth node so you can run on free vps.

>> No.11492785

Source? When was this announced? I can’t find anywhere. Or is this speculation?

>> No.11492791
File: 606 KB, 774x809, 1540159145849.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay, thank you very much for that reply. I am thusly encouraged and I think I will resume trying to learn how to build a node. It seems like the thinking man's way through this

>> No.11492794

a million dollar doesn't sound that bad for me. No lambos, but a life changing amount nonetheless

>> No.11492798

that would put the price between $1.5 and $3. Very nice if true since I would be more than happy with 1$ EOY.

>> No.11492805

why are you here? why are you blessing us with knowledge drunkanon? we're just NEETs on a baltic spelunking forum

>> No.11492809

correct, like i said, you are talking about engineers. it should be architects selling this to business not engineers

>> No.11492811

Any ideas on hyperledger? It’s the weakest connection for me.

>> No.11492822

What excites me? Knowing that this project has had so so so much speculation, dot connecting, investigating....and its all going to come true. Biz may be a random board but there has to be something right with you guys for understanding early on the potential of this project. I will make sure to come and watch this board on the day the price doubles in the matter of hours...

>> No.11492829

Based, checked and redpilled, bless you drunkanon fren

>> No.11492832

Nice digits anon. I hope you're right. Is the price going to explode because of an agreed upon time to start purchasing tokens?

>> No.11492835
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>> No.11492846

#15 on CMC is NEO at a little over 1billion marketcap. thats a little less then 10x the market LINK needs to be.

So, $4 in a few months.

>> No.11492851

Are you serious... Chainlink will support eth, btc and hyperledger, and any other dlt with adaptors. Literally have hyperledger slides on their website. Jonathan Levi who was advisor to chainlink was on the hyperledger steering committee. Digital Asset is behind hyperledger, with Blythe Masters as the chair of their committee. Plenty of other connections, Kelly from Intel, Bart Cant, Ari Juels speaking alongside Nick Szabo and DA Saul Kfir. Kfir started following smartcontract's founder (not Sergey or Steve, another guy who left since then) the same day he joined DA. Accord connection, SWIFT connection (Masters very connected to them, in fact my theory is that it was DA that helped SC get the Sibos poc, through their ic3 ties). And recently the Rimon law firm connecting the two once again.

Rory has said that Juels is actively advising and involved with chainlink. And Cheng also regularly in contact. Not just names on a website.

>> No.11492855


>> No.11492858

Cheng is a big one. that would be a hear the name on cnbc trigger

>> No.11492868

this anon fucks

>> No.11492873

Weakest =! Weak

>> No.11492878

That would be incredible but I like to temper my expectations. If we finish the year above 1$, it's already a great victory.

>> No.11492884

Enterprise loves hyperledger. For example, while web3 is going on Brian Behlendorf of Hyperledger is over at Money 20/20 in vegas. Hyperledger needs chainlink. Chainlink fits right in to the linux foundation's principles

>> No.11492895


>> No.11492898
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I'm literally shaking right now.
Bless you guys
Bless Sergey

>> No.11492901

Dont think there is an agreed upon time. I do expect some of the private participants of the private sale to come forward in near future.

>> No.11492925

I'm going to have to think carefully about splitting my LINK between LinkPool, private nodes, and cold storage.

is there any need or provision for HSMs or hardware wallets for nodes? or is all the LINK that a node has access to relatively safe in its own private contract that can only send tokens to contracts for legitimately entered into jobs?

>> No.11492926

Real talk, who else is only here because of the 7777777 get? That alone was enough to convince me

>> No.11492927

>>11492901 need to head out for a few should be back in a bit.

>> No.11492937

Woke up from a nap and this has me a bit delousional. Are we really going to make it?

>> No.11492938

just let out a nasty fart

thought you guys should know

>> No.11492941

You're the man drunkanon, after mainnet whenever that may be do you expect it to take long before a fully functional working network to be in place with big actors actually using it? Are their goals to ship it already functioning with many clients setting dates for GoLive for their new DLT-functionality to coincide with the launch of mainnet?

>> No.11492946

Thanks. Keep us posted in case the situation escalates

>> No.11492947


>> No.11492951
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comfy thread
thanks drunkanon

>> No.11492952
File: 274 KB, 570x713, 1533948288146.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please return drunk anon. I've been here for a year and I'm still trying to cope with putting my life savings in the hands of sergey (PBUH) but I know we're gonna make it.

>> No.11492960

I genuinely love u drunkanon, i always get happy when i see you post. Take care of your liver for me and Godspeed

>> No.11492961

that was a fake get. here is the real get. very unknown. much wow


>> No.11492977
File: 127 KB, 1078x759, Screenshot_2018-10-23-12-02-00-200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Someone recommend me a nickname quick

>> No.11492986

So swift is using azure instead of chainlink?
Why does azure need chainlink, I heard azure was a competitor to link and now it seems swift is using azure instead of link, someone posted the link to the article somewhere in this thread
Can someone comfort me ?

