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Do I sell?

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RSI divergence, head and shoulders on the hourly chart.... yeah, sell.

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Im surprised it got to this price. For sure a 25 cent token, forever and always, will moon to 50 cent once from coinbase and then it will just be used to with function

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>"then it will just be used to with function"

Shameless fucking pajeet. be gone ranjesh

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>TA meme

Anon, I...

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People still fall for the TA meme. They love giving their money away to the trade jew. Unironically they will never make it.

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>he think's we're going down
>>>we are. let him out.

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lol he fell for the FA meme.

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People were trading ETH while I was telling them TA was a meme. I made a quarter million. They sat on their hands until it reached $110. Tell me more about how FA is a meme.

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>telling lies on biz
Not going to make it.

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Already made it faggot. You can make it too if you buy BAT. Im not a late fag like you.

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Exactly. Don’t be a pussy and fold this early. Or else you’re gonna be kicking yourself

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These anons dont realize that i want them to make it. Friends and family didnt listen when i told them about ethereum 3 years ago. Later they said "why didnt you tell us to invest"

Tell them about BAT now, and none of them will take any action. The same thing would happen if i told my peers. Ironically a lot of them will all end up having BAT anyways, but they wont have hundreds of thousands.

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People are fucking stupid. I’ve been watching BAT for a year and I’ve known it’s gonna get the Coinbase listing. I’m kicking myself for waiting this long for getting in bc my margins could’ve been higher. But fuck it it’s only a matter of time

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Coinbase is just one avenue for normie money. There will also be fidelity, and people can buy BAT tokens in the browser. The supply is going to become absolutely strangled once people start hoarding, sending them all over the place. Every Stacy will have at least 1000 BAT that they were tipped for making a "so relatable" twitter post.

This shits going to fly. A coinbase pump will be peanuts.

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Brendan "The Brain" Eich is building the most devastating shill machine ever seen.

This shit will effectively become:

(1) An exchange (Brave browser interface)
(2) A payment platform
(3) A radical revision of the entire web's ad revenue model

If this browser goes big - and it has double digit millions MAU, annihilating growth targets - think about how big media events will unfold.

E.g. think ahead to 2020 elections. Every political party will be buying huge tranches of BAT. Every political technologist in the land will want to shill, hard, through Brave. The price is boosted into heaven.

It will be the deepest, hardest shill you ever had chance to ride.

The internet is being rewired in front of your eyes.

This is your big shot, anon.

Try to get as much BAT as possible now before it breaks out of autism-sphere and into normie-verse.

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There are positive feedback loops built into this that will increase user growth, and people want to act like this is just some browser token. Biz doesnt deserve BAT.

Token price and UGP - As the UGP is used to grow the userbase, the token price could likely increase thanks to larger userbase metrics resulting in more UGP grants for even more users

Referral system - Publishers,content creators,users can refer users for token grants. The token grants could potentially increase in value therefore giving more incentive to refer more users.

Theres other things at play too like a growing distrust with google products, paywalls, etc.

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Yes, it is beautiful

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How high do you see this going? I’d say $3 is the max. Still a great return.

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I have been saying this for a year but nobody cares, and eventually I myself stopped believing it

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Why == true? You don't need to put it when checking a boolean you dumb ass

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it might enchance readability to some people

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Its hard to say, and it depends on what time frame. Crypto prices are 100% based on speculation. There is not a single token that has a value proportionate to the problem it solves. Theres just not enough users yet, and the tokens themselves are mainly only being used for trading. This is all obvious though.

I say time frame because this can go one of two ways. A speculation based price or a utility based price. A utility based price is assuming the success of the project. If the project is successful we are assuming the BAT model is on multiple browsers, and running on top of other applications like podcast players,smart tvs, and mobile games. We are assuming there are hundreds of millions of users, and that advertisers are on board, and that the advertisers are consistently spending money from their ad budget. At this point we can assume that the price of BAT will be somewhere between $5-7. This is due to ad dollars reaching parity with user/publisher liquidations.

Now we get to the other alternative. The speculative value. The speculative value could be lower than the current price, or even at some crazy price point like $20. If nobody is interested in crypto anymore or people just want to do scalp trades from shitcoin to shitcoin it could take a while for BAT to break $1-2. If people start to get interested in crypto again, were back to the point before the crash were people were betting their mortgage on $20k Bitcoin, its possible that BAT could hit $20. The price could go much higher than the actual stable utility value. We have seen it before, and its still going on right now. 100% of the coins on CMC are worth more than their utility value. The coins closest to their actual utility value are exchange coins like Binance coin. Im not sure how many fees are processed by binance by i could imagine its far closer than most.
Dont stop believing fren, were are getting close. After v1 they are going to step on the gas.

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What sort of timescale do you estimate for the utility-based price of $5 - 7?

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The $5-7 is not a number i just pulled out of my ass either. These are numbers from Eich himself who has estimated ad dollars spent per user, how much the user and platform takes, and some figure for token liquidation. The token liquidation figure probably states something like 90% of users will liquidate all their tokens on an annual basis. So the $5-7 is the equilibrium to where user growth is basically stagnant,ad dollars are stagnant, and money is leaving the system at a similar rate.

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Everyday I wake up depressed that I cant obtain more than 3.5k BAT due to my poor financial circumstances. There are no lenders here, none for me anyway. Jobs are hard to come by. Its that old adage money makes money.

