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we are the new b, r9k or pol. we create, we get rich and make frens along the way.

Feels great, doesn't it? All without any hate or racism too

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Really we only talk shit about jews in the media and financial systems related to crypto.. I'm sure some are good people.
But I mean, most of the ones in positins to away opinion or manipulate the market do deserve it at this point.

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Its true, thanks to our superior intellect we have become rich trading funny internet money and are able to create the best memes in history.
/biz/ uberboard confirmed.

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fuck off nigger

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>and in this moment, I am euphoric

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but i want to be racist. NIGGERS.

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Please respect that this is an exclusive Chainlink-Forum and everything else should be flagged.

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The only meme that has created at and having escaped /biz/ is pink wojak - and he only barely

Stick a fork in this board - we're done

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>not knowing about the boomer meme that now has own FB pages

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I love this place and hate my life

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My evolution

2007 - /b/
2010 - /new/
2011 - /pol/
2017 - /biz/

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>we get rich and make frens along the way
We don't though. We're shilling pajeet tier trash to each other and honestly everyone hates us. Especially ourselves.

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I think /pol/ is an essential place for your mental development. It makes you a skeptic and a contrarian of all those absolutes taken as a given. This is an essential mindset to foster to be successful in business and investment.

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Where did the npc meme come from? First saw it here.

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>summerfags dunno bout mah electronic internet munnehs

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npc theory was discussed on /pol/ two years ago

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Npc is more demoralisation divide an conquer bullshit.

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I see /pol/ as a place where dumb people become dumber and smart people become smarter

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It was floating around /pol/ for ages, think the first post of it I can remember is of a guy talking about how there's a "fixed amount of souls" and everyone else is an NPC, he uses a guy he carpooled with as an example and it's pretty much describing the meme as it is now.
Then the no inner voice thing exploded and then the Wojak edit happened a while after and now we have it as a premium meme.

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so? Ideas are cheap, execution is what matters. We have the autistic manpower here over the racist rural tradesmen over there. Here a lot of people work in banking, fintech, SF startups etc

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>All without any hate or racism too
Good one Pajeet.
I just like this board because it's nice discussing and shitposting with actual adults and not 15 year old kids screeching about their new game or console.

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except literally less than 1% of people on 4chan let alone pol are successful

it is literally a cesspit of poor people

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>4chan essential development for brain
The absolute state, you have become so crazy that you believe your own fever dreams.

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Bobo is where it's at.

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Fuck all india people i hate them so much

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>I see earth as a place where dumb people become dumber and smart people become smarter

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I realised this when I saw the brapper meme born in front of my eyes and it conquered all the other boards in a few weeks. Then I saw the same pattern several times, from the ugly nuwojak to the boomer.

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>All without any hate or racism too
for the most part. pol definitely still tries but then they realize we don't give a shit about whatever their new hot race baiting meme means and just want to make dosh.

also we got bizonacci

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Proof that /biz/ has been swarmed with low IQ retards

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It's an old meme that someone made a thread about here at the end of August. After that long NPC thread it came back. Check the archives.

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It makes you a skeptic initially, but if you spend any longer amount of time in there it makes you a cultist, where you get consumed by mob mentality, which is the exact opposite of skepticism.

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FUCK niggers

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Fuck whites!. Specially gingers, nehanderthalic pieces of human garbage, you deserve to be extinct

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yes, but the actual grey wojack
I saw it here first, but I'm not sure if it originated here or on pol
NPC theory started on /v/

t. NPC

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