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>Blythe Masters Looks Beyond Finance for Next Wave of Blockchain Growth

For those not in the know "Blythe Masters" is an anagram for Assblaster. If you have to ask who Assblaster is, you have no business holding LINK.

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There is no Y in assblaster.

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Blythe masters isn't an anagram for assblaster retard.

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You're right. It's instead an anagram for Hot Mama.

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She's a well known banker did a lot of things for the banking industry and now goes on the tech/finance spectrum.

>Well known
Still can't change the fact that she's a 50 year old roastie.

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she has a daughter.

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the y is silent nigga

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She could be my sugar mom any day

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$10k EOY

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Could have called himself Assy Blaster and sounded just as ridiculous.

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She is not Assblaster, but yes she shilled Link to Swift at Sibos.

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She is probably so fucking hard to please.

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She’s obviously AssBlasters boss

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Anyone else so fucking turned on by her?

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Assblaster definitely blasted that ass.

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Assblasters boss was armbruster I thought

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She has a new little cute autist child now, Sergey

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No M or H either. Shittiest anagram I’ve ever seen

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she's the reason why link will be worth more than btc. not sergey.

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she is also based

roasting males on the spot

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‘it’s not up to me to call it out — it’s up to you to believe it’s worth fixing’

-Blythe Masters

Imagine if George Washington said that. "It's not up to me to win the revolutionary war lads"

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source? Or is it more breadcrumbs?

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Good god you guys are gullible. Do you not see that they keep reeling you in with these puzzle posts? Nothing happens in real life for this token so they resort to fantasy. Old fag was right, you guys are going to remain poor

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>CEO of Digital Asset Blythe Masters
> Ass Bl aster

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>For those not in the know "Blythe Masters" is an anagram for Assblaster.
No its not.

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Ass blaster used racial slurs like Pajeet and said negative things about women. You really think Ms. Equality here would do that? I also want Blyth to be /ourgirl/ but she's just not.

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link is shit

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Link is best

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Lmao delusional