>> No.11492990


>> No.11492997


>> No.11493009


>> No.11493015

There was an interview a few months back were an azure employee accidentally said "Chain..." and then tried to change the subject quickly.

>> No.11493016


>> No.11493026
File: 53 KB, 403x448, j.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sit down and stop thinking before you hurt yourself anon. We don't need any accidents today.

>> No.11493048


>> No.11493052


>> No.11493093


>> No.11493103

Preaching to the choir.

>> No.11493119


>> No.11493149


>> No.11493154

Lies. You said in Oct it will be top 10

>> No.11493193

I wonder how many of the team tokens are really earmarked for hush money

>> No.11493290

Guys, i already have 14k link, i can add 1000$ thanks wagecuck, when would you do it if you was me?

>> No.11493300

> the rest was at 0.18

>> No.11493441

Fomo in bro. You won’t regret it long term.

>> No.11493470


>> No.11493475

Wait for it to hit 39 cents again before buying more

>> No.11493489

>buying $1000 only raises your dollar cost average to 21 cents
can't lose anon, fucking go for it. I on the other hand hand to average down from 46 cents (got down to 24 cents average).

>> No.11493496

because even if you mostly use it as a database, a blockhain is still superior. it's can be more secure, trackable, tamper proof, etc. on top of things like interoperability, for instance. it really will allow business to 'evolve' continuously as more and more services transition to block chain. that's kind of what the idea behind web3 is. you can just do so, so much more with data with this new kind of trustless accounting.

>> No.11493527


Sorry anon but swing trading here is stupid, it's going to build support at $0.425, it's a magical number, so in conclusion, your bags are gone

>> No.11493622


>> No.11493698
File: 256 KB, 1500x1000, Frederique-Constant-Classics-Moonphase-Automatic-2016-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Drunkanon thank you for your replies (again!).

I'm part of a small group of people who are serious about Chainlink research. From a technical point (setting up nodes) to finding out new partnerships etc. We would love if you join us.

Let me be clear we are not a P&D group or people posting memes all day.

If you want to join send me a e-mail (213456@protonmail.com).
Put in that e-mail a code and post it here. That way I know it's you who send me the e-mail.

Other people please don't reply.

>> No.11493775

>just wait for it to hit {price it was yesterday} and buy then
Or just buy it now before these prices are gone

>> No.11493815

Thanks anon.

>> No.11494138

People should realize that Vitalik is in a jam right now. If he openly supports Link, a project that could eliminate other erc20 projects, it may create a look of collusion and possibly even legal action of some type. As in, you supported our erc20 project then undercut the project by supporting Link. So, the position is, say almost nothing at all personally to support Link.

>> No.11494158

It was top 10 and $3 in October, now its CNBC in November.. wtf, do you still believe him ? No way this will do 8x in one week

Explain that for us please, it kinda killing your seriousnes

>> No.11494172

Prediction was top 20 eoy and top 10 by march.
But use your melon, no one can predict exact prices, they can only speculate. Anyone who thinks some anon on /biz/ is some sort of price predicting oracle (kek), is a brainlet

>> No.11494234

Correct, when I read these comments I see favorable immediate trends as well as even better a little longer term. Expecting somebody to have on the money exact timing and amounts isn't realistic.

>> No.11494316

shhh breath skimpleton

>> No.11494373

30 of the 32 million dollars of tokens were sold in the presale, far more than they said would be the case, and the team said they would reveal who bought them but never did. I don't think it's too much of a stretch some of them will come out and state their intentions since that seems to have been the intention earlier.

Of course one hole in this is that 1/3, and maybe up to 1/2 of all the circulating tokens are on exchanges right now, so many of them sold and weren't secret buyers who were holding because they believed in the project and wanted to later use them to run nodes and pay node operators.

>> No.11494859


>> No.11494870
File: 248 KB, 793x892, 1535917845097.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11494931

See this to cut through the B's, white label partnerships, is this legit?

>> No.11494966

>they can only speculate. Anyone who thinks some anon on /biz/ is some sort of price predicting oracle (kek), is a brainlet

So you say he come here to reveal his insider info and speculate on price too ? Why ? Why is that needed ? Okay, say "Chainlink is partnered with US Government" if you are real insider i dont give a shit, but whats the point of saying "link will be ten times more in 6 weeks"... obvious pump and fomo to trick you in hoping for "he is real ! it must be true ! i need to buy more !"

Even if swift would announce chainlink partnership next week, link would double or triple but it wont go to 3dollars or top 10 in todays market. Late last year sure, it would be top5 guaranted, but not now, people are waiting for adoption not for partners, we have had them enought so stop spreading price predictions, get your bags and wait for mainnet and adoption...

