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Here's some facts for you faggots:

1. BTC hasn't been decentralized for years now. It is being manipulated to ensure that there are no crazy pumps or dumps in order to create a 'stablecoin'. The (((foundation))) themselves coming out and saying that BTC should be a 'store of value' and that you shouldn't be using it for what it's intended is evidence for this.

This will only benefit people who bought in extremely early as they are now protected from losing their millions/billions from any crazy price fluctuations as they slowly exit the market and use the money to make proper investments.

2. All coins are dependent on BTC. There isn't a single coin out there that has decoupled from BTC and there never will be. With this being the case, there's no hope of any alt ever pumping to any crazy level because BTC will prevent it from doing so.

3. The only real contender to replace BTC is XRP, but XRP is worse than BTC in that the 'crypto' part of the coin is completely lost. So you either have the option of continuing with a 'stable coin' like BTC that allows some degree of anonymity for payments or replacing it with XRP which is yet another 'stablecoin' minus the anonymity. You're fucked either way.

4. SHA-256 was literally created by the NSA. Do you really think the infinite supply 'bug' that was 'found' in BTC recently that supposedly had no influence in crashing the price but was 'discovered' and 'fixed' when BTC finished crashing down to yearly support levels, was really a bug?

5. Do you really think the US would be okay with some dodgy exchange printing billions in fake USD with Tether and using it to make billions in untaxed gains from BTC?

6. Do you really think that all these shitcoins that are popping up now that claim to 'revolutionize the world as we know it' truly do anything other than what BTC, ETH and Monero could have done if it was something actually demanded by the markets?

This is nothing more than a giant ponzi scheme now.

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Ironically you most likely meet the criteria.

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Heres the only fact worth knowing
1. Nobody knows anything about crypto, just enjoy the ride and dont dump all your money

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The foundation for all crypto is Bitcoin Core. The foundation for Bitcoin Core is an algorithm written by the NSA.


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>calling it Bitcoin Core
Lmao what a loser

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So i'm not getting my money back

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Another red pill fact.

Artificial Intelligence will hack the financial system and make the stock market crash and tons of investors will jump ship and put it into Bitcoin. Bitcoin will then rise to 100k in Q4 2019. Then even higher.

2021 , The singularity occurs. Bitcoin is now the worlds global reserve.

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sha256 is used as a government standard for nearly every country and is used all accross the web. if there is a backdoor, a lot worse things will happen than crypto "crashing".

>BTC hasn't been decentralized for years now
decentralisation means any node can verify transactions. this is still true. your just a retard that thinks decentralisation means no market manipulation.

>2. All coins are dependent on BTC. There isn't a single coin out there that has decoupled from BTC and there never will be. With this being the case, there's no hope of any alt ever pumping to any crazy level because BTC will prevent it from doing so.
i see your also a newfag who probably bought in 2018/q4 2017.

>3. The only real contender to replace BTC is XRP
lolwut. no.
>but XRP is worse than BTC in that the 'crypto' part of the coin is completely lost.
lmao no.
>BTC that allows some degree of anonymity for payments or replacing it with XRP which is yet another 'stablecoin' minus the anonymity
lmfao. bitcoin and ripple are equally anonymous you retard. addresses are derived from serialised pubkeys.

xrp is shit because it is centralised and the only ones that can validate transactions are UNL's that have been """approved""" by ripple.

fucking retard. kys. i will post this pic again so you can get it through your dense skull that you know next to nothing about this space or how any of it works.

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explain how btc isn't decentralized you Brainlet

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see how triggered you are? the truth hurts doesn't it.

not gonna respond to any of that shit.

oh and i got in the game in mid 2013. 2018? give me a fucking break faggot. keep buying more and more and see what happens. enjoy

i'm the brainlet? the information has been infront of you for years now you stupid faggot. do you really think me explaining this shit to someone who hasn't picked up on this by now is going to bring about any positive result?

