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Any news yet?

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Someone must know something

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>He doesn't know
Anon, I...

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btc, link, now use your imagination

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mommy is talking in a few minutes. you had to register in advance to watch her private channel though.

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>private channel

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Stream that shit bro

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not gonna stream it, but I will provide a faithful transcription if there's enough interest

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of course there is interest

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I didn't realize /biz/ really took notice of chainlink. So far it's calming spanish guitar muzak and a few mumbling voices in the background every once in a while.

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4rd for interest

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Yes please

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I'm not actually sure it's private, maybe you can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/user/ASXLtd

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>I didn't realize /biz/ really took notice of chainlink
Nigga whut?

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Some roastie representing ASX is going to be the moderator and in her opening speech is saying that people don't think of ASX as a tech company, but they are. They found Digital asset for DLT and blockchain, expect it to be realized by 2021. They are seeing as transformative and like the internet in the early 90s. DLTs power is a real time single source of truth, blah, blah, regular blockchain benefits stuff.

Now she's introducing the panel members. More to come shortly after a short video presentation.

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Checked and thanks anon.

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works, thanks

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Short video was how DLT can connect investors to regulators to all the other players in the sector.

Blythe explains digital ledgers in a very attractive fashion. She is talking about data architecture, DLT is a radical new approach with stuff like cryptography, zk proofs, hashing, but she won't get into the details, but instead she'll talk about what it can do. These new databases can be distributed instead of centralized, but their platform can do so privately. "A common single, golden source of truth" which can help reduce costs in reconciliation. They can also run smart contracts, which automate multi party processing on these ledgers, increasing productivity on a co-ordinated workflow.

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Okay if the livestream works for everyone, then I won't bother typing all this out and instead enjoy my neetdom.

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Them legs though

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dem legs doe

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lmao anon didn't even see you posted that right before me

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thats the highlight so far

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Yeah, it's been mostly fluff right now, but the man is about to speak, so maybe we'll get some useful facts

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Is this the power of the collective mind?

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damn, all those sharon stone basic instinct leg crossings

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>barely 100 watching
>the heart of australia's financial markets

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imagine if they didn't have the chat disabled

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there'd be 95 /biz/ autists shitposting and smelling farts in writing

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>I didn't realize /biz/ really took notice of chainlink

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she's shilling smart contracts right now

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She said some shit like "just like with the early stages of the internet there's going to be companies that adopt and thrive and those that refuse to change their business models and get wiped off the universe" hahahaha fuck the haters, this shit is going to rule the world

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its great to finally put a face to the name of DRUNK AUSSIE.

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Damn. Blythe is so fuckable. I can see her and sergey fucking on a bed of sesame seed buns

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There is more interest here than the interest a joowz applies when he lends money

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Whats Blythes and DAs connection to chainlink again?

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Can anyone confirm that Blythes linkies stay stinky?

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The most concrete connection is through IC3. The second best connection I've found is through Perianne Boring, who has been on panels with both Blythe and Sergey.

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they appeared at the same conference like it means anything
oh and if you jumble up her name and add extra letters it's an anagram for Assblaster, the larper who was called out several times

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Stream dead

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Which means she could have been assblasters boss whose name is wjat he used to call his old boss behind their back.

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Did anyone watch the YouTube link
>Her face when asked about Smartcontracts

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how many linkies to shower them w semen?

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check dem dubs for interest.
also check this comment here: https://old.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/9qd3yr/chainlink_and_web3_foundation_announce/e89ov7r/?context=3
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