Assblaster thought 3 by May
Family larper told us its going to explode in September
DrunkAnon thought 3 by October

None of that happened so STOP

>> No.11495018

The price isn't as important at this stage. Right now it's about rankings. When the bullrun hits, that's when we will see parabolic price rise. Also you can't count on anything price wise pre-mainnet

>> No.11495025

at 16:46

>> No.11495036

if you literally know for a fact, like these insiders do, that chainlink is society-altering software that will be within the top 3 cryptocurrencies by market cap some time in the near future, no shit they're going to make bold predictions; they simply know way more than you.

it's not their fault that the market is stupid and can't see it yet. Assblaster was technically correct that link should have been $3 by May but the rest of the world is still catching up. Quit being a little faggot.

>> No.11495177

Drunkanon IS assblaster. I can't believe this fucking thread is still going kek

>> No.11495218

One of the things that trading crypto tough me is that the market doesn't react to non-obvious, but critical information very quickly.

>> No.11495277

Swingtrader pissed this thread doesn't fit his agenda, kek.

>> No.11495319

Im not a swingtrader Ive been holding for months. Why the fuck would a swingtrader call out an obvious pumping larper? How would that make sense you fucking idiot lmao

>> No.11495323

Is there a recording of yesterdays presentation available?

>> No.11495372
File: 84 KB, 616x1216, 1510807285126.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So many connections

>> No.11495388

I remember this too

>> No.11495393

U may actually be mentally handicapped, forgive me please.

>> No.11495413
File: 374 KB, 864x576, RealInMyMind777.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11495444

I'm surprised we haven't seen astro trying to shit up these threads since we are mooning. I wonder what's happened with him

>> No.11495448

I will explain for your sake - the thinking is that as a swing trader, one could find themselves in a position where they sold their holdings in anticipation of an imminent drop. Their plan would be to buy in after the drop, thereby increasing their stack for *free*. Of course, there is no guarantee that their prediction would come true. If you were a swing trader who had sold at 6-7k sats yesterday, you may find yourself unable to buy back in without taking a loss (DCA up rather than down). As a result, it would be in your interest to FUD, to encourage a pessimistic market sentiment in the hopes of coercing prices back down to the price point at which you were originally intending to buy back.

>> No.11495532

>a l-larper? on BIZ? I WONT BELIEVE IT!
never sell nigga

>> No.11495593

300+ replies and the thread is still up. We really are easy targets for any halfway decent sounding larper, aren't we? At least drunkanon is more believable and writes better than family friend.

>> No.11495634

"This isn't an idea. This isn't a white paper. This isn't something on a whiteboard somewhere," Nazarov said.

>> No.11495637

Who cares

>> No.11495730



>> No.11495793

So chainlink is used by microsoft, Digital asset, and whatever, but it's actually impossible to prove it.

Lol ok

>white label

Soo, that's how you introduce a new buzzword.

>> No.11495863

>someone with new information starts an interesting and insightful discussion
>as an afterthought gives a vague price prediction
>months pass, prediction wasn't accurate
>foggots spout that "link larper eternally BTFO'd"
The absolute state of link larper fud, tunnel vision on credentials and price prediction, ignoring the generated discussion

>> No.11495893

He’s not talking about chainlink. He was talking about chain


>> No.11495983

Larp or not, the idea is still worth considering. White label relationships haven't been talked about much here.

>> No.11496225

Where are you getting that info?

>> No.11496389

>unironically defending assblaster
You guys are so dumb it would be immoral NOT to scam you. Hope you didnt lose too much in coinmetro, anon.

>> No.11496418
File: 186 KB, 500x376, 1530697200168.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw all these idiots probably don't even know who Marley Gray is.

>> No.11496673

the only mention of the word "white" in this video is in relation to whitelisting nodes that run SGX so you know who is legit lol

>> No.11496726
File: 47 KB, 600x656, C921752C-4AE5-4763-8ACA-73193FC913CF-2079-0000028C067EFA66.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11496766

oh shit kek. ummmm ok yeah that's... yeah

>> No.11496780
File: 718 KB, 1200x1000, 1ED2A2F7-A47E-4495-8B9D-A5409248226A-4277-0000059B8820E050.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Devil’s checked

>> No.11496874

oh yeah? check this. LINK will make us millionaires

>> No.11496925
File: 26 KB, 844x489, Drunkanon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It cannot be more obvious

>> No.11496948

I know who Macy Gray is

>> No.11496950
File: 418 KB, 1413x1016, 1D18C791-03C7-48B1-97D5-F5F4D5F32117-9797-00000BAB2D79CBBA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>We’re comfy

>> No.11496975
File: 50 KB, 1166x242, Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 12.09.00 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Larp. Aggregation won't even be started until week of Nov 5. No way testnet will be ready by Devcon