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>1. BTC hasn't been decentralized for years now. It is being manipulated to ensure that there are no crazy pumps or dumps in order to create a 'stablecoin'

do you know what decentralized means? you are too stupid, my friend.

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The only truth is deception.

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kek. the story of bitcoin is the most retarded shit ive ever read in my life.

>anonymous guy with pseudonym satoshi buys a fucking domain
>starts shitposting in it and leaves the code there
>later he transfers the domain to another guy through legal means

and on top of that this whole stupid fucking decentralization bullshit that makes even a kid laugh.

>what is blockstream

theres literally a team working on the software and its not open source in a way that you can change the network by changing the software like an open source p2p application. every fucking cryptocurrency has a team working on it who decides what to do to it and this means centralization. true decentralization is only possible through p2p open source software that anyone can compile and doesnt need an authority. fuck this bullshit made by NSA.

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Are you kidding just 100k you are talking worlf economy will be in this shit at least 100 trillion global market cap

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it's apparent you haven't the first idea how bitcoin actually works if you think it's centralized
in one sentence give me a reason why you think it is. if you fail to do this in your next post I'm just going to quit this thread and forever think of you as a dumb ass

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blockstream developers contribute the least to bitcoin code, most contributions are by people with zero affiliation to blockstream
again, decentralization has nothing to do with development and validaters of the network have the final say in what happens

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>alernative 'fact'

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Open your ears you stupid cunts. The organization who is in charge of changing the codes can turn your so called decentralized network into a centralized one anytime they want. And no, decentralization that is accepted in peoples mind is not just some shitty technical trick. People hearing decentralization actually believe that its a network with no central authority something that is absent on any cryptocurrency network. They all have a central authority. This is the first incentive for any normie lured into crypto. What the fuck is it good for if this is not true? Fucking retards.

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yes this is true

the last bull run was the last one

shits different now

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yes this is true

only grown adult men will see this

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Don't forget about the AI in the blockchain

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one sentence? Core is a subsidiary of multiple corporations with a corporate heirarchy now.

there. that good enough?

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BTC is a beast that must be slain.

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Great post and ty anon. This is what I have been thinking fo the last couple of months. I just wonder what are your thoughts about LINK? Do you see it to be extensively used by banks and financial institutes and other firms?

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i don't hold any link, but link is targeting an interesting segment in the market (middleware).

so link is basically saying 'look we'll let you guys link up all your scams with each other).

link's business strategy is good in that it's targeting a segment that hasn't been targeted seriously before, BUT it's success depends entirely and wholly on whether banks even end up actually adopting crypto in any meaningful form.

if link were to be successful, it's more likely that the banks end up using the underlying technology behind it which would result in the price of link not really being affected to any significant degree.

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If a scam makes you millions of dollars, then it isn't a scam. It's only a scam to the people that lose money or don't sell in time.

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yeah, but if you're someone who bought in any time recently hoping to make a million dollars, you're just hoping the greater fool theory works out in your favour..

i.e. you're gambling

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jews want to eliminate cash so they can tax everyone. the real anonymous money is the cash not retarded shit that runs on the internet. anything on the internet is trackable literally anything. internet belongs to america dont forget that.

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oh yeah the jews right.

the jews, niggers etc etc right? fuck off

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Thanks and it makes sense. I also believe the whole idea of BTC and other cryptocurrencies is a Ponzi scheme and people just but those bits in hoping could sell it to another one. Just think what is the rationality of one BTC be $6k let alone 1mil and above. The NSA guys and early adopters just blowing into the Ponzi scheme.

But I believe the idea of blockchain is an interesting and it might be useful in some practical cases and applications like LINK, but again as you mentioned it wholly depends on how much the banks will trust to such technology for their daily transactions and even if they do, how long it going to take for such adaptation which makes me a bit suspicious about LINK and other meme coins shilled in biz.