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Im not a math wizard like Scott Locklin or the other mega brains on the team, but I think we will be able to have a better guess as more data is made public. Right now the browser has 5mm users and has grown 16% over the previous month. Keep in mind im very terrible at math. I would like to think once everything is running smoothly, and advertising, and referral feedback loops start that we will experience an exponential growth curve. Utility value could be reached in 1-2 years on brave alone with the user growth. There are other variables though. The BAT model could likely be integrated with firefox, a company brendan co founded, and is mostly reliant on search engine deals with google as the main source of revenue or safari, or opera. This would just speed up the process.

The biggest wildcard however are the advertisers. How long it will take to get them using the BAT model or how much they will spend is a real toss up. Could take 2-3 years. Could be sooner though. I would have to go back and look at twitter/snapchat ad suites for comparison.

Im banking on speculative value beating out utility value though. I don't doubt the stupidity of people. Snapchat, gopro, a few other ipo's and electric scooters give me good reason to believe it will happen again, and again.

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You will make it fren. You're different. You can recognize opportunity. There will be many more opportunities in your lifetime. Three years ago i was 22. No college degree, living with my parents and had no idea where i wanted to go in life. I was always savvy though. I spent my time reading business articles, developing business plans, coding, and looking for my next opportunity. I was super depressed though. Got a job working security so i could spend more time researching. Ended up getting removed from my post at a rich gated community to a new post that i wanted to quit immediately. That place was Deloitte. I really wanted to kill myself but stuck it out. Ended up stumbling across smart contracts, and found out that the place i was working at was building ethereum prototypes. Invested my entire life savings into ethereum shortly after the DAO hack and just kept researching. Didnt let the price phase me, and didnt trade because i had a strong gut feeling it would be much bigger, and it was. Made a quarter million dollars, and left my job and became a digital advertiser. Long story short, my boss was too nice, and i didnt feel like i was providing enough value so i left, and i was a young 24 year old self made dude who hadnt lived enough. I learned a good bit about digital advertising while i was there though, and again I had another gut feeling with BAT and did the research.

You will make it fren, be cognizant, and dont fall for all the traps out there. Women,drugs,TA,oppulence etc, and you will make it.

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so My thoughts, I am a huge bat supporter, second biggest holding after chainlink, I feel like we are going to experience a pull back, coinbase isnt listing right away, but it will, its only a matter of time, bat is already partnered with coinbase, this has been said by the team before. you are going to be able to buy bat via a credit card in the browser eventually

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Digital advertisement is exactly where I want to be. Thank you for your supportive words, they actually do mean something. I want to found a company based on my BAT holdings, I want BAT to be so big that I can run full ad campaigns using only my BAT holdings. Have you got any links or research points that could help?
Ive known about crypto since inception, very nearly bought BTC @ $5 but partied and worked instead, nearly bought again at $200, bookmarked ETH twice before the big double / triple digit run. I recognise opportunity, Ive not seized it yet. I want capital to achieve goals. I have good ideas and a bunch of naysayers surrounding me which Ive learned to ignore. Personal development and history held me back, no longer.

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ITT anons who are intelligent and correctly reading market and regulatory trends who are trying to make you money. A lot of money.

/biz/ does not deserve this, but here it is. Ignore these anons at your own peril.

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Not too sure on links or research. I think theres a podcast called "the agency advantage" and im pretty sure it covers basically everything ad agency related. If you wait for BAT to make it before you start a BAT related ad agency you will very likely be too late. You can start an ad agency or consulting business for far cheaper than you might think, or you can partner with someone etc. Every single business has to advertise, and in my experience a lot of small businesses dont understand online advertising, they dont have the time to understand it, and they know they need it. A lot of them are solicited constantly. You have to be able to bridge the gap between educating them and selling to them without scaring them off. Advertising is not an exact science either so you have to be able to explain this to them. You will have to find your niche. Brave has presented at ad week, and its likely BAT is on the radar of some of these big agencies. You might have to consult small to medium sized agencies or start a small agency or write content if you are serious about this.

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Thanks, I dont have time to write a more detailed response, but yours has been very useful.
All the best BAT bud.

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I'm on a different ip, thank you for answering. Very informative.

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For research just get the fundamentals down, and you are already in a very good position. You will need to be able to look at something like the google search network and notice that the value in its ad type is that the user is actively looking for a product or service, this is why google is so large. You will notice that the google display network is not as profitable because it displays ads in somewhat relevant pages that are distracting and that the user may or may not be interested in. After that a good thing to learn about are cpc/cpm rates and conversion rates. The entire point of an ad is to get a user to click on an ad and convert to a sale. Lawyers will pay $150 for a single google click. A single click because the competition is so high and because they know that if that click becomes a client they will make thousands of dollars. From there you can get a good idea about ad platforms and what their strengths and weaknesses are. Snapchat and Twitter are multibillion dollar companies with one of the worst ad suites on the planet, but they make a shit load of money because large companies like P&G will buy cheap impressions to meet the rule of 7. Others throw ad dollars from expiremental budgets into some of these platforms.

Once you start to figure all of this stuff out you will understand why BAT could be extremely valuable. Low competition for early advertisers compared to saturated google and facebook. Expiremental budgets. Cheap clicks. Users consent to being advertised to (very valuable customers) Less ad fraud. Regulatory compliance. Advanced ad matching (displays ads based off all queries and browsing data, compared to silohed systems like twitter that go off loose user demographic data) This also means more relevant ads. The list goes on and on.

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Thanks anon, let's all make money here