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Every time I put my son to bed, cover him with his favorite blanket while holds his favorite stuffed bunny, I come to the realization that he has a warm house and a warm bed and will fall asleep with a full belly because I get up early every morning. I'm truly blessed.

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people complaining about wagecucking generally are neets or people who already escaped the rat race. Unless one was very lucky early in life then wagecucking is unavoidable, its really just a game, play it well and reap the benefits.

Whats your sons favorite dinosaur?

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nice, anon.

posting this before all the neets come in to shit up this thread with their delusional spergery.

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He's 2yrs old so no favorite dino. Right now he just likes to chase the dog pretending to be a zombie like his daddy taught him.

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There are people who just want more in life. If a family and house is enough then more power to you but I'm gonna bang teen whores and start drinking by 11am

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I know what you mean, but trust me, it is much, much better to be able to hang out with your kids all day, than have to go to some job that sucks just to keep feeding them.

I was able to do this from my btc money for 2 years. I ran out just before the winter '17 pump (lol). Now my boy is four years old, and all I do is wish I could hang out with him instead of be in the office. I keep putting more money into crypto, and am 100% resolved not to sell until i've made it and can secure his future free of wage slavery as well.

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Have fun being stuck with an ungrateful bitch of a wife and ungrateful brats. On the other hand I'm sure Shlomo will be grateful to you for the hours you put in at work when he'll be able to buy his fifth sports car on your dime of course.

Wageslave deserve nothing but the noose. Its literally only because of losers like you who can't see the big picture that this rigged system is allowed to continue.

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It's cool anon. I get it. I'm happy though. Shouldn't you be happy for me?

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You're happy because you don't know any better, you've never tasted the alternative. No, there is no reason to be happy for you, you played yourself.

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do what the fuck you like andd be happy Op. nobody gives a fuck anyway

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I didn't get married till I was 33. Had my first kid around the same age.

I had my fun in my twenties for a decade.

Is it possible that it's maybe you who doesn't know any better and thinks the lonely NEET life is great?

I'm still happy for you anon.

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unironically this

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Ironically the pepole who call other people cucks are in cuckolds themselves, if your happy in your life thats all that matters, Nothings like seeing your own flesh and blood smile at you for the first time after taking the biggest shit in there nappy