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>Mentioning XRP (lol) as the only real contender to replace BTC

>He doesn't know about the new rising king which invented revolutionery scaling model that can scale up to 10k+ with 5000+ nodes and that it's structure eliminate the need for pooling

I really don't know how this thing keep floating under most people radar

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>BTC is scam
>LINK is not

you autistic subhumans take autism to a whole new level

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This comment is both unironically helpful and Reddit-tier at the same time. My brain hurts.

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Crypto as the currency is scam, period. No government will let crypto take place of their own controlled currencies and otherwise you are delusional. But there is chance for other tokens like LINK which based on blockchain to be useful and adopted in industry or finance and etc. Two quite different stories.

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i don't think BTC started off as a ponzi, but the exchanges and devs and early adopters themselves turned it into one. it's a great example of human greed destroying something that was originally intended to free as many people from the shackles of financial slavery as possible.

the thing with link and any other crypto and potential connections to the banks is, you can't outsmart the banks. if a bank can use the technology behind link by, say, paying sergey and co. a certain sum of money, the banks get to use the tech to make even more money without bothering with actually buying any link.

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>there is a chance that banks would use this shitty token running on another shitty token framework built by a literal autist instead of making their own blockchain

everything i think ive seen the most retarded person on 4chan you faggots surprise me

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BTC was not intended to free of anything anyone you god damn retard. At least read about what youre going to shitpost about fucking idiot.

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really? satoshi didn't want to free people of the banking cartels?

have you read the whitepaper? did you just wake up out of a coma?

your mother should have swallowed you...

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Dude are u unironically an autist faggot? it is not about LINK and I don't hold. Just as an example of a practically application instead of just a currency like BTC.

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your example was shit and you should refrain from posting

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>a team has access to code and edits the so called blockchain as they want
>retard thinks its some decentralized shit that would free humanity

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lol sure man you do realize i'm the OP right?

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Fuck off then and suck my dick faggot!

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whoever the fuck you are, you are a braindead retard who dont know shit about what he is talking about

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Then ask you mother.

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i almost have 1k XRP
when will 1 xrp be 500

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sure man okay. you must've got liq'd with how mad you are.

don't worry arthur hayes will use that $20 to get a good nickel bag

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read about crypto before coming this board shitposting retarded shit like a fucking noob you god damn idiot

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if this is all i have to do to trigger you to such a degree, i will do no such thing, good sir!

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you had a chance at getting something reasonable across but all anyone sees is an insecure and easily triggerable idiot. try again next time bud

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You're in the wrong neighborhood, boy...

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no you need to fuck off back to /pol/ retard. why must you come here, isn't that festering shitpool enough for you? go back and stay there..

literally no one wants you here

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Kek, make me!

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Crypto will retain its value and keep gaining value as long as there's no better alternative to create scarcity. Either you convince me that there's another viable currency which can be protected from inflation caused by continuous money printing or you admit that Crypto still attends a demand which no one else does.

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>only real contender to replace BTC is XRP

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". All coins are dependent on BTC. There isn't a single coin out there that has decoupled from BTC and there never will be. With this being the case, there's no hope of any alt ever pumping to any crazy level because BTC will prevent it from doing so"

Yes thats the case now. but why exacly? what exacly is stopping other counts from being bought with fiat directly?

wouldnt a coin that allows that fix this problem? excuse my ignorance, educate me please

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Posts like this make me question why I bother with /biz/ at all. This place is just one post after another with idiots like OP talking out of their ass, always with some ulterior motive

>This is nothing more than a giant ponzi scheme now
This I agree with

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>Lmao what a loser

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This. If we're actually being honest here nothing about bitcoin is centralized. Mining has been centralized since ASICs came out, Development is centralized to a small number of people, most of the supply is owned by a couple of exchanges etc etc.

