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You still think you gonna make it lol?

>turns out You just crazy

I always wondered what the fuck is wrong with you guys

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no I had sex the first time when I was 14

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>fantasizes about the life should/should have had

Fucking mentally ill virgins, how dare they have hopes and dreams

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help this is me what do i do

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that's pretty much it, except I don't consume much media, it feels like a waste of time, also someone should stick the JUST hair on this cunt

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>likely to commit suicide

How can anyone live their life without this attribute. Its impossible to take risk if you actually care about dying. I seriously have no respect for people who arent suicidal

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This is just a shitty attempt to replicate the astounding success of pic related. That was a masterpiece of memetic warfare, a precision nuclear strike. By comparison, this is a chimp flinging dry shit.

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actually yes

im 10/10 complete autist but not virgin

it redpilled so much it destroyed my life

i can say to women most creepy perverted things and they love it, while they would call a police if some 5/10 said it to them

all women are hypocritical whores

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im schizotypal but through sheer force of will am indistinguishable from an upper middle class normie family man. Even ran for (and did surprisingly well) in a primary race for Congress once.

does get tiring at times though.

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Yes is me but with gf

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I don't know whether to masturbate or to cry

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Smh at all the faggots in this thread saying that it's them but they get laid on the regular.

If you get laid on the regular that means you have a social circle and thus this doesn't fucking apply to you.

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what in the name of fuck

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i dont get laid on the regular

just when the fate throws a circumstance where females are involved

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Just fek off pal, ye?

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10 bucks say im here longer than you

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I feel personally attacked

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every point fits me perfectly..
I am 25 with a masters degree in engineering, have large green, am 6'1'' tall, perfect hairline, perfect jawline, german, ...and i am a virgin.
i have only one real friend who pretty much lives like ted kaczynski in the forrest. i like to talk about philosophy, literature and politics with him.
i dont understand what is wrong with me. i dont even have debt. i should drown in pussy but i dont. instead i am browsing 4chan and youtube all day long, if i am not reading or writing a book.
i constantly phantasize about being born in my parents generation (german boomers), they had it so fucking easy, got everything handed to them on a silver plate,
i am drunk as fuck right now and its only 5pm.
i ask myself if i should jump in front of a train to end this misery, but half a year ago some guy from the netherlands visited our university and talked about how he tried to kill himself with this method - now he sits in a wheelchair.
i am pretty confident, that i would end up like him as well.
i guess i have to wait for a iraqi refugee/islamist shooting me in the head to release me from this hell

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This is me. But not undiagnosed.

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very close desu except that I was able to use alcohol to talk to women and have sex with them. Eventually tricked one into marrying me but still no friends

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