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This is the most classic bull flag you can get. If it doesn't moon to 1000 sats in the next few days I will literally post a pick of my wife sucking my dick on this thread.

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do it when it reaches .0000038

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As I said so many times on this thread, it will moon and it will hit further then the moon, this board is literally dead, investing in shitcoins all around the market and miss the fucking opportunities to get rich, 1 week ago I literally made 3 grand out of this with a decent investment. biz is brain dead.

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Wtf does this shitcoin even do? Why is it mooning?

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Holds assets.

The most amazing concept since BTC. BTC digitised money. Ravencoin can digitise any asset.

Other chains do this, even ETH does it but very inelegantly and not user-friendly.

This is truly a fucking insane moon. Top 5 I think.

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So the coin is just "gas" for transactions like ETH?

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this. biz will ignore like usual

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Just a guess but I'm thinking you are poor, right?

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>buying at ATH
Enjoy that welfare line poor fags. You guys never learn.

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Nice answer bro!

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It's why I'm staying away. I don't care if it surpasses BTC. Why include that tidbit? It's gay af dayo

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>Doesn't care if it surpasses BTC
>Avoids cause of meaning behind name explained on website.

absolute state of boomers on biz.

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It's gay af though

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i think you mean its goofy, i dont find it homosexual so i think you may be obsessed. hope you find salvation or at least a way to satiate your cocklust.

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we are in bear market you fuck
this is gonna dump sub 200

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Gay=queer=goofy. You're gay too (homo kind)

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