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what's the ulterior motive here faggot? this is coming from someone who's been in the scene since 2013 and seen it turn into the giant cesspool it is right now.

you think i want crypto to fail? i don't, but jimmy song and co. have laid the foundation for failure..

you think a bunch of neckbearded basement dwellers are capable of keeping BTC afloat if the US government decides to shut down Core? who do you think would swoop in to take BTC's place? fucking chainlink? give me a break..

it's not about other coins having fiat pairs, it's about how since BTC is the backbone of crypto, all coins are priced relative to bitcoin regardless of whether you buy in fiat or not. so if bitcoin dumps, alts dump.

think about it. if there's a group of people who want to take control of crypto, they don't have to get into each and every single coin, all they have to do is take control of BTC and everything else will fall like dominoes.

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> BTC hasn't been decentralized for years now. It is being manipulated to ensure that there are no crazy pumps or dumps in order to create a 'stablecoin'. The (((foundation))) themselves coming out and saying that BTC should be a 'store of value' and that you shouldn't be using it for what it's intended is evidence for this.

I say this since march and no one was listening.

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OP here.

it's not that they don't know, they just don't want to believe. when jimmy song and co. comes out straight up advocating for credit card usage, they say 'LALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU BTC IS KING MOON MOON'

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>you think a bunch of neckbearded basement dwellers are capable of keeping BTC afloat if the US government decides to shut down Core? who do you think would swoop in to take BTC's place? fucking chainlink? give me a break..

and a bunch of other actual high quality alts that are launching in 2019.

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>your mother should have swallowed you...
someone out there has this fetish

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>high quality alts that are launching in 2019
X Doubt

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Monero? You think Monero stands a chance of surviving if it becomes as big as BTC? It's a coin that HAS to be in the shadows for it to continue to exist and function.

ETH? You mean the same ETH that played a huge part in crypto being widely perceived as a ponzi thanks to skeletor letting thousands of scam ICOs run on the chain? The same ETH that skeletor himself is detaching himself from?

Ah yeah high quality alts sure man. May as well say Chainlink is gonna take over..

You don't realize how big XRP is do you? You don't realize what they're attempting to do by siding with Trump either do you?

>> No.11439273

2017 buyer please leave

>skeletor letting
he didnt "let" anything happen. the EVM is a turing complete machine. anyone can build whatever they want on top of it. at least eth is somewhat decentralised in comparison to XRP. xrp is literally no different than using HSBC online banking since ripple has the power to control who gets to validate transactions

>> No.11439276

>It is another BCH thread disguised as something else
I guess they realized just shouting BCH or putting picture of Craig in the OP causes people to ignore the thread.

>> No.11439288

ETH isn't decentralized you stupid fuck. How easily deluded are you? ETH is about as decentralized as XRP, the leadership just has different priorities.

You think I fucking like XRP? No. But when the people who are supposed to be for furthering BTC's original vision themselves are going against it and selling out to the banks, who the fuck do you think is most likely to take over? Are you thick?

>muh turing complete

yeah keep buying up that shit

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BCH is no different. the whole space is fucked, but eth and BTC led the way.

the solution? kill jimmy song and co and send vitalik to some eastern european shithole

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this is shit bait. kys

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>rippl can freeze muh coins

>rippl decide if your coin or not


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So youre saying BTC was their test phase and USA will just launch its own national crypto?

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Fuck but why would (((they))) not pump crypto one more time to squeeze money out of us retards and from even more retarded normies? I think theyll push crypto more into mainstream once more then kill bitcoin and launch government crypto currency.

