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my theory is that we should be cheering for the dems because the unified republican house and executive branch just fucked us in the ass with the new crypto taxes.. maybe it's better if there is more chaos and disagreement within the bureaucracy?

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GOP will win big and Dow will jump to 30k.

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>getting your insight from a Nigerian marble collecting message board

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dont you think if the house is dem then they will just investigate the shit out of trump and he'll be on defense so he'll be less likely to support ass fucking regulation?

you know at least in socialist europe they have the common decency to give you a reach around when they fuck you in the ass but the GOP and trump literally want records of every crypto transaction instead of just taxing net profits

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nah people here are cucks that think bakkt and fidelity is a good thing and dont realize they might try to fuck over bitmex and bitfinex and make everything boomer registration tier

this is an exercise in masochism tbqh

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Dems unironically tryna crash this market for their October surprise.

You can tell the shariablue shills are out again

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but first....
die flut kommt

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Dems aren't going to win shit.
Red flood.
Wait for it....

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Republicans, the party of small government and conservative spending is INCREASING taxes on the vast majority of americans and introducing new taxes and have made an add spending bill.
But neo boomers will eat it up as always.

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I don't want the market to crash.
But I do want the FED to get BTFO
I do want the price manipulators to BTFO
I do want cryptos to take off and go on the golden bullrun

Well October is a long month.
We'll see what happens.

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The polls look bad again for Republicans but Google trends shows otherwise, just like 2016

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Fuck off shariakike shill.

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Is there a way to put the market through a necessary correction while making it look bad for the Dems?

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Fuck the polls
Plus these people are retarded
If they were smart they'd make the polls tight to make people want to vote
Maybe they've learned already

But anways, fuck the polls.
Dems only win with fake votes and illegal votes
They'll get neither this time
Not saying I care much for the old idea of the republican party either, but I'd rather go that way than the other. Best chance of rebuilding the world this way.

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Oh wow another round of tweedle dee vs tweedle dum and all the retards still believe that politicians run the world. I just wish there was a containment board for these absolute brainlets.

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you really just call him a shariakike shill? who's in bed with israel and the saudis?

god some people are fucking morons

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>t. brainlet

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> The deficit is 50% republican war and 50% republican tax cuts
> Party of fiscal responsibility

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Red, blue, right, left, dumb, smart they all get a turn to fuck John Q commonguy up the ass. You're not winning anything no matter what because the whole mantra of politics is "over promise and under deliver"

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>tfw the debt is priced in a new currency and is able to be paid off for pennies on the dollar

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B-b-but it’s okay when mister trump licks Netanyahus ass right?? That’s what Sean hannity told me!!

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> Kills Net Neutrality
> States reenact their own versions
> White House sues the states within 24 hours
> Party of states' rights

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This is my half cooked idea,

I think that the market will drop but still be ok, or it could go down a lot, and I think the powers that truly be decide to pump crypto.

Conspiracy theory to the max but idk it's a hunch

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checked. Epic digits

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> Tax cuts for the rich
> R Supreme Court rules that money is free speech
> Tax cuts for the rich again
> Party of the working class

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It sounds probable.
Look at the economist cover... obviously crypto means something to someone.

Stocks should recover because the whole world is based on them
But at the same time, its all fake and pumped up with garbage money

I'm not sure how far tptb will push things.
I doubt that far. tHings so far have been slow and steady .

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yeah the leftists and liberals are always like "REeeeeeee TRUMP ONLY CARES ABOUT RICH PEOPLE REeeeeeeE"

im all like "fuck i wish bro doggies"

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what do you guys think of this pic?

how does it make you feel?

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> President accused of rape by ~20 women
> Pedophile Moore supported for senate run
> Supreme Court justice accused of rape by 4 women
> Party of family values

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yeah that's why i was saying it's best for us when there is chaos in the bureaucracy and not when there is a unified house senate and executive branch

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>implying anything would somehow justify faggot immigration and feminism
get fucked.

>implying you're not thinking "dat's waycisss" or any of its declinations like, you know, a fucking NPC.
reminder that your masters only gave you very limited dialogue options.

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better to have feminism and immigration than not be able to trade alt coins at 20x leverage

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> "I'd rather elect a russian than a democrat"
> "It's unamerican to criticize the president. (ps, republicans only)"
> "Kim jong un and I fell in love"
> Fails to protect elections after proven foreign manipulation
> Party of patriotism

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Republicans do this every 4-8 years, make a "grassroots" movement to turn the houses red, then do more neo-con shit.
As long as Democrats exist, libertarians will be along for the ride and voting.

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We had a democrat get a blowjob then wordsmith "sexual relations". The whole goddamn place is full of rats and dirtbags. Both sides are complete bigots that profit on the backs of the populace.

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>Biden accused of pedophilia
>top dems accused of pizzagate
>top dems accused of spirit dinner or whatever the fuck

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yeah, but there is one party that currently has full control.

i prefer a split between both sides

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> trump is president
> kav is going to supreme court

solid argument brah, except didn't list names besides an ex-vp. the other side has 2 of the most powerful people

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Well damn, I guess one thing happening 25 YEARS AGO means that no republican should ever be held accountable for anything.

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4+ party system without fptp or get out

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So your response is projecting frictional version of me and insulting that?
You're a partisan prostitute a man not fighting for himself nor his believes but the propaganda of a ruling party.

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In the not so distant past the blue guys had their supermajority. Everybody gets their turn to fuck you.

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BAT will boom with all the political advertising companies using them

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The point is BOTH sides are greedy cunts that don't care about you. Trusting anything that any party is saying is just naive.

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The D's haven't fucked me for 25 years. The R's have fucked me continuously since then. Tell me more about how this means both sides are the same.