>> No.11440232

the conspiracy theorist in me thinks that BTC was actually created by the US government as a way to fund the less than ethical international ops the US might be engaged in (regime change, spy ops, etc etc) which is why the US has let Finex and the Tether printing machine get away with it when the US could EASILY take the whole operation down since Tether was never proven to be actually backed by anything (an EX FBI guy 'auditing' the place doesn't count). also that it may have been seen as a social experiment to some degree to see if humanity is actually ready for a communist system, which failed horribly obviously lol.

the realist in me thinks that the US will definitely NOT let crypto die, but as with everything else that is revolutionary in the world, the US will want to ensure that the leader in the industry during the initial stages (where it's most profitable) is a US company. i feel like china taking control of the BTC mining was almost an unforeseen event because no one thought of the fact that china has such cheap electricity or that ASICs would perform as well as they do.

now the US may achieve this by simply cracking down on BTC to force the market onto XRP as a transition phase before it introduces its own state backed crypto or let ripple become something like the fed to control the crypto part of the US economy (unlikely)..

>> No.11440245

thanks for the rare pepe fren

>> No.11440326


Very likely you underestimate the ties of ripple

>> No.11440352

This is so much like mr robot. I'm completely clueless as to what to di. Only thing I can safely say is bear market will last some 4-6 more months at least.

>> No.11440357


everything you said about shitcoins is correct

everything about bitcoin is incorrect

>> No.11440375

split your stack into two. go half in BTC and half in XRP. it's the perfect hedge. if XRP ends up making a significant move, the gains you stand to make will significantly outweigh any losses you might make with BTC crashing, and if BTC pumps, you stand to make money from both as XRP will pump along with it.

basically you're investing in the market leader and the coin trying to overthrow the market leader and has the strongest chance of actually doing so. you literally cannot lose.

that would be fucking insane if it happens huh? wonder if everyone here will start changing their tune then lol

>> No.11440401

I think most people here would go batshit crazy this board would be full of scam accusations and grab every straw they can think of to discredit the ripple.

Could be the same as in Mr.Robot where they force e-coin to the gov ;)

>> No.11440415

If this comes true this was the biggest chess game ever.

>> No.11440464

lol the levels of rage if btc literally dies and XRP coin burns most of their supply and pumps to 20k ahahaha

>> No.11440481

Guess you better sell your stack OP

>> No.11440763

centralized development
centralized currency printing ..ehh mining, goy
semi-centralized verification of transactions
exchanges are mostly centralized

>> No.11440788

>This is nothing more than a giant ponzi scheme now.
Fiat is an even bigger ponzi pyramid with extreme cheat codes for governments and banks.

I'll take the crypto ponzi. much better.

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>> No.11440811

yeah except crypto doesn't have the biggest fucking military in the world backing it.

wtf is core going to do if swat teams kick down their doors? is jimmy song gonna throw his fucking faggot hat at them?

you conspiracy theory faggots are beyond deluded..

>> No.11440847

So it seems
Muh early adopters were rewarded for being beta testers
Open source community faggots are just a glorified codemonkeys fixing the bugs, while Core dev team points the way
Seems it was a giant testnet / social experiment

>> No.11440859

Well if the chinks have most of it... Then it does because they have the biggest army.

>> No.11440866

my dubs > your dubs.

you have no clue about why crypto was invented in the first place.

Also Bitcoin core is shit, only retards don't know that. doesn't mean the whole space is shit. only 90% is.

youza tard boomer if you think having a bank account saving up dollars and euros is a smart move. A npc boomer .

>> No.11440876

do you know how far ahead the US is in terms of military technology compared to literally any other country in the world?

do you know how fucking ancient china's standard military issue shit is? or how most of china's shit that is 'new' are reverse engineered plans stolen from the US that the US already knows the ins and outs of?

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Seems like you only just heard of the block stream vs bch debate. Sha256 isn't going anywhere either and quantum soi boi theoretical algorithms will not break it eitherm stop listening to the jew and keep forging the aryan future by doing what is true and right.

>> No.11441004

yeah yeah yeah i know the jews are keeping me poor. ok man. here's your attention. now go back to /pol/ please

>> No.11441022

Welcome to the block stream enlightenment. Now you see why corporations shouldn't have sole development access to a decentralized currency. Jews and their ilk will use much or their energy to convince you otherwise and will always get very emotional about it.

>> No.11441108

You're a weak boi