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Double trips of Truth

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So your team blue all the way. Cool, if that's your thing. For my income and personal experience blues cost me money and reds less. Not everybody will agree, but painting one side as a paragon of virtue of actually you know helping out the average American is crap.

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and theyre the ones making false accusations and leading the witch hunts


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and theyre the ones making false accusations and leading the witch hunts


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> Red states refuse federal funding for Obamacare to own the libs
> Tax cuts for the rich, twice
> Pay for tax cuts by cutting federal services for poor people
> Party of saving the average person money

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>caring about the poor
>wasting money on the poor

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Nobody's all that interested in crypto. Bitcoiners are the only ones really tripping on the massive violation of securities laws.
Get what you can while we're outside of the overton window.

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No one ever said conservatives were compassionate. Oh wait..

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Taking care of the truly poor and indignant is one thing, creating a system that creates generations of leeches is another

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how much time do you think we have left?

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>> Pay for tax cuts by cutting federal services for poor people

>implying that "federal services for poor people" don't keep poor people poor and create a near-permanent underclass

Its like you've never read a bit of economic theory, faggot

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doesn't matter
American politics is irrelevant to the rest of the world other than the news cycle

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You ever get so far into one of these posts you just forget what the original question was?

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australia has far greater federal services for the poor and our median household income adjusted for ppp is greater than America so...

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socialism is great until you run out of other people's money

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Hot take npc

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tax payer funded services and infrastructure are not socialism. if they were you are commie scum for using the Internet and driving on the roads
pick up a book sometime and stop regurgitating brain dead opinions from the ass hole of this website kthnx

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>My political ideology is a bumper sticker

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Charities exist for the truly poor and desolate. I don't give 2 shits about Shaniqua and her 6 kids. Why do I have to be responsible but she gets a free pass with welfare payments coming out of my income funneled directly into her hands?
I'm absolutely not compassionate towards irresponsible welfare leeches

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>if muh govt doesnt do something it wont get done like who would even build the roads

jfc bastiat went over this almost 200 years ago

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nah actually the IRS knocked down kim dot com's door and btfo out of mega in new kiwiland

they could do the same to an exchange in malta

tone vays said this in his last crypto grief:


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the real solution is that workers start demanding more flexible working schedules

being a wagie isnt that bad except for inflexible schedules.. for example if you work delivery or uber it's no biggie and wayyyy more people would be motivated to work if more employers took on a similar model as uber

fuck even some restaurants are way cooler about schedules and then working really doesnt suck as much

the problem is really that boomers are so fucking set in their old ass paradigm and shit

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>Its like you've never read a bit of economic theory, faggot

no u


protip: ludwig von mises predicted the depression more accurately than keynes

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the point originally was that we need more subversion and chaos in politics because that is what is good for crypto

the moment the regulators and bureaucracy gets their shit together and is organized under one set of

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OK genius, please explain to me how our road systems would have gotten built without government. And 'toll roads everywhere' is not an acceptable answer.

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one set of principles

that's why i honestly think we should all vote dem this season and hope that the whole political and bureaucratic machine stops dead in it's tracks

its the only hope we have left because the republicans showed that they dont give two fucks about NEET crypto enthusiasts and will try to keep us out of their boomer registration exchanges like bakkt

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what is kickstarter?

what is bitcoin donations?

why dont you start a crowdfunding campaign and build your commune?

why do you insist on using violence to boss people around that do somerthing that you dont like but doesnt directly affect you?



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imagine being a rural farmer down under and some faggot from the city comes and takes away your roo shootin guns?

this is why democracy is fucked up.. people in the city have no business telling who can shoot a roo in the poo

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how about no one gets to take away muh freedoms ftw?

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Chances are dems will win the house but republicans will keep the senate. Don't expect anything interesting to happen, unless Mueller happens to have potent stuff.

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im a libertarian and have never voted once come at me bro

i think it's better when there is a split in the government and all they do is fight.. suddenly when trump gets into office they fuck us on crypto

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How the fuck was the american people supposed to use kickstarter and bitcoin to build the roads, when they were all built in the 1950s?

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first of all, do we need the road system that we have? was government paving over millions of acres to build a freeway system (that was designed and built for moving military equipment around) a net positive? it created suburbs, that made owning, using and maintaining a car a necessary part of most citizen's lives. poor? still need a car to get around. deal with it.

thats without even getting into the environmental concerns, too.

do you think someone would build a house here, and a house there, and a business over there and stand around with their thumb up their ass wondering how they're going to connect the three?

while youre sitting here pondering just how exactly companies could dig 8 inches of dirt and fill it with asphalt, put a stop sign here and there, ill be reading about how to invest in flying automobile technology making your brainlet arguments a moot point. for someone into crypto technology, youre not very forward thinking.

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$100 EOY. Youve been warned.

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>dems trying to crash this market

then how come trump put his name on teh market and then proceeded to increase spending?

it's like he wants to be the fall guy and a socialist to take his job in 2020.. probably didnt want to be president tbqh


he is literally doing the very things he criticized on campaign

and fucking us on crypto taxes

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>Don't expect anything interesting to happen, unless Mueller happens to have potent stuff.

that exactly what im hoping for.. tons of bureaucratic red tape so neither side gets to fuck my bum bum

obvious shill

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> while youre sitting here pondering just how exactly companies could dig 8 inches of dirt and fill it with asphalt, put a stop sign here and there, ill be reading about how to invest in flying automobile technology making your brainlet arguments a moot point.

I don't think we could have built flying cars in the 1950s, but as a general metaphor I really like this sentence. gg.

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how the fuck were the american people suppose to by stocks before the internet?

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Why don't you tell me how to use bitcoin in 1950 first before making counterarguments?

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>cant exist without the internet or bitcoin
>how did people buy stocks before the internet?
>hyperfocusing on